Argan Oil for Hair Growth

 argan oil for hair growth

What Exactly Is Argan Oil? 

 The advantages of argan oil for hair 

Take Away

Argan oil is derived organically from the kernels of Moroccan argan trees. Moroccan oil is another name for it. Fatty acids, squalene, carotenes, protein, tocopherols, and nourishing characteristics are all important for hair growth and development. The oil comes from a nut-like fruit with a tough outer shell.

 To extract 10 ml of argan oil, a large number of nuts are required. As a result, the oil is often offered at a premium price in the market and is produced by a few numbers of recognised companies. The fatty acids included in argan oil are broken down as follows. 

  • oleic acid, 43-48 percent 
  • Linoleic acid in the range of 34% to 36% 
  • E vitamin 

The Advantages of Argan Oil for Hair 

  1. Shampoo with argan oil

Argan oil is commonly present in most shampoos, and it can aid in hair growth and shine restoration. In general, external factors cause your hair to become damaged, and argan oil should be used to repair it. So, take some shampoo and mix with some argan oil to boost hair development. Combine the ingredients and use on a regular basis. 

  1. Curd and argan oil

Argan oil and curd used together can help maintain your hair silky, soft, and supple. Argan oil is rich in fatty acids, which not only nourish but also stimulate hair growth. Curd contains enzymes that cleanse the scalp and encourage hair growth. Combine one cup of yoghurt with a few drops of argan oil. Combine the ingredients and apply to the scalp. Later, rinse with cold water. 

  1. Treatment with argan oil and olive oil

You can use argan oil in conjunction with olive oil to promote hair development and prevent hair loss. Olive oil is high in vital fatty acids and antioxidants, which build a protective coating on the hair and prevent damage. Argan oil can help to reduce hair loss and encourage hair growth. Combine 3 tablespoons of argan oil with 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Combine the ingredients and apply to the scalp. Allow it to sit overnight before washing it off in the morning. 

  1. Hair massage with argan oil

Another simple and efficient technique to treat hair growth is to massage it with argan oil. Massage your hair with argan oil to ensure that it absorbs the majority of the nutrients, thereby strengthening the hair roots. Heat a tablespoon of argan oil. Massage warm argan oil onto your scalp and keep it on overnight. Using lukewarm water, rinse. 

  1. Hair mask with avocado and argan oil

Another fantastic approach to boost hair development is to use an avocado and argan oil hair mask. Both avocado and argan oil contain fatty acids and proteins that help to build hair follicles and prevent hair loss. This protein-rich hair mask can help you achieve moisturised, supple, and silky hair. Add some argan oil to one mashed avocado. Apply the hair mask and then rinse it out with cold water. 

  1. Apply argan oil to hair before style.

Argan oil should always be applied before style your hair to prevent heat damage. Apply pure argan oil to your hair and comb it through. This will keep your hair from frizzing and causing damage. This solution is fantastic for preventing hair damage caused by styling equipment. 

  1. Leave-in conditioner with argan oil

Argan oil is a wonderful leave-in conditioner that can supply your hair with a variety of benefits. Argan oil has conditioning characteristics that can leave your hair feeling soft, bouncy, and shiny. Argan oil should be used if you have greasy, limp, dry, or damaged hair. Apply a teeny-tiny amount of pure argan oil to your hair. To have healthy hair, comb it thoroughly. 

Argan oil is a magical concoction. It moisturises the scalp and adds moisture to the hair. It provides texture and softens the hair without drying it out. As a leave-in conditioner, it works best. Frizzy hair, split ends, thin hair, and hair loss are all repaired. It's also excellent for hair that's been subjected to a lot of heat and treatment. 

  1. Conditions the Hair

Argan oil is a popular oil that is made from the kernels of the argan tree. It can be used as a skin and hair softener, moisturiser, and natural hydrator. 

Argan oil is high in vitamin E and fatty acids, which can assist to improve the appearance of your skin and hair. Argan oil is well-known for its skin advantages, but did you know that it is also beneficial to your hair? Yes, argan oil is great for hair growth, and we'll show you how to apply it here.  

  1. Hair Growth Stimulator

Argan oil should be massaged into the scalp with your fingers. The massage's circular motions assist in blood circulation regulation. The fast blood flow to the scalp encourages hair root growth. This helps to prevent hair loss and promotes hair root thickening. Within two to three weeks, it also gives length to the hair lock. 

  1. Dandruff removal

The scalp and hair roots are exfoliated using argan oil. It gets rid of dandruff, filth, grime, and other particles that collect on the scalp. Because the oil is anti-inflammatory, it automatically kills microorganisms, combats dandruff, and protects the scalp from future harm. 

Take Away

Argan oil helps hydrate your hair and scalp while also protecting it from harm. Argan oil may help prevent hair loss by minimizing breakage and split ends and keeping your scalp healthy, resulting in thicker, fuller hair. 

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