Beard Styles From The 90s That You Can Still Rock

Beard styles

Beard styles from the 90s

Managing a beard is hard but deciding on what style you want to go for can be harder, don't worry we got you covered with some amazing beard styles. 

Beards are more complex than we thought, they require constant touch-up, proper care, and definitely a beard comb. Every man has a different style and a different way of keeping a beard and that is what makes all types of beard unique in their own way. 

If you want to find out more about beard care and growth, you can check out our previous blogs to get a full preview of it. 


The 90s was one of the brightest times we saw some of the most iconic clothes and fashion trends going around but what we will never forget are the incredible beard styles from the 90s. Today we will be sharing some of these iconic styles with our readers in hope that these will come back sometime soon. 

Here are the topmost iconic beard styles from the 90s.

A La Souvarov

This is quite an unusual combination of sideburns connecting the mustache and was a huge hit back in the 90s. This style was named after a Russian general who was seen carrying this look. 

The other way that people have adapted the look is by having a thicker mustache that connects to the side-lines, both of the ways were enormously famous. 

Knocker Goatee

Goatees were very famous back in the 90s but nowadays people usually don't prefer them as much, however, we think that fashion and styles repeat and soon enough there will be a time when people would like to go back to the goatee style. A knocker goatee gives the illusion of a squared look with a wider width towards the bottom. 

Chevron mustache 

The chevron mustache has been one of the most popular looks. We have seen some famous actors, musicians carrying this iconic look for years. It consists of a thick and wide mustache that covers the area between your nose and upper lip. 

It is not like a normal mustache and has been famous because of how minimal yet sophisticated it looks. We would love to see the chevron mustache making a comeback. 

Chin puff 

Chin puff is another hidden gem of the 90s style. It focuses on the facial hair going downwards past the chin and starts at the lower lip area. This type of beard is considered to be best suited for people with a round face. 

This type of style may draw more attention to you and can definitely be a different look for people who are bored with their usual beards. 


Definitely, a beard for all the gentlemen reading this. Ducktail features a neatly cut beard that is tapered at the chin with an extended point at the bottom. 

Ducktail is an extremely gorgeous-looking beard, however, it requires a lot of trimming and pampering, you need to get the style right before you can flaunt it. 

English mustache 

English mustache has not quite left the mark on the men yet. Many men still like to keep an English mustache but not all are successful in doing so. An English mustache features a narrow mustache that spreads outward with long whisker tips that are slightly raised. 

It can look extremely charming if done the right way. 

Full beard 

The full beard has been out there for centuries and has been loved and hated by men at the same time. Full beards are much more aggressive and hard to manage and deal with. 

Full beards require more time, effort, and dedication than any other style but when it comes to hygiene they may lack in that area. 


The goatee has been adopted and personalized so much that we have forgotten the original goatee style. The original style idea comes from billy goat, the facial hair is featured on the chin leaving the entire area out.

The original goatee was a huge hit back in the 90s and we won’t be surprised if it makes a comeback anytime soon. 

Horseshoe mustache 

The horseshoe mustache matches the name quite well, if you have seen a horseshoe then you would know. The beard features a U, only reversed moving from the right side of your chin covering your mustache area to the left side of the chin. 

This was widely popular in the 90s and a comeback can make things easier for men. 

These were some of the blasts from past styles, we love each one of them because all of them are unique and have a different impact on men. Each beard is different and it deserves styling too. 

Beard combs are one of the best tools that you could use to maintain and keep your beard healthy. This can be an important part of your life and can make your life much easier. If you have not yet invested in a beard comb then surely do so. 

With the summer season approaching you must keep your beard hydrated and itch-free, maintaining a beard during the summertime can be very crucial and hard but do not worry we are sure you can do it. 

Take Away 

We have shared some of the most iconic 90s beard styles with you. We hope you all have fun while exploring and reinventing yourself this summer season. It is good to change your look once in a while, it can set you in a different mood and can teach you a lot of great things at the same time. 

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