Masturbation side effects

Does Masturbation Make You Weak?


Masturbation is simply self-sex. A man who satisfies himself with sexual stimulation is subjected to masturbation. Masturbation usually involves a hand put on one own genital to sexually active the body and engage in a sex-like imagination that the mind pertains extreme imaginative sexual objectives that would put the body to extreme sexual outcomes called orgasm. The self-activity to achieve orgasm is an addiction and free from dependence that one could attempt it at any time irrespective of his money or sexual partner availability.

The pleasure obtained from masturbation is a lot more similar to what sex could pleasure. The only difference is, sex would involve another heart and personality that would company an intense activity whereas masturbation goes to all individuals that could raise loneliness in one own's life.

Sex gives a body to another body that the same materials take extreme comfort by the activity. A body laid on another body or a body sitting on another body or a body hugged another body, are all real comforts. Whereas, masturbation is a single body imagining various positions and compositions with another body and stimulating sexual glands.

Sex provides a physical weight of another person to put in support to the nerve stimulus one observed in the activity whereas masturbation is observing the same nerve stimuli without the support of another body. This phenomenon could have various effects on the body of the one who has not trained their mind to how to remain calm right after nerve stimulations.

Does masturbation increase immunity?

The learning of the body to extreme nerve stimuli indulged in pleasure exhibit could increase a man's stamina to various conditions and situations. Either pain or pleasure, nerves take the same energy to expend. In that way, the nerve stimuli observed through pleasure intake would experience one's nerves or muscles to knowingly attain nerve stimuli through any pain. After all, immunity is the man's stability to resist any kind of pain or disease. 

Masturbation could put a man on strength to bear extreme pleasure, an intimacy that could furtherly put in memory to behave towards any pain or pamper one observed in life.

Masturbation is a kind of self-confidence that one could sustain in hard situations. Any pressure generated in the body due to various situations or circumstances observed in real life could deviate to sexual pleasure through masturbation. The pressure once pulled out through orgasm could keep one's heart and mind go silent and pressure less.

Does masturbation consume energy?

Yes, masturbation attains extreme energy conversion right from the thoughtful pressure in the mind to the sexual pleasure through the genitals. During the course, the nerves that form up hands and the muscles that indulge in genitals go through extreme energy transformation which itself is a work of the body that needs a certain amount of energy to work the function. 

This phenomenon would use up the energy stored in the body which could drain the person to actively stay put in other activities.

Can masturbation make you weak?

Yes. Masturbation could weaken a personality right from his physical attainments to psychological understandings. 

Masturbation makes one go numb right after the orgasm achievement. Orgasm is an intense bilateral sense that would put a mind to utter silence or intolerable boredom or unresisted peer pressure from the heart that would lead to extreme confusions. Most people observe that senses go useless for a while right after the masturbation conclusion.

Masturbation or sex is an activity taking place at the genitals which are settled at the center of the body. The activity would pull most of the blood from the heart that is naturally flowing to the head and body. Of course, this is what satisfies a man. The feel of blood pressure turns into sexual energy at the genitals and becomes an orgasm resulting in extreme pleasure or pain.

After a time of sexual activity and its orgasm, the blood directed towards genitals would look back to go to their actual path that would take a certain time. During that time, the man could see a lack of energy in the body and the head.

Most of the people who engage in masturbation showcase certain diligence in their behavior. They could go extremely lazy throughout their body and mind that they would only like to go to sleep again. Few people, though, become mindless that they can't pull their minds to go to sleep silently. The mind could put on continuous chatter that one becomes extremely disturbed or diluted and does not want to live further.

Can masturbation lead to suicidal thoughts?

There are people who experience suicidal thoughts right after masturbation. This condition is defined as the absurdity of life. An extreme pleasure that should be achieved by engaging with another person when observed by one's own self could put the person on a question called 'what is life?' and demotivates the person to engage in the world. 

Take Away 

Masturbation is a choice of freedom that one could attempt or may not. Masturbation has its own health benefits besides its side effects. After all, a positive mind takes advantage of masturbation rather than feeling its side effects.