Cedarwood Oil for Beard Growth

Cedarwood oil can be a natural hair solution for beard growth right from strengthening hair follicles to thickening hair strands.

Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood oil is a liquid substance obtained or absorbed from the needles, leaves, bark, and berries of cedar trees.

Cedar trees are found in variables at various places around the world. Juniper tree is referred to as cedar tree, too.

The process of extracting this essential oil includes several techniques which are steam distillation, carbon dioxide distillation, and cold pressing.

The components contained in cedarwood oil include cedrine, cedrol, and thujopsene.

The cedarwood oil can be found all alone as a product or added specially to a variety of skincare, haircare and lifestyle products like cologne, shampoo, and deodorant. (Cologne is similar to perfume with a difference in the concentration of oil percentage in the content).

Unimaginably, cedarwood oil is also used as insect repellent. Of course, it does not need to be exposed here but for general knowledge.

If we look deep into how cedarwood oil can work out for body enrichment, there are certain benefits that can be explained in study.

The properties of cedarwood oil in the foremost are:

Cedarwood oil is antiseptic,

Cedarwood oil is anti-inflammatory,

Cedarwood oil is antispasmodic,

Cedarwood oil is diuretic,

Cedarwood oil is insecticidal,

Cedarwood oil is antifungal,

Cedarwood oil is antiseborrheic and

Cedarwood oil is antispasmodic.

Due to all the above stated properties of cedarwood oil, one can confidently believe in the benefits associated with it in growing and taking care of a beard.

Cedarwood oil can be considered as one of the best beard oils that are naturally made or fabricated and so intended to help the growth of the beard alongside the health and happiness of the hair follicles stranded to make up the beard. 

Cedarwood Oil Benefits for Beard Growth

Beard growth is the combination of quality and quantity of the beard hair grown at a given time. It involves roots deeply sustained under the skin layers to the follicles upbringing the hair particle to grow to a certain height to the mean possibility and capacity of the particular male person's testosterone levels and androgen imbibe.

Not every person has the same potentiality to grow a beard thereby the men who suffer less beard growth would look after certain beard growth products in which beard oils are the primary source material to emphasise the beard growth in a qualified manner.

Cedarwood oil can be a natural hair solution for beard growth right from strengthening hair follicles to thickening hair strands. The oil gives the beard a thicker, fuller look.

Cedarwood oil can be used as a hair conditioner which is available in shampoo, too. The thorough wash of beard hair with shampoo would condition the beard hair to glow with a free momentum from one hair strand to another. As cedarwood oil benefits skin nourishment, too, it has no side effects on skin texture.

Cedarwood Oil for Treating Alopecia Barbae

Alopecia Barbae is bald patches appearing on the beard. Alopecia Barbae has the nature of triggering hair loss over beard space, at jawline, chin, neck, and cheek. This hair loss occurs in small circular patches or could be shapeless too.

The excessive inflammation in hair follicle cells attacking their own existence results in loss of hair. Alopecia Barbae build up an empty space from follicle level itself in between dense beard hair beside resulting in an awkward look.

The anti-inflammatory properties of cedarwood oil can work upon beard growth resulting in complete beard growth not leaving a space between the hair particles.

Cedarwood Oil Reduces Dandruff

The  anti-inflammatory properties generated by the massage of cedarwood oil on beard growing skin frees the skin or hair follicles from beard dandruff. The moisturization relieves the hair from holding dry dandruff.

Cedarwood Oil for Antibacterial Properties

Cedarwood has antifungal & antibacterial properties and thus protects the skin beneath the beard from any fungal infection, rashes, or acne on your face. The fungal-free and bacteria-free skin alone can possess hair follicles deep-rooted.

Cedarwood Oil is a Natural Hair Sebum

The cedarwood oil is capable of absorption immediately and leaves the hair soothed, refreshed, and pleasantly fragranced just after one application.

Cedarwood oil can treat Seborrhoea or Seborrhoeic Eczema which is a dreadful disease caused by a malfunction of the sebaceous glands. 

The excessive or reduced sebum production can damage the skin quality turning it into various colours like yellow or white which may further deteriorate the beard growth, too. 

The application of cedarwood oil can regularize the sebum production thereby reducing the inflammation at the beard growing spots over the skin.

Cedarwood Oil Regulates Moisturization

Excess hydrated skin on the scalp can make hair look shiny and healthy. Cedarwood oil used on the scalp could help reduce the appearance of dandruff. Moisturizing the skin beneath the beard hair using Cedarwood oil could help the beard prevent itself from drying out and flaking.

Take Away

Cedarwood oil can be mixed with hair oils and get coated over the skin and hair in order to maintain a proper health to the follicles upbringing hair growth whether it is on the head scalp or on the facial skin.

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