How Lifestyle Affects Sex Life?

Sex Life

Sex Life

Lifestyle is part of life and sex life is part of life. When we see them both together, we would understand the line that is balancing lifestyle with sex life.

Lifestyle generally refers to the life's most habitual happening of every day whereas sex life is the time and content one compounds towards one own sexual instinct.

Neither sex life nor lifestyle are bad or something else. They are as natural and normal as breathing. The question is all about whether the lifestyle is affecting the sex life.

As a matter of fact, everybody has a lifestyle. Everybody does indulge in sex life. It does not mean everybody is facing some delegatory problem with lifestyle corresponding to sex life.

However, to the present-day conditions, the line crossing actions under the pride and name of lifestyle is resulting in serious adversities in sex life like Infertility along with various sexual dysfunctions.

Sex is an even addictive action compared to what lifestyle's addiction is limited to, still, people are tending towards lifestyle only. There are various reasons supporting this phenomenon.

Sex Life is a little different from sexual intercourse even though they both intend to orgasm in the climax. A sex drive that makes up sex life acts more in the brain or nervous system to stimulate sexual energies and vibes in the body irrespective of one are about to involve in sex or not. 

Sex Life is so addictive that there are instances of couples leaving jobs, forgetting careers, indulging in just loving each other, ignoring family members, spendings exuberantly, etc. A failure at sex life personality contains philosophical differences, moral differences, extreme hatred, depression, passionless life, suicidal thoughts, subsequent disturbances, doubts, fights, freakouts, etc.

Also, sex life needs another person in life. Sex life needs another partner's time and heart in life. This could lead to serious disturbance in life that can damage career and life wellness.

That's why most people would prefer to live depending on their lifestyle alone. This dependence on lifestyle is resulting in various damages towards sex life.


There are various acts and conditions under lifestyle situations leading to infertility in men. 

Anxiety is causing a tremendous change in blood circulation, cardiovascular conditions, sugar levels, and body nerves causing an imbalance in hormones, gland secretion, and sexual behavior. This could lead to Infertility, after all. 

Smoking and Drinking

The curious and adrenal-rushing habits for a long period could lead to certain disengagements in the body. Smoking and drinking habits would lead to toxic reactions in the body. This toxicity developed in the body would affect kidneys which are the main organ to do sex.


Any heart-beat raising, chemical contented drugs lead to temporary happiness or dopamine but could lead to psychological disorders and hormonal disorders. The sex organs in the body would function otherwise and could lead to gender change, too.


The new fashion in lifestyle contains jeans, pants that strongly don't ventilate genitals. Today's fashion also involves plastic material as clothing that does not give a chance to the body to sweat out or breathe out.

The major obliqueness to lifestyle is Infertility

These lifestyles could result in various dysfunctions in a sex life that may further result in Male Infertility.

Erectile Dysfunction

The inability of men to raise their penis in response to their sexual urge is called Erectile Dysfunction. The inability of men to maintain the erected penis standstill throughout sexual intercourse is called Erectile Dysfunction. The impotent behavior in male sexual orientation is called Erectile Dysfunction. This impotence is a subject of failure in men due to depression, seriousness, hormonal dysfunction, genetic disorders, accidents, habits, contemporary conditions, etc. which is observed more in the modern-day generation.

The erectile penis only could send semen into the vagina. The enlarged erectile penis only could make sense on either side. The penis which is unable to erect or ejaculate is subjected to one of the factors of infertility. 

Abnormal Sperm production

Sperm production Is the content of the whole male reproductive system. Due to various conditions observed internally and outwardly, few men are conditioned to abnormal sperm production. The abnormality would lead to infertility.

Retrograde Ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation is a typical condition when semen enters the bladder instead of coming out through the penis during orgasm. This leads to no outcome to less amount of semen ejaculation leading to Infertility. 

Testicular cancer 

Testicular cancer, also called malignant neoplasm of the testis, causes lumps in the scrotum and leads to testes hormone dysfunction. The cancer cells developed in and around male genitals hesitate to function leading to Infertility and urinary problems.

Hodgkin's disease

Deactivating the immune system to function in any body roll is separate cancer called Hodgkin's disease. This decreases the ability to fight infections in the body. Sexual transmission infections under Hodgkin's diseases will lead to death.

Sperm blockage ejaculatory duct block

The ejaculatory duct in the genital organ of the male reproductive system is sometimes blocked due to various Sexually Transmitted Infections or inflammation leading to no way to semen come out. 

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