Fasting Tips for Maha Shivratri

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Maha Shivratri

If you are a religious person then you already know that Maha Shivratri is just around the corner. For everyone that is not aware why we keep a Shivratri fast, we are here to explain. 

Maha Shivratri fast is kept to gain blessings from God Shiva and Goddess Parvati. If you are a religious person then you might be aware of what to do during this fast but if you are someone who is going to keep this fast for the first then we are here to guide you. 

This year the Maha Shivratri fast will take place on 1st March, so brace yourself and get ready for various tips and blessings coming your way. 

Tips For Maha Shivratri Fast 

Maha Shivratri fast is just around the corner and we are here to share some important tips that you must follow to complete this fast successfully. 

Take a bath 

The first thing that you must do on this is take a bath as soon as you get up, wash your hair and then sit in your home temple and pray. Light a ghee diya for the god and goddess and pray to them for you and your family. Offer, fruits, sweets, and water. 

After taking a bath visit your nearest temple and offer the shivling, fruits, water, milk, curd. Pray that you have prosperity all year long. 

Begin your fast 

After successfully doing all the prayer, you can begin your fast. You have to avoid eating lentils, rice, wheat, table salt during the fast. Some people also do avoid eating at all throughout the day, if you think you can go an entire day without eating then you should definitely go ahead with this form of fasting. 

You can have tea and water, opening your fast is also an important part, after praying in the evening according to the time mentioned you can open your fast. You still have to avoid eating all of the food varieties we mentioned above, you can use rock salt to prepare your food. 

Listening to shiva jap 

To get all the blessings make sure you listen to Mahamrituinjay jap, you can also read or listen to various jap and srotams available online, this will bring you closer to Shiva and will bring unexpected blessings from the divine.

Eating fast friendly food

Another important thing to keep in mind while keeping a Maha Shivratri fast is that you need to eat fast-friendly food items only. Here are a few items that you can eat. 

  • Potatoes: anything made with potatoes can be eaten, potato chips, potato pakora, potato halwa, or potato chat, make sure you only use rock salt for the savoury items.
  • Sabudana: sabudana can be made into a lot of different things for example sabudana kheer, sabudana khichdi, or sabudana pakora. 
  • Milk-based desserts: as we mentioned that you can have tea, milk, and any dessert made with milk. For example kheer and barfi.
  • Dry-fruits: likewise you can also have dry fruits of your choice almonds, makhanas, and cashews.

The Science Behind Fasting 

Fasting does not only have religious sentiments but it is also great for our body. A lot of studies prove the benefits of fasting. All things being equal, these discoveries are promising for people. basically, fasting cleanses our body of toxins and processes that are not typically beneficial when a constant flow of fuel from food is available all of the time.

Whenever we fast, the body doesn't have its standard admittance to glucose, driving the cells to depend on different means and materials to create energy. Subsequently, the body starts gluconeogenesis, a characteristic course of creating its own sugar.

The liver aides by changing over non-carb materials like lactate, amino acids, and fats into glucose energy. Since our bodies moderate energy during fasting, our basal metabolic rate turns out to be more effective, accordingly bringing down our pulse and blood pressure.

Ketosis, another interaction that happens later into the quick cycle, happens when the body's stored fat is used as its essential power source. This is the ideal mode for weight reduction and adjusting glucose levels.

Fasting puts the body under gentle pressure, which causes our cells to adjust by upgrading their capacity to adapt. At the end of the day, they become strong. This cycle happens when we stress our muscles and cardiovascular framework during exercise. Similarly, as with workouts, our body can develop further during these cycles when there is sufficient opportunity to rest. That is why scientifically fasting is not only an essential habit but a sought-after process that we all must incorporate. 

Benefits of fasting on our body

  • Fasting boosts cognitive performance
  • Fasting protects from obesity and associated chronic diseases
  • Fasting reduces inflammation
  • Fasting improves overall fitness
  • Fasting supports weight loss
  • Fasting decreases the risk of metabolic diseases
  • Fasting benefits cancer patients 

Take Away 

Maha shivratri is on 1st March and we would like if you all to take part in this magical night, make sure you keep a fast. We hope Shiva will bless all of our readers and will bring abundance and prosperity. Do follow the tips we have mentioned above to have a great Maha Shivratri fast. 

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