Enlarged breasts in men

Enlarged breasts in men

Enlarged breasts 

Enlarged breasts in men have a certain name and fame in body science and it is not a rare disease not to be heard of.

Gynecomastia which is otherwise called man boobs is the reason behind enlarged breasts in men.

Gynecomastia is a condition that makes breast tissue swell in boys and men which could be a possible outcome of hormonal imbalance.

To nature, men will have their own gender hormone regulation and women would have their own gender hormone regulation. Only upon certain psych and hike through hormonal imbalances, there could be chances for women qualities to show up in men and men qualities show up in women. Gynecomastia is one such case shown up in men.

Chest and breast

Before understanding enlarged breasts in men, we may better get a look into the differences that men make with women in their normal and natural differentiation from one another.

Usually, men are meant to carry a chest which is strong pillar-like strength and support to the whole body that composes lungs as their inner medium.

In general, the goodness of the lungs does show up in the form of the chest. Any physical exercise one works upon would impact the breathing power of the person which is carried out through lungs that contract and extract for every inhale and exhale of the breathing.

Any physical form of action is an experience to the lungs that habituate the body to grasp such activity furthermore.

To the point, an enlarged chest is a super life but enlarged breasts are not.

One cannot confuse an enlarged breast with an enlarged chest for the chest is a solid outlook whereas the breast is something smooth and spongy.

Chests are plateaus whereas breasts are hills and mountains. The nipple over the chest is most commonly flat whereas the nipple over the breast is pinpointed.

Causes of enlarged breasts

Men are meant to release testosterone hormones. The improper or insufficient release of testosterone hormone in men could lead them to compound breasts at the chest place.

There is another way for men to get enlarged breasts. That is, the possession of estrogen levels could lead to enlarged breasts in men. Oestrogen is typically a female hormone.

The enlarged breasts do not be observed early in age. Most of the boys experience it with puberty. Of course, puberty is the way to give in to hormonal releases.

Few of the diseases or disorders could lead to enlarged breasts. Liver failure is one of such disorders that could lead to enlarged breasts. The liver is meant to make new blood whereas the failure could stop it from making that could result in blood clots at the chest place.

Hypothyroidism is also a reason that could cause enlarged breasts.

Few medications could result in enlarged breasts. Few diseases are typically hard to get removed from the body because their medications are definitely side-effective.

The use of drugs such as steroids and amphetamines could cause an increase in estrogen levels that can further result in gynecomastia.

The use of cannabis could divert the male personality to a woman being that on further development could cause woman feelings in the mind that would crack him to get his nipples to be touched by another man that on successful getting touched could result in breast enlargement.

There could be men who are born dissolved with women's behavior. They could get their breasts enlarged without any other disease or conditioning relating to gynecomastia or pseudo gynecomastia.

Breastfeeding could be a reason men or boys get enlarged breasts. The milk-fed from a mother who is a woman could transfer her estrogen hormones to the male child.

Andropause is a condition observed in men at a certain age which is something similar to menopause in women. During the phase, the men are subjected to low-level Testosterone hormones. This condition could result in various disorders like hair loss, insomnia, and gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia and Pseudogynecomastia

The increase in the size of breast tissue is what is called gynecomastia whereas Pseudogynecomastia is the same as enlargement of breasts but the reason is obesity. That is, breast enlargement is the result of the increase in body fat.

The men suffering from pseudogynecomastia are way readied with the condition compared to men suffering from gynecomastia.

Take Away 

Gynecomastia is one of the most psychological disaster conditions in men. A serious infection like HIV AIDS may not cause such deep psychological pain as gynecomastia does. Gynecomastia is a condition that is simply showcased outside for the condition itself is the enlarged breasts in the place of the chest which is quite common to everyone observing.

Gynecomastia is a hard part of a romantic relationship for the partner could most probably feel awkward or embarrassed for what her boyfriend is with.

There are cases of gynecomastia becoming a gateway to gender conversion, too.

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