Best 10 fruits for hair growth

Fruits for Hair Growth

Fruits For Hair Growth

Hair is the crowning glory and if you have lost your hair or are worried about losing it, it can really put you under a lot of stress and tension. First of all, do not panic, there is always something you can do to come out of this stressful and tense situation. Even if you have lost all your hair there is a way to get it back. Hair fall or baldness is considered as a severe problem of today's times as it has been observed that a lot of people are suffering from hair loss and are trying different options to get rid of this problem.

Fruits are packed with nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals. While it may not be best to have them all in one sitting, they do offer you many nutrients for hair growth and keeping your hair healthy. 

10 Fruits for Hair Growth

Fruits that are rich in vitamins and minerals for hair growth include oranges, guavas, peaches, pears, kiwis, papayas, etc. This is not a complete list of fruits that help in hair growth, but they are some of the most delicious ones you can eat that also coat your strands with necessary nutrients. Read on to find out how these fruits aid your hair growth and overall health.

1) Oranges

The benefits of eating oranges to grow hair are innumerable. In addition to the vitamin C content which is necessary for hair growth, oranges also contain Vitamin A, B6 and folic acid. Vitamins C and A together help to repair damaged hair follicles as well as stimulate hair growth by producing collagen. Full of iron, folic acid and vitamin B6, oranges also promote blood circulation in the scalp which creates conditions conducive to hair growth.

2) Guava

Guava is widely consumed across the globe, eaten in different forms and ways. Consuming guava regularly is very good for hair growth. Guava is a rich source of Vitamin C and helps in improving immunity, digestion, strengthening blood vessels, bones, skin and hair. It helps to promote hair growth and prevents dandruff. It can avert anaemia, cleanse the blood, relieve constipation, boost metabolism and flush out the toxins from the body.

It can also lower the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. In addition to this, guava also contains antioxidants that fight free radicals and slows down the aging process. 

3) Apples

Apples are a juicy and delicious fruit that is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, soluble fibre and other essential nutrients which make apples one of the best fruits for hair growth and thickness. You can also apply apple paste to your scalp to prevent hair loss and it can also balance the pH level of your scalp and hair.

4) Amla

Amla is a nutritious herb that can treat damaged hair by promoting healthy hair growth. Regular application of amla hair masks can boost blood circulation in the scalp which ultimately improves oxygen supply to the hair cuticles. Vitamin C in amla helps to accelerate collagen production which helps to replace dead cells in the hair follicles with new healthy cells.

5) Strawberries

Strawberries can help you get rid of scalp infections because they are infused with vital minerals such as magnesium, copper and manganese. These nutrients prevent the growth of fungal infections on the scalp caused by humidity and other factors. Hair follicles become strong and healthy when they are free from infections, thus promoting hair growth.

6) Papaya

Papaya is an excellent source of Vitamin C, A, potassium and calcium. These nutrients help in preventing baldness and activates hair follicles to promote strong hair growth from the roots. Eating papaya or using a papaya hair mask can do wonders in clearing dandruff from the scalp. Papaya leaf can also be used as a conditioner to treat dull and frizzy hair.

7) Banana

Banana is rich in potassium, fibre and magnesium that can protect the natural elasticity of hair, thus, prevents hair breakage and split ends. When a banana hair mask is used, it promotes hair growth and adds a healthy shine to the hair. 

8) Berries

Berries are packed with beneficial compounds and vitamins that can accelerate hair growth. They contain Vitamin C which can protect the scalp from damage and free radicals. We can get 141% of our daily Vitamin C needs from one cup of strawberries. Our body uses Vitamin C to produce collagen, which prevents our hair from becoming brittle.

9) Avocados

Avocados are a great source of healthy fats. They also contain Vitamin E, which can promote healthy hair growth. A medium-sized avocado can provide nearly 20% of our daily Vitamin E needs! Vitamin E is also an antioxidant just like Vitamin C. It can prevent oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals. Vitamin E guards our scalp and skin against damage. These damaged skin can result in poor hair growth and fewer hair follicles. 

10) Pomegranate

Pomegranate can help in strengthening hair follicles as it is rich in fibre, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, potassium, etc. Pomegranate seed oil can be used for hair massage to stimulate hair growth, making hair stronger and thicker. Pomegranate can also cure problems like hair loss, dandruff, scalp itching, etc.

Take Away

Eating fruits or applying fruit hair masks can do wonders for your hair. Fruits are rich in all the essential nutrients that our hair requires, so without further ado, include all the aforesaid fruits in your diet and use fruit hair masks once in a while to give a power pack boost to your hair.

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