Different types of long beard styles

Beard styles

Long beard styles

Beards have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. This is mainly because many men want to look good and feel like themselves. From funny to edgy, dramatic and expressive beards are becoming an essential part of manly fashion.

If you are a fan of long beards, then you have come to the right place. This article will guide you through different long beard styles that are trending and stylish now. Also, read our blog on the best beard style for men.

Long beard styles

Here are a few long-length beard styles that are trending right now.

Garibaldi beard

It was named after Giuseppe Garibaldi, an Italian military general and politician. To achieve this beard style, you need to grow a beard for at least six months to one year. It requires both the length and girth of the beard. After increasing the beard up to the desired size, the beard is trimmed at its edges in a circular shape, no matter what face shape you have.

Lumberjack beard style

Like any other long beard, this beard needs months of growth until it gets to at least six months. When your beard reaches a good length, you need to trim your beard at a uniform length and let the sideburns fade at the sides to achieve this beard look.

Power beard 

Although power beards do not measure 6 inches, it does not fall under trim beards either.  Power beard is for business looks. It looks badass yet perfectly classy for a business meeting. Falls somewhere between rugged and contemporary look, they are natural beards grown till 4-6 inches in length. It shapes according to your natural face shape. Here are some twists you could add to a power beard to level up your looks.

Power beard with a trimmed mustache

If you are someone who hates food getting stuck in your mustache, then this ‘stache mustache paired with a power mustache is the best one for you. Trim your beard till it no longer covers your mouth.

Power beard with a walrus mustache

You can pair a bold walrus mustache with a power beard that suits you well for almost everyone. Use a beard wax, comb it and turn it into curls like a Verdi beard or handlebar mustache according to the length.

Spade shaped power beard

As your beard grows longer, you can trim the beard’s edges into different shapes to your liking. Spade shaped beard edges give an excellent outline to your face and define your jawline.

Razor edge beard

Razor edge beard styles are lengthy beards and need extreme precision to achieve this look. The beard outline is trimmed to sharp, clean edges throughout the beard to give a clean, structured, and well-groomed look. Pair it with a curly mustache to match the beard

Yeard beard

Yeard beard style is simple and nothing but a natural beard without trimming and is grown for at least one year completely; it grows up to 6 inches in length.  Beard grows up to half an inch a month; thus, the beard grows to a maximum of 6 inches a year.

Tweard beard

This is more time taking a version of a yeard beard. It needs to be grown without any trimmings for at least two years. It grows up to a length of 12 inches.

Terminal beard

It is the ultimate version of yeard. It takes a minimum of 6 years to achieve this beard style. Similar to yeard, this style, even while growing a beard, doesn’t involve trimming. It grows to a maximum of 36 inches in length,, after which the beard does not grow any further.

Bandholz beard

Bandholz beard style is founded by Eric Bandholz, founder of a leading beard brand. It is one of the best beard styles for long and thick beards. It needs at least six months to one year to fully grow a Bandholz beard. You need to keep in mind that as much as length is essential for this beard style, beard girth and volume are equally important. After growing a beard of the desired length, you can trim the edges according to the shape of your face. A good mustache will be a bonus to this beard style.

Viking beard

Vikings often associated with fearlessness and strength have many types of styles under them. General characteristics include long unruly unkempt beards, often with similarly long hair.  Just like Jason Mamoa style. Style it with a hair bun and a good mustache style suitable to your beard to level up the overall looks.

Take Away 

Covid has changed many things, including your beard style preferences. With more and more evolving into work from home culture, men are very interested in growing a long beard and sport that look. This article will guide you through different long beard styles from which you can choose from.

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