Cardio exercises for weight loss

What are the Best Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss?

Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss

Cardio exercises are considered as the most effective exercises for weight loss. In addition, they are efficient and convenient to do at our home too. Luckily, a good cardio exercise program doesn't need tons of space or fancy equipment. With little creativity, you can easily include a wide range of effective cardio exercises to burn calories, build muscles and to feel better. Lets see some benefits as well as the best cardio exercises for effective weight loss.

Benefits Of Cardio Exercises:

Cardio exercises

Apart from burning calories, there are many other benefits of cardio exercises. Just keep on scrolling.

  • It Boosts Your Mood:

Cardio exercises force your brain to release endorphins, the feel good hormones which are responsible for balancing your mood and keeping your depressed thoughts away. Even a brisk walk can noticeably alter your attitude when included in your daily routine.

  • Helps Your Blood Circulation:

Cardio exercises also help in improving blood circulation in the body, proper blood circulation means your body itself gets rid of toxins and keeps you healthy. Poor blood circulation long term leads to health issues like heart attacks, or strokes but healthy circulation of blood can easily help you to prevent those problems.

  • Boosts Your Immunity:

Cardio exercises make your immune system stronger and reduce the risk of body infections and prevent attack of diseases.

  • Keeps Your Heart Healthy:

Cardio exercises increase your heart rate, getting your heart rate consistently up will keep your heart strong and decrease the risk of heart diseases and other problematic conditions. 

American Heart Association recommends a minimum of 150 minutes per week of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of moderate vigorous exercise per week is required to improve overall cardiovascular health.

  • Boosts Your Weight Loss:

Finally, cardiovascular exercises help to burn calories. As a matter of fact, calories still matter when it comes to losing weight and you have to expand more calories that you take in to lose weight. It's better to add cardio along with strength training for your weight loss journey.

Check out some best cardio exercises you can easily do anywhere and anytime.

Best Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss:

  • Low Intensity Cardio:

Low intensity cardio works effectively and helps you burn calories and drop pounds especially if you are a beginner or have any physical limitations . You don't have to include high intensity workouts for your weight loss.

These exercises include, running, jogging, cycling, swimming and aerobics. You always need to start slow and gradually increase the intensity as you adjust to your new routine.

Aim for 60-70 minutes of low intensity cardio five days per week and if you feel that you've become physically fit, carry hand weight while jogging or walking or doing aerobics.

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT):

High intensity interval training gives you a well rounded workout while burning tons of calories as well as fat in the body. HIIT training uses the body's energy reserves, increases metabolism and burns calories. 

This kind of training gets your heart rate up and improves your cardiovascular fitness level while burning more fat in less time. Most programs will push hard for between 20-30 seconds with a short 10-20 seconds of rest in between. 

According to a study of American Council On Exercise, a person should include 1 minute of high intensity exercise for every 2 or 3 minutes of recovery. 

  • Running Stairs:

Running stairs is another effective cardio exercise to burn fat and calories, but only 500-600 calories for an 180 lb man at moderate pace. As higher leg lift involves, climbing or running stairs significantly uses more muscles than just walking and it strengthens your legs in a functional way.

Look for an outdoor staircase near you that has more than one flight and for home workout you can simply run or walk up and down stairs in your home instead. But, the primary drawback of running stairs is, they can put a lot of effort and pressure on your joints, so it can be difficult for people with bad knees.

  • Kettlebells:

Even though kettlebell workout is technically not a cardio exercise, its calorie burning effects are too high to keep off this shit. This workout combines both strength training and cardio.

According to a recent study on calorie burning effects of this type of workout puts it around 20 calories per minute. You can easily expect to burn around 300-400 calories in just 30 minutes of this workout.

Don't go too light and either heavy when doing this workout, the best way to do kettlebell workout is to maximize the calorie burning is to do a movement for 30-40 seconds and then rest for 20-30 seconds. Then repeat the movement through several times.

  • Rowing:

Rowing is a full body exercise that works on biceps, triceps, back, glutes, shoulders, quads and hamstrings. Harvard Health Studies have shown that rowing burns between 200-300 calories in a 30 minute session.

It also works great to work the posterior chain, follow moderate pace on the rowing machine that can burn upwards of 800 calories per hour for an 180 lb person. Once you get comfortable doing this workout, increase the intensity with short sprints which will get over 1000 calories per hour easily.

  • Sprinting:

Sprinting on a treadmill or even upstairs, they are great to burn calories in the least amount of time. You need no equipment to do this workout and the best part is you can do it anywhere. 

Where jogging or steady state running burns plenty of calories, increasing your speed and intensity will pay off. If your aim is six pack city, then go for full steam ahead with your sprints.

  • Jumping Rope:

Rope jumping for weight loss

Jumping rope is one of the best cardio exercises for weight loss and it's not only a calorie blaster but also helps in building bone density, strengthens your legs and makes your heart stronger.

It also enhances your footwork, shoulder strength and coordination and also stimulates sprinting allowing you to burn as much as 500 calories in 30 minutes. All you need to do is jump as fast as you can for about one minute, then take a rest of 20-30 seconds. Repeat this until you're completely done. 

If you're a frequent traveller, throw one rope in your suitcase for a great workout without ever having to leave the guest or hotel room.

  • Elliptical:

Elliptical machines are generally designed to minimize impact on knees and hips, but still allow you to have a great overall body workout. This machine works great for burning calories without wearing your joints.

Person with more than 180 lbs can lose up to 500-600 calories if he's going at an above moderate pace. You can easily get more out of it by switching up the intensity, resistance and speed.

Few Tips To Get Most Out Of Your Cardio:

  • Make sure to give some time for your body to recover between exercises or workouts.
  • Maintain healthy and balanced diet
  • Start with weekly exercise routine
  • Set realistic goals
  • Start slowly and gradually increase the intensity to build up strength and stamina.

Take Away 

There are many cardio exercises for a person to include for losing weight. But one should know their limits and it's better not to push yourself harder too far. Consult your doctor before starting or including any exercises in their routine.

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