Almond oil benefits for hair growth

Almond oil for hair

Almond oil for hair 

Almonds are one of the best nuts that you must consume on a daily basis, it is also often referred to as the king of nuts. Almonds are enriched with healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. 

 Almond oil is extracted from almonds and is a powerhouse for your skin, hair, and nails. Almonds are the most widely grown crop, they were first cultivated in the middle east, and there on the entire world has been a fan of almonds. 

Consuming almonds every day is good for the body and mind, it works best for people who might have a weak memory. There are two types of Almond oil, the first type is obtained simply by pressing the nuts and is called the unrefined Almond oil, it is the purest form of almond oil as it carries all the natural nutrients and the original flavor. On the other hand, we have refined Almond oil which is obtained by heating and chemically treating unrefined Almond oil, this oil has fewer nutrients according to the natural one. 

The benefits of almond oil are not only limited to the scalp but it is also a great product for your face and body.


Almond oil is extremely nourishing and will provide your scalp with enough hydration. You can heat up some almond oil and massage it in your scalp gently. This will also help in increasing blood flow in your scalp. Almond oil is also a good source of antioxidants. Here are some of the benefits of almond oil for hair. 

Reduces flaking and itching 

One of the most common hair problems we all face is the build-up of dead cells in our scalp which ends up making it flaky and itchy.

As we mentioned almond oil is highly nourishing and helps in preventing and treating issues of a dry scalp such as seborrheic dermatitis and scalp psoriasis. Almond oil soothes the scalp skin with regular use you can get rid of an itchy scalp. Almond oil works as a scrubber for your scalp it’s emollient properties remove all the dead cells and unclogs the pores making it a better environment for the new follicles.

Promotes hair growth

Our hair strands are 80% constructed by protein aka keratin. Biotin is a very rich source of protein and becomes an incredibly important part of healthy hair. 

Almond Oil is a rich source of Biotin, massaging your scalp with almond oil is like bathing them in Biotin. If you are suffering from thinning of hair then Almond oil is the best product, the high levels of biotin in the oil will help in reducing the thinning of hair. Most people rely on biotin supplements but if you want to for a natural product then Almond oil is the one for you. 

Softens and conditions 

If you have dull or damaged hair because of the regular application of chemicals then do not worry. Almond oil will help you in softening your hair and will make it easier to manage and handle. 

Almond oil penetrated into your scalp at the cellular level treating the issues from within. It also helps in treating the overall texture of the hair not only externally but also internally.

Strengthens and repairs hair

Almond oil is enriched with oleic acid and linoleic acid that help in improving the resilience of the hair. Almond oil is also a rich source of Vitamin E and antioxidants which helps in calming your environmental stress. A good massage with almond oil can make you feel 10 times better and can help you get rid of tension and stress that might be holding you down.


Almond oil is an all-rounder, it can be used in a lot of ways and has endless benefits. Here are some of the benefits it can have on your face and body.

Moisturizer for skin 

If you come from a dry skin family then hello, almond oil is the best moisturizer for you. You can also add the essential oil of your choice to your almond oil and apply it to your skin. 

Almond oil will not sit too heavy on your skin, it is not too greasy so do not worry, if you are from an oily skin family then no no this is not the product for you. 

Helps in lightening your scars and marks 

Almond oil is enriched with zinc which makes it a great product for acne scars and marks. Almond oil is also advised to pregnant women as it works well on stretch marks. If you are pregnant and want to use a natural product then almond oil is the one to go for.

Start using almond oil on your stretch marks in the last days of your first trimester. 

Reduces puffiness 

If you get a puffy face in the morning especially near your eye region then try using Almond oil. The anti-inflammatory properties of almond oil help in calming down your face. Almond oil also is a natural source of retinol, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K that soothes the skin and also helps in reducing fine lines.

Body massage

Almond oil mixed with a few essential oils can take you on a ride. Next time you get a body massage make sure you ask the person to use almond oil. With excellent nourishing properties, almond oil can penetrate deep into your skin and rejuvenate your skin texture. 

Almond oil also works as aromatherapy and will help you relax and vent out all the build-up tension. 

Take Away 

We all are aware of the wonderful benefits of eating almonds and using almond oil. Almond milk has also gained a lot of popularity over the years for being plant-based and vegan. We hope this article has been of help to you, do try switching to almond oil the next time you need extra hydration. 

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