Benefits of ajwain water for weight loss

Ajwain water

Ajwain water 

Ajwain is one of the most popular spices in India and is used widely in Indian households. Ajwain is also popularly known as Carom seeds, if you belong to India then I'm sure you might have heard your mother saying have some ajwain everything will be fine. 

Yes, it happened to us too, ajwain is one of the magical herbs that we need to share with all our fellow neighbors. Ajwain seeds not only add flavor and aroma to the Indian dishes but are also known to have a bitter-pungent taste which is unique. The benefits of these marvelous seeds are not only limited to the aroma and taste.

Ajwain seeds have been used as an ayurvedic medicine or herb since ancient times in Indian culture and are widely popular among the locals. It is a medicinal herb that promotes healthy digestion, treats flatulence, and relieves constipation. It helps the digestive system to get healthy and along with that also works well to manage weight. 

Ajwain helps in the absorption of food, it leads to lesser fat storage, which ultimately paves the way for weight loss. Ajwain seeds are also a great ingredient if you want to increase metabolism. You can start your morning with ajwain seeds, half an hour before breakfast, if you chew on a spoonful of carom seeds this would give your metabolism a great start.

Benefits Of Ajwain Water

After talking about this ayurvedic herb in brief, let us know all the benefits of this magical drink. Here are some of the benefits of ajwain water. 

It improves digestion

Ajwain seeds are wonderful if you have problems with digestion and your body is unable to absorb all the nutrients provided by your food, ajwain seeds will help in nutrient absorption and will simultaneously improve digestion. This ultimately leads to less fat storage, which further leads to weight loss.

A lot of weight gain happens when food is not well digested, it can lead up to build up waste and toxins, we all feel bloated from time to time and this is another reason for that. 

Improves metabolism

By now we are well aware that we need to have a high metabolism, to lose weight, a lot of people think ajwain helps in reducing weight and managing weight loss, however, it certainly helps in improving metabolism and digestion but it no magical lamp that will cut down weight after two days of consumption. Ajwain seeds are really effective in boosting your metabolism when you consume them with a proper and healthy calorie deficit diet plan. Ajwain water works as detox water for our body, which helps in straightening out all the harmful toxins from the body making it replenished and active.

You can have a spoonful of ajwain right after you get up or 30 minutes before your first meal, similarly you can have ajwain drink as soon as you wake up, read on to know how to make ajwain water.

It has therapeutic properties

Not a lot of people know that ajwain has many therapeutic properties due to the presence of essential oil called thymol. This oil helps promote weight loss by boosting your metabolism, improving digestion, and relieving acidity. 

If you have been dealing with acid reflux, constipation the tablespoon of ajwain can help you release all the pain and can make your digestion smooth. 

How To Make Ajwain water 

Ajwain has a lot of benefits that can help you in improving digestion and your metabolism, and can also work well when it comes to losing weight. If you are wondering how to make ajwain water then worry not we got you. Here are all the steps to make ajwain water. 

Ajwain water 

Start by taking one liter of water in a pan and let it come to a boil. Now, add one tablespoon of ajwain to it and let it boil for three to four minutes. You will notice that the color of the water is changing slowly. When the water turns golden color, turn off the flame and allow the water to cool down. Strain the water and you are done. If you are making this in one liter of water then you can sip on the water throughout the day, you can also just boil one glass of water and drink that.

This water will help in increasing your metabolism the higher the metabolism level you have, the more calories you burn. 

Ajwain water is very versatile and you can always experiment and add honey, cinnamon, ginger anything you like. They will not only enhance your taste but will also add more benefits to the water. 

Take Away 

Ajwain water is a great source of various nutrients and can help in reducing weight. If you have never tried ajwain water then this is your sign, start your morning with it and you will see a boost in energy and we are sure that you will love the results it has. 

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