How do I take care of my skin after shaving?

After shave tips


Shaving is the removal of hair rooted in the skin, gently with the help of a blade or a similar sharp object. The generally used blade-like object is a razor. This razor is subjected to cutting the hair to the layer of the skin. The hair soaked in water and gel becomes softer and easier to cut as the wet beard is only possibly shaved utmost. 

The wet beard is possible with water and shaving gel mixed and the resulting foam or solution is applied gently over all the beard positions. The alkaline reaction between the water and the gel sometimes reacts wildly on the skin texture resulting in bumps, rashes, acne, pimples, etc.

Acne occurs when the pores are blocked with dead skin cells and oil residues. During the shaving time, the cells settled in one pore would move to the other pore. Also that the chemical content applied over the beard and the skin, there is a chance of unwanted reaction between the skin and the chemicals resulting in bumps. The acne born due to shaving is called razor bumps. The friction between the razor and the skin also causes bumps.

Pimples due to shaving or razor bumps or rashes do not usually need medicinal treatment but taking care with home remedies and following precautions to avoid pimples is enough.

Precautions. Preventions. Hygienic Measures

Maintaining hygienic conditions would clear the dirt and dust on the skin. Always use a warm cloth to towel the beard before and after shaving.

Moisturization is a mandate to maintain cooling effects through the skin texture throughout the shaving process.

Make sure to brush the beard with shaving gel as many times as possible to perfect the completion of the shaving process.

Applying cool mints after shaving is a solid comfortable step forward to feel safe.

Ointments made with glyceric acid and salicylic acid are the best treatment to cure cuts or pimples observed on the beard skin due to razor friction. Cortisone cream is also best suitable to cure injuries.

Natural remedies like lemon, amla, Aloe vera, and neem are best in use to kill pimples and skin rashes in very little time leaving no scars.

To overcome the aftereffects of shaving, there are available solutions in the cosmetic market with the names after-shave cream, beard Wash, Beard wax, face wash, etc.

After-shave products

After-shave products are available as aftershave cream, aftershave lotion, or aftershave balm. They help in reducing itching sensations and swelling chances due to the razor cut. They indulge in protection from skin damage and ingrown hairs. They close pores to prevent bacteria, dirt, or chemical substances from getting inside the skin. This protection of pores helps skin reduce breakouts, razor burn, or razor bumps. The after-shave is known to heal cuts quicker than it happened due to or during shaving. 

Face wash

Make sure to wash your face before and after shaving to clear any bacteria or dirt lying on the skin. To wash aftershave, there are various ayurvedic and chemical lotions to act as antiseptic if any cuts happen. The face wash hydrates the skin and provides cooling effects.

Beard Wax 

The naturally made beard care wax acts as conditioning to the hair follicles and the skin, both before and after shaving. It helps in gentle regrowth of the hair without heat generation that could lead to acne-likes. 

Beard Wash 

The chemical-free beard shampoo made from various natural extracts would help moisture the beard skin, remove dead skin cells, prevent dryness, breakouts, and damages. This application will provide a smooth razor cut thereby reducing chances of getting affected by pimples and rashes. 

Mars by GHC Beard Wash Shampoo strengthens beard hair and assists in its growth. It is free from harmful chemicals (Parabens, Sulphates, and SLS free).

Daily nourishment and protection from breakage are the keys to a healthy beard.

Key Ingredients:-

Aloe Vera Extract- Repairs dead skin cells on your beard

Watercress Extract- Improves the health of your beard and in turn lessens breakage or damage.

Argan Oil- Moisturises skin and beard hair

Liposomal Caffeine- Coffee can help stimulate beard growth

Ceramides- Prevents dryness and damages

Directions to use:-

Step 1 Take a small amount of shampoo(2ml-3ml) in your palm.

Step 2 Apply it to your beard and massage until it lathers.

Step 3 Work the shampoo through your beard hair but pay the most attention to the skin.

Step 4: Rinse your beard and skin completely.

Follow the directions before and after shaving the beard to get rid of pimples born out of razor friction on the skin surface tension.

Take Away 

The first two, three days right after shaving showcase skin that resembles just delivered babe, that means, it is firstmost to take care of the skin in the initial day's aftershave such that it won't allow dust or dirt settle at the roots that would no showup on further beard growth but still settle down as dandruff does.

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