Best Beard Growth Oil & Other Products For Beard Growth

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Best Beard Growth Oil & Products For Men For Thicker And Fuller Hair

A healthy beard is an extension of men's personality and it deserves the best care. But the hard truth is, men, struggle to grow a beard whether it's just a little patchy or actively doesn't grow enough to register. Just like our hair and skin, we need to give some time to make it grow. It takes lots of effort, time and dedication to growing a thick and healthy beard.

There are plenty of reasons men struggle to become beards men whether it's genetics, Testo levels or diet. There is no need to worry as the best beard growth products can easily resolve them all. Using the right products for beard growth will result in providing you with a healthy and natural beard.

Best beard growth products like serum, shampoo, and tabs help to encourage or promote a healthy beard.

The basic skincare routine includes cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and protecting. You may think the shampoo that you use on your head can double as a beard wash, but the thing is it is too harsh on your facial skin and leaves them dry and itchy. Beard shampoos or cleansers are formulated to clean both your facial hair as well as face skin.

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Beard needs to be maintained just the way you keep your hairstyle, they also need to be trimmed and styled. Trimming and shaping your beard regularly helps it to look its best and attractive at the same time. 

So, whether you're growing your first beard or can't remember the last time you were clean-shaven, check out these best beard products to create the finest beard care routine ever. Below is a list of the best products you can use for your beard that gives you excellent results in a very short time.

Best Beard Growth Products 

1. Derma Roller

There are several derma rollers available in the market with needle sizes that go all the way from 0.25 to 3 mm. Before buying any of them you need to consider a few things that are shown below:

Just know that the derma roller which is 0.5mm works perfectly great and for beginners, it is advisable to get 0.25 mm at first to get used to the microneedle therapy.

The needles of the derma roller stimulate circulation in the beard area and enhance collagen production. You might think that the derma roller which has more needles works great than the one which does not have one. But that's not true. A-Derma roller with few needles is much safer as they don't cause any dragging motion on the skin which results in causing unnecessary discomfort and damage.

Choose the one that has 192 -540 needles. Even though the one with fewer needles is considered safer, you can also try Mars by GHC derma roller which works great on any type of skin and gives good results. 

2. Beard Growth Shampoo

Beard growth shampoo contains vitamins and supplements that fortify your facial hair allowing it to look thicker and fuller. 

When using shampoo, you must use it at least 5 times a week to see good results. As I said earlier, hair shampoo shouldn't be used for your beard as it contains harmful chemicals which can be incredibly drying. If a dry scalp is a problem, a dry chin is much more too.

The chemicals in hair shampoos will strip your beards of their natural oils and could leave them dry and brittle.  

Beard shampoo is designed to work with, rather than against natural oils produced by your skin and hair with plenty of hydrating and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

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3. Beard Growth Serum

Beard growth serum helps in hydrating and nourishing your beard. In addition, it also softens the facial hair to make it more manageable. It even provides required moisturization to the skin beneath the beards and prevents dandruff and itchiness. 

We suggest you try Mars by GHC beard growth serum that not only makes your beard look great but also relieves you from itchiness and dryness.

4. Biotin 

Biotin is naturally derived from the B complex that exists in popular food like bananas and egg yolks. Recently many people have been associated with pregnancy too. However, it works well in hair growth to make it healthier and happier.

It simply means you can also use biotin supplements to encourage the growth of your beard as well as your hair too. Often said, biotin is an essential nutrient that the body needs and it can dramatically boost the production of keratin, the protein which acts as the structural base of hair and nails.

According to several studies, it has been found that biotin deficiency can slow down the growth of hair. It also causes hair to become thin and brittle. This is the reason why biotin is suggested to people who desire a fuller, thicker beard that grows naturally.

The best way to reap biotin benefits is to take it orally. You can get this vitamin by consuming some foods like eggs, meat, fish, green leafy vegetables etc that can naturally boost your biotin intake. And if you feel you're not getting enough biotin in your diet, you can find biotin supplements that provide you with a daily dose.

5. Beard comb

A beard comb is an effective tool for dealing with ingrown hair because the combing movement and the teeth of the comb gently pull out hair that is already ingrown or may become ingrown. And getting rid of ingrown hairs in your beard and skin is critical for healthy beard development.

6. Beard growth oil

The beard growth oil encourages beard growth, gets rid of dead skin cells, and helps with uneven beards.

The greatest beard growth oil by Mars By GHC has a combination of jojoba, onion, tea tree, and bhringraj oils to ensure that your beard is well-nourished remains healthy, and develops into a fuller, stronger beard. One of the finest beard oils for beard growth, it also works well for treating beards.

Blood flow is stimulated by the stimulating effects of tea tree oil. The skin behind the beard will look better due to an increase in blood flow. Beard growth is also encouraged by tea tree oil.

Jojoba oil is rich in vitamin E and many fatty acids and is readily absorbed by the skin. The dry skin beneath the beard may be moisturised with jojoba oil.

Bhringraj oil stimulates the growth of the beard and enhances blood circulation.

Take Away

Using the right supplements and best products for your beard gives you confidence in being a great personality around people.

If you want to purchase above mentioned products for a healthy and nourished beard, then you can visit our Mars by GHC website.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. How do I fix my patchy beard? 

  • Allow 90 to 120 days for your beard to develop.
  • With the right diet, exercise, and sleep, you may naturally increase the development of your beard.
  • Take a biotin supplement if you don't get enough of it in your diet.
  • To place longer beard hair over thinner areas, use a Mars ByGHC Beard Comb.
  • Get a cut for your beard that highlights the dominant features.
  • Watch out for phoney patchy beards.
  • If everything else fails, cultivate what you can and add it to your fashion.

2. Will Testo help me grow a beard? 

Your follicles' sensitivity to DHT has a bigger effect on how your beard hair grows. And a big part of this is determined by your DNA. No supplement or artificial Testo consumption has been shown to promote the growth of beard hair or any other body hair, for that matter.

3. At what age does a beard grow fully?

Normal beard growth might start at age 18, but for many guys, it might not start until age 30.


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