How can I lose weight in winter fast?

Weight loss

Weight loss

Brisk and rusty winter weather isn't the most motivating and inviting backdrop for an outdoor workout. Anyone would rather cozy up indoors than get out and work out. It's quite possible to slip into a state of hibernation during these winter months, fully prepped with baggy sweats and a mug of hot chocolate and comfort food. This could be a triggering period in weight gaining. Sitting in front of the warm fire with a mug of hot chocolate will not result in weight loss. Losing weight could be a pretty tough task, especially during winters. There's a famous saying, “the lil things make a big difference in your life". Let's forget the intense work out, strict diet and difficult exercises for weight loss. If you feel like these plummeting temperatures aren't motivating you to work toward your winter weight loss goals, the following tips can help you overcome those barriers to achieve the body you dreamt of.

  1.     Stay hydrated

This could easily be one of the most under-rated step. Most people mistake dehydration for hunger and binge eat unhealthy food. Hence, consuming large amounts of water could assist in gaining extra weight as it avoids over eating. Drinking water is accompanied with various other benefits such as glowy skin, reduced bloating, better sleep etc. It also flushes the toxic components present in the body. Drink lukewarm water if you find it hard to drink normal water during winter. Lukewarm water stimulates blood circulation by breaking down fat deposits and it will help in maintaining body temperature.

  1.     Get some sleep

Sleep deprivation is directly related to weight gain. It might sound extremely surprising but if a person is sleep deprived or taking a nap for less than 8 hours, it will end up getting very difficult for him/her to lose weight. The quality of the sleep is also a major factor in weight loss. A quality and sound sleep can relax the body, mind and produce a sense of well being. It regulates the body cycles and body temperature which guide the body towards weight loss.

  1.     Indulge in indoor activities

If the cold, chilly winds are causing to be a barrier between you and the streets, try working out within the warmth of your home. Indulge in fun and active indoor activities such as skipping, yoga or basic exercises. In fact, a study has revealed that exercising in colder temperatures can boost the metabolic activity within the body and assist in losing weight faster. In addition, it also awakens the mind and causes a sudden surge of energy within the body. This makes an individual more present and reactive.

  1.     Consuming healthy foods

Weight loss procedure is incomplete without mentioning the importance of a balanced diet. There is absolutely no necessity to follow a strict diet or starving oneself. Simply consume healthy foods. Include green vegetables and whole foods in the die. Avoid indulging in processed and sugary foods. According to various studies, it was proved that whole foods provide a feeling of fullness for a long time, thereby, preventing an individual from loading up on sugary, fattening and unhealthy stuff. This also assists in stabilizing blood sugar levels that could definitely help in losing weight.

  1.     Be friends with carbs

Carbs are not the enemy, but too many, especially the wrong type, can be extremely unhealthy. It could lead to high blood sugar levels and cause your body to produce more insulin, which could in turn result in weight gain. What matters here is studying and hence choosing the right carbs and consuming it in the right amounts. Choose healthy carbs from vegetables and fruits that satiate and promote weight control. Little things would make a great deal of difference, such as, swap white bread for whole wheat bread or regular pasta for whole grain pasta etc. Carbs are body's main source of energy, the key here is to get smart on them.

  1.     Pile up your plate with protein and fibre

Consuming a high protein diet can aid weight loss. Protein assist in building lean muscles, increase metabolism and provides a sense of fullness for longer. Similarly, consuming a diet excess in fibre, particularly insoluble fibre can improve digestion, reduce the risk of diabetes and other chronic and harmful diseases. It will help stay full at low calorie and stay satiated for a longer period of time hence resulting in weight loss and more optimal fat reduction.

  1. Spend some time outdoor

Winter blues is a real thing. It can affect your mood as well as your eating habits. When one feels low, they tend to reach out for food which are generally unhealthy and full of fats. To overcome this, one can prefer spending time outdoors. This will boost the mood and cause energetic splurge within the body. Foods such as banana, chocolate, berries and oats are advised since they are reputed mood lifters.

Friendly food for winter weight loss 

Winter weather attracts comfort food but most of these foods are heavily filled with carbs, fats and calories. Formulate the diet carefully and indulge in fun yet healthy and delicious meals. On the bright side, a lot of healthy, seasonal food is accompanied with the winters. It would be an efficient way to plan out a diet to lose some pounds in the season. Some of the winter friendly food are:

  1. Citrus fruits
  2. Oatmeal
  3. Nuts and seeds
  4. Beetroots and turnips
  5. Sweet potato
  6. cabbage

Consuming a low-calorie soup before a meal could spark efficient results in weight loss during winters. Soups keep the body warm and increase blood circulation within the body. It keeps the body at a high functioning state and also reduces hunger urges.

Small snacks or meals at regular intervals will with-hold a person from binge eating unhealthy food. These are tiny hacks to avoid over eating during the season.

Tips to avoid gaining weight during winter season

  1. Snack wisely

During the winter season, festive treats such as cookies, marsh mellow and  other goodies tend to be readily available. This causes a person to snack excessively and unhealthily on them. To avoid this, keep the treats out of sight. Be mindful of snacking habits. If you find yourself munching just because there’s food around, rather than due to hunger, it would be best to avoid snacking at that point altogether. However, if you happen to feel really hungry opt for healthy fruits or nuts that do not contain added flavours or sugars.

  1. Get enough sleep

The importance of sleep can never be stressed enough. Sleep deprivation which is quite common during holidays can cause weight gain. This is because sleep deprived people tend to be more hungrier, consume more calories and exercise less. Inadequate sleep also lowers the metabolism process, it is caused due to alterations in circadian rhythm, a biological clock that controls most of the bodily functions.

  1. Focus on fibre

Fibre is an important component that provides fullness. Increased dietary fibres reduce calories intake, which could assist in preventing weight gain over the season. Consuming fibres also normalises bowel movement, controls blood sugar level and lowers the calorie level.

  1. Control stress levels

Keeping with demands can be really stressful at times. Stressed individual generally posses a high level of cortisol, a hormone that’s released in response to stress. Chronically, high level of cortisol can cause weight gain, as they have been linked to greater food intake. Additionally, a stressful lifestyle can cause more cravings for junk food. Stress can be reduced by performing basic yoga, breathing exercise, pursuing a hobby etc.


Losing weight is a time taking and difficult process. Along with adequate exercise, one must consider a balanced diet and sufficient rest. The process of losing weight in winter could comparatively be easier since the metabolism of the body increases during this season. Do not over work or starve yourself as it could take a negative toll on the body and mental well being. The bottom line would always be that every body is beautiful the way it is.

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