Beard Oil vs Beard Growth Serum

beard oil vs beard serum

Beard Oil vs Beard Serum

You might wait for a long time to grow a beard, don’t you? No man wants a scraggly and patchy beard, while he waits for the rest to grow in. You may also look at your friends and wonder how do they have the perfect beard. With professional and social commitments, it is completely normal to want to look and feel your best. If impatience is driving you crazy, you might choose to solve your beard growth time crunch with beard serum or beard oil. But here comes the million-dollar question, do they work?

Factors that Affect Beard Growth

Not everyone is blessed full-grown and thick beard, many of us might have a little or patchy beard which makes us feel awkward. But have you ever thought what are the possible reasons that affect the growth of your beard? There is nothing wrong with you, it is just due to certain factors which you might not understand enough. These factors include:

  • Genetics:

This is the most important factor for a few diseases, hair loss and of course beard growth and there is not much that can be done about it. If most males in your family have previously struggled to have a beard, you probably will too. It is not a guarantee however, you can also be lucky and with the help of some beard products to grow a rugged beard.
  • Diet:

What you put in your body is crucial to your health and growth and the same applies to beard growth. A balanced diet that includes all vitamins and minerals would help beard growth.
  • Age:

You wish you did not have to grow old, yeah? Well, my dear, it’s life. We all have to grow old and for some lose our hair in all forms. The older you get the more difficult it becomes to rock a thick beard no matter what you try.
  • Exercise:

Just like diet is important, a proper exercise routine means you will lose weight and stay healthy therefore helping in growing beard because it helps in beard growth.

    What is Beard Oil?

    Beard oil is a moisturizer for beards that is made up of carrier and essential oils. Due to its liquid form, good beard oil is much effective for hydrating and moisturizing the skin under your beard. It also reaches all parts of your face and hair. Furthermore, quality beard oil will also stop your beard itch, get rid of dandruff and dry flakes, promote growth and soften your beard.

    If you are a guy with sensitive skin who is prone to excessive itching or dryness as you grow out a beard, you must look out for high-quality beard oil may be all you need. This is especially true for men who have short beards who don’t need much styling control yet. And because these beard oils are known to absorb into the skin and hair quickly, they can even provide faster relief than balm.

    What are the Benefits Of Beard Oil?

    You might ask us about the advantages of beard oils. We are happy to tell you that there are many. Beard oil acts as a moisturizer and a hydrating material that goes straight to the hair follicle and restricts hair from growing brittle, especially in cold and windy environments as these weather conditions cause the natural moisture of the beard area to wick. 

    Hydration around this area helps in preventing flakes, dandruff and skin dryness. Some brands of beard oil might also contain added vitamins or nutrients such as vitamin E. This moisturization prevents general itchiness and irritation of the skin that you experience under the beard.

    Beard oil also works best below the surface of the skin by working as a grooming tool, that makes the beard itself more manageable, neat and smooth.

    Beard oil is also helpful in improving the way a beard looks by giving it a slight shine. This makes your beard look healthier as well.

    What is beard growth serum and how does it work?

    Beard growth serum, on the other hand, generally takes one of two approaches. The first one involves using medication to treat problems that are associated with hair growth by increasing the blood flow to the hair follicles. This approach is usually targeted toward men experiencing thinning or hair loss.

    The second approach is a natural alternative that includes using a blend of oils to add needed moisture to your hair follicles. This approach is normally targeted toward men who are wanting to improve their facial hair growth and better their skincare.

    Tips to Help When Choosing a Beard Growth Serum

    When you search for ‘beard growth product/serum’ on Google, a thousand products might appear on the screen. It gets difficult to find the works can be a bit of a dilemma. Here are a few tips that might help you in choosing the right serum for your beard growth:

    • Ingredients:

    This is a rule for whatever products that you buy. You must always check the ingredients used to make a product because something allergic to you could be in it. You should study the list of ingredients used to make a beard product. A lot of men prefer natural ingredients in these products and would avoid anything hormonal.
    • Effectiveness:

    A good beard product should heal your damaged or dormant hair follicles to boost growth and make your beard healthier.
    • Nutrients:

    Quality serums should be enriched with vitamin and made wholly from organic products. Vitamins like B, D, E including biotin, magnesium, zinc, etc. should be included in the serum.
    • Price:

    If you are on a budget then you should ensure the beard growth serum you purchase is not only quality but affordable.

      Do They Work?

      Yes, these beard growth serum actually work but it’s not quite straightforward.

      As we have mentioned earlier, beard serums stimulate hair follicles that aids in beard growth. This would mean that there are enough facial hair follicles that would allow this to happen. Therefore people who have patchy and thin beards could use the serum and see a boost in growth in a few weeks or months.

      Minoxidil is known to be the primary ingredient for most beard serums because it helps regrowth of hair.

      Following trends is very common but doing it with utmost care and patience is also important, many people are now using Minoxidil as an alternative to growing a beard at a much faster pace. Minoxidil is known to be a great medication to grow hair naturally and helps the scalp to get healthy. 

      Now that people have started experimenting with it on the beard they have some results that may shock you. Minoxidil is tested by the FDA as a safe alternative for the scalp but it is still unclear if it is safe for people to use it on their face to grow a better beard. But irrespective of that many people have used it in their day to day life and seen some great effects on their beard growth.

      Minoxidil for your scalp may take up to 3 months to give you a significant result, whereas the blood vessels on your face are already much larger than the ones on your scalp so this makes the process of Minoxidil even simpler. 

      People that have used Minoxidil for beard have claimed that it works at a much faster pace and that is because of the vessels in our face that are much more enlarged and they expand even more with Minoxidil solution making the Hair grow at a better speed.

      Beard Oil vs Beard Growth Serum

      There is only one difference between beard oil and beard growth serum. While oil helps in hydrating and moisturizing your beard hair and skin beneath it, growth serum helps in growing your beard thicker. You might go for a beard growth serum if you have a scraggly or patchy beard. 

      If you want to purchase products to grow a healthy and nourishes beard, then you can visit our Mars by GHC website.

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