Eat These Tricoloured Fruits to Lose Weight Instantly

kiwi is rich in dietary fiber which means that it can keep you full for a longer period and can control your calories.

Tricoloured Fruits 

As Republic Day approaches us we all have a patriotic feeling and to make this Republic Day even more special, we are here to share some incredible tri-coloured fruits that can make you healthy. 

Our love for this country keeps growing with each passing year, our Republic Day marks an incredible milestone that our forefathers envisioned. Today’s generation will forever own this milestone journey to them, we all want to be fit and make our country proud, so taking this forward we are here with some incredible fruits that you must add to your diet. 

This Republic Day we want all our fellow Indians to eat tricoloured fruits not only to get fit but this will also to be a great way to show patriotism towards our country. 

Tricoloured Fruits to Lose Weight 

The idea of eating tricoloured fruit is not new but you can add as many fruits as you like. The tricolour is made up of these colours, white, orange, green, and violet. Here are fruits that you can add to your tricolour fruit salad. 


Grapefruit is an amazing fruit when it comes to losing weight. Half a grapefruit contains about 39 calories but provides 65% of the RDI for vitamin C that our body requires in a day.

Not only that but grapefruit has a low glycemic index which means it releases sugar into your bloodstream at a slower level. Grapefruit in your diet may aid in weight loss and weight maintenance, it has been proven that grapefruit can reduce body fat, waist circumference, and blood pressure compared. 


Kiwi has to be one of the most refreshing fruits out there, the gorgeous green fruit with tiny black seeds is delicious. 

Kiwi is a very nutrient-dense fruit just like all, they are an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin E, folate, and fiber. 

A lot of research has gone into finding the benefits of this excellent fruit, researchers have found out that kiwi helps in controlling blood sugar levels, improves cholesterol, supports gut health, and helps in reducing weight. 

Not only this kiwi is rich in dietary fiber which means that it can keep you full for a longer period and can control your calories. Kiwi comes in all flavours sweet, sour, and tangy one for everyone’s preference. 


Oranges are an elite fruit, they come under the citrus fruits and are low in calories while high in vitamin C and fiber. They are quite filling, and orange juice has to be the original drink we all had as kids. 

A lot of people have started consuming more orange juice rather than just consuming the fruit, researchers have proven that eating the fruit directly has more benefits. If you are on your weight loss journey then consuming oranges raw or orange juice is a healthy option. 


Bananas are one strong organic product with regards to weight reduction. They can give you the energy your body needs to come to the following supper and monitor desires. Bananas are high in fiber yet low in calories, which backs weight reduction. Bananas additionally contain various advantageous plant mixtures and cell reinforcements, which give numerous medical advantages. 


While raspberries offer the most fiber of the berry family, we actually think blueberries are a significant piece of your weight reduction diet. Blueberries offer 4 grams of fiber for each cup, yet they are generally well known for their cell reinforcement content.

Blueberry utilization is related to assurance against maturing, UV beams, ecological poisons, and stress. They even assist with protecting us against cognitive decline. Stock up on wild blueberries to stack up on antioxidants, as they have double the cancer prevention agent limit of different blueberries.


While a lot of people believe that avocados are a vegetable we firmly believe that it is a fruit. Avocados are wining the world with their incredible benefits and we are they need to be added to your tricolour salad. 

The folate you get from avocados might bring down your danger of specific tumours, like prostate and colon disease. Supplements in avocados may likewise treat disease. Avocados are loaded with fiber. They're particularly high in insoluble fiber, which is the sort that assists move with squandering through your body. Fiber keeps you ordinary and can forestall obstruction.


Pears are green on the outside and white on the inside, so we think it is okay to add them to our tricolour fruit bowl. Only one pear packs 6 grams of fiber- about a fourth of your day-by-day needs. This will assist with keeping you full for a longer period of time.

This wonderful fruit is stacked with nutrient C to battle against free revolutionaries that cause irritation. They are likewise a decent wellspring of potassium to assist with bringing down blood pressure levels and is great for the heart. 

Take Away

Showing the ultimate respect and love to our country by keeping ourselves healthy and happy is the correct way. This Republic Day let us all celebrate with a bowl of tricolour fruits, we hope you will enjoy this incredibly healthy and filling meal with your family and loved ones. 

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