Benefits of peppermint oil for hair loss

Peppermint oil for hair loss

Peppermint oil for hair loss

Peppermint oil is an extraction from the peppermint plant, some peppermint oils are stronger than others and one of the reasons for that can be the distillation techniques used on them.

Peppermint essential oils are being widely used not only to alleviate hair growth but also in the concerns of beauty and skincare. Peppermint oil contains a component called menthol which is responsible for its smell, taste, and cooling effect.

A lot of people use peppermint oil for their hair and beauty regime, peppermint oil is enriched with goodness and is one of the best products out there for all of you to try. Here are some of the benefits of peppermint oil.

  • Peppermint oil has antimicrobial properties 
  • Peppermint oil is insecticidal and pesticidal
  • Peppermint oil is analgesic and anesthetic
  • Peppermint oils are vasodilating
  • Peppermint oil has Anti-inflammatory properties

A lot of people use peppermint oil to treat hair fall as it is a Vasodilator and can help in improving blood flow in the scalp.


Peppermint oil and all the other essential oils have been in use for centuries, however, using peppermint oil to treat hair loss is a new one and does not have a long history attached to it. 

With that being said, a 2014 research found out that peppermint essential oils can promote hair growth. Researchers have noticed that after using peppermint oil hair grew faster and thicker, they also noticed that the blood flow to damaged hair follicles also increased. 

You can use peppermint oil to your scalp in a few different ways, here are some of the ones you can opt from.

  • Peppermint oil is an essential oil which means it needs to be used with a carrier oil. You can choose any carrier oil to use with peppermint essential oil. Just add a few drops of peppermint oil into your carrier oil and mix them well. Massage your scalp well for 15-20 minutes and keep it on for about 1-2 hours before you rinse it off. After using peppermint oil you may experience tingling or a minty sensation which is completely normal.
  • You can also put peppermint essential oil in your shampoo directly, just add a few drops of peppermint oil into your shampoo and rinse off your hair with it. You can do the same with your conditioner.
  • We would like you to keep your hands off products that claim to be enriched with peppermint oil, as most of them do not hold the same nutrients as an essential oil. It is always advisable to use peppermint essential oil rather than using products that claim to have peppermint extracts.


Apart from controlling hair loss, peppermint oil has a lot of other benefits that you might be unaware of. Here are some of the benefits of using peppermint oil on your hair. 

Helps in accelerating hair growth 

Peppermint oil penetrates deeper into the scalp that helps in making the roots stronger from inside. If you are tired of hair fall then you should use peppermint oil on your scalp. This oil will not only make your roots stronger but will also help in increasing the blood circulation in your scalp which will help in accelerating hair growth.

Makes the scalp healthy 

If you are someone who is suffering from a dry scalp or an irritated scalp then peppermint oil is the best for you. Peppermint oil has excellent moisturizing properties, if you use peppermint oil regularly then you will be able to keep your dry scalp hydrated. If you deal with dandruff in that case too peppermint oil is a great choice as it will help in calming down your scalp and will reduce itching and irritation.

Helps in strengthening the roots 

Peppermint oil is enriched with the goodness of pulegone and Mentone which help in strengthening the roots and reducing hair fall. You can use peppermint oil with any carrier oil of your choice, apply it on your scalp regularly to get the most benefits of it. 

Can help in treating lice 

Lice infection can be a hard one to get rid of but with peppermint oil, you can do it with ease. The strong fragrance and thick consistency of peppermint oil can kill lice and can help you get rid of them completely. You can apply peppermint oil overnight and comb out the lice the next morning. Rinse off and you are good to go. 


Peppermint oil is highly concentrated which means a little amount of this essential oil is good enough. Make sure you do not use an excess of this oil as it could be harmful in the long term. 

  • Do not use peppermint oil directly on your face, always use something to dilute it. Direct use of peppermint oil can cause a rash to your skin or can cause itching
  • Peppermint oil is mildly toxic and is not safe for consumption. So make sure you do not consume a large dose of peppermint oil. 
  • Peppermint oil should be kept away from children as it can cause breathing problems in kids. 
  • Always dilute peppermint oil before applying it to your scalp.

Take Away 

Peppermint oil is one of the great sources of antioxidants and can help you control your hair fall. If you have been dealing with excessive hair fall then we highly suggest you use peppermint oil and see the difference it brings to your scalp. Hope this blog is informative to you. 

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