Do's And Don'ts On How To Minimize Beard Mess From Trimming

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Minimize Beard Mess From Trimming

In a day and age where everybody wants to look better, the beard has been at the forefront of trends. Yet, this can be inconvenient and difficult to clean up.

If you are thinking about removing your beard, for example, be sure that you minimize the amount of trimmings left behind. It leaves behind fibers and pieces of beard that will be difficult to get rid of when you trim. More than likely, it will take several washes to remove all the dirt and debris, and you might end up with an unhealthy beard in the process!

This article will help you to eliminate and minimize the mess caused by beard trimming, the trouble you have faced for a long time since you started growing your beard.

1. Use a Beard Bib:

The most useful tool to minimize beard mess is a beard bib.  It comes with suction cups that fit with the vertical surfaces easily, helps you to create a barrier between your beard and the sink.

Pros of using a beard bib

  • No trimming mess on the sink
  • It prevents facial hair from getting on your clothes
  • Reusable
  • No clogged pipes due to beard trimmings

Cons of using a beard bib

  • It takes a lot of time
  • Suction cups might break from the surface and spill the trimmings
  • It costs you few bucks

Here is how you use a beard bib while trimming your beard

  • Open the beard bib and strap the band around your neck.
  • Secure the suction cups to the desired vertical surface, wall or mirror to create a horizontal barrier like a basket in front of you.
  • Trim your beard. All the beard trimmings will fall into the basket and not on the sink.
  • After completing trimming your beard, gently remove the suction cups.
  • Dump these trimmers by sliding a little into the trash bin. Voila! It’s done with no mess.

2. Vacuum Beard Trimmers:

Vacuum beard trimmers are a new generation invention that comes with a chamber and vacuum that sucks the trimmings from just beneath the blades of the trimmer and dumps them into the chamber. It efficiently sucks in 90% of your beard trimmings into the chamber. When you are done with your beard, simply remove the chamber and dump the trimmings into your trash bin. A few trimmings are left in the sink which you can clean off easily if the sink is dry. 

  • Pros of using vacuum beard trimmers

    • Easy to use
    • Doesn’t need additional time
    • Easy cleaning
  • Cons of using vacuum beard trimmers

    • Few trimmings fall into your clothes
    • Costs you few bucks
    • Few trimmings fall into sink or countertop which you have to clean additionally

3. DIY Hacks

Cleaning your beard trimmings might be a difficult task and even cost you a few additional costs. Some Do It Yourself tricks might help you save time, money, and furthermore some of them are sustainable too.

Here are a few DIY tricks that you can use while trimming your beard and save yourself from the mess.

  •  Spread a few newspapers on the sink or countertop, make sure the countertop or sink is dry.
  • Use old blankets to cover
  • You can even use old t-shirts or towels as covers as well
  • Vacuum the trimmings after you are done

4. Trimming Catcher Mats

Trimming catcher mats, a cheaper alternative to beard bibs. Quick and easy to use and comes within budget.

How to use a trimming catcher mat?

Similar to your beard bibs, attach the suction cups to the mirror or wall in front of you.

Let the other end of the mat stay on top of the sink or countertop.

When you are done with trimming your beard and remove the suction cups gently and fold the mat in a way to not let the trimmings fall.

Now dump the trimmings into a trash bin.

Pros of trimming catcher mats

  • Cheap
  • Reusable
  • Efficient in term of keeping sink or countertop clean
  • No clogged pipes

Cons of trimming catcher mats

  • Easy to break suction cups
  • Some trimmings might fall and stay on your clothes

5. Trim your beard outdoors

If you are using a cordless trimmer and it's a good weather outside, you can just trim your beard outside your home. Just trim your bard in the balcony or your yard and say bye to beard trimming mess. 

But this also has its cons. You cannot trim when it’s raining or chilly out there. And also it will leave trimmings on your clothes. If you are in a hurry, this option is not for you.

Take Away 

However you trim your beard, there will be a mess that takes an eternity to clean. It might even clog the drainage if not done properly. This blog will help you get rid of all the cleaning work and mess did by trimming your beard. Of all the options mentioned in the blog, beard bib although it costs few bucks, it the most efficient and followed by vacuum beard trimmers.

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