Grooming tips for men during monsoon

Skincare during monsoon

Grooming tips during monsoon

There is one season in the whole year which looks wet and windy. It does a lot of inconvenience to the atmosphere for the rainfall over the land. A summer or a winter season may be extreme but does not make much difference to the eye-sight. Monsoon is not that way. It brings water flow in vertical and horizontal directions causing irregular conditions to both human and non-human environments.

Sitting in a room and listening to the sound of rain, or watching raindrops falling on the Earth from the balcony is way beautiful. The problem is only when you get wet with rainwater. It irks you. It irritates you. It disturbs you. It trembles you. 

When you get wet in the rainwater, it is not just the garments that get wet, the undergarments get wet, the whole skin gets wet, the head hair and the body hair get wet. Once moisturized, you may or may not get a chance to fresh up soon. This leads to the drying of rainwater over oneself. Then the whole body is prone to extreme conditions both internally and externally.

Monsoon Irritations

There are a few monsoons feel that make bad hair days. Something like scalp feeling stickier or the hair becoming so frizzy are a few of the monsoon day conditions.

Here are a few tips that will help your hair stay nourished and frizz-free:

Monsoon Hair Solutions

  1. Applying post-bath oil on wet hair

This will also prevent your hair from drying and reduce frizziness.

  1. Wrap your wet hair with a towel

To reduce exposure of your hair to air and to retain moisture, wrap your wet hair with a towel to let the hair take its own time to dry up.

  1. Lesser you comb, the better

Comb as little as possible. This will ensure less breakage of hair and reduce hair loss.

  1. Use towels with antibacterial properties

Microfiber towels with antibacterial properties like bamboo fiber for quick drying are excellent for frizzy hair. With no need to rub the hair, the towel leads to less friction which ultimately results in no hair breakage and makes it an anti-frizz product.

      5. Sulphate free hair products

Applying chemical-free shampoos and conditioners, at least, for the monsoon period, would free the hair from adverse reactions with the rainwater which passes through the polluted environment.

      6. Avoid Styling Tools

It is advised better not to use electronic styling tools and dryers to reduce less irritation over the scalp during the monsoon seasons.

  1. Diet for hair

Consider taking all the essential food supplements to provide essential vitamins and minerals to strengthen hair growth. 

Grooming beard during monsoon

The unplanned wetting of the beard in the monsoon season would dry up later itself resulting in various health conditions. 

There is a chance of dirt particles forming at the roots of the beard hair follicles. This would lead to skin irritation and the weakening of the hair grown. When scratched to control the irritation, various fungal infections could take place. 

Utmost care is to be maintained to keep clean and hygienic beard growth. There are a variety of beard care products available in the market with just the right ingredients to strengthen the hair. The application of the products with dermatologist suggestions is advised. 

Grooming hair during monsoon

The wet hair under rainfall loses its moisturization and dries up to extreme frizziness. In the worst conditions, the scalp is prone to dense dandruff. The ignorance of dandruff presence would affect the oxygen levels causing wounds on the scalp, too. The negligence could cause severe swelling and bleeding. 

Better to take care as prevention than cure. Dandruff-free hair Shampoos, conditioners, and oils are to be used. 

Massaging is the best physical activity to feel the monsoon. It keeps head muscles cool and lovely. 


To keep hair limited moisturized, roots strengthen, to safeguard hair during monsoon seasons, there are essential oils from ayurvedic, too. The oil extracted from Neem, coconut, Amla, Bhringraj, castor have the best benefits. There are various skin problems during the monsoon season. It is advised to take a bath twice a day to ensure hygienic conditions. It is also advised to stay at home during monsoon season. 

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