All About Post Masturbation Guilt
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All About Post Masturbation Guilt

Post Masturbation Guilt


The self-satisfaction or pleasure composed by one's own genitals is called masturbation. It involves extreme interference with one's own self that would also cost extreme one's own energy. The energy stimulation expelled during masturbation impacts both mental and physical behavior. The self-psychological erotic stimulation to observe orgasm to the one own body by one own self is called masturbation.

A man masturbates his genitals with the help of his hands whereas a woman masturbates her genitals with fingers. As the matter of fact, a woman goes precise and deep to the point of grooming her genitals to the orgasm called sexual pleasure.

Post-Masturbation Guilt

Even though there are no scientifically proven adverse effects caused by masturbation in the matter of mental and physical health, most people suffer from psychological disaster right after masturbation which is called post-masturbation guilt. This guilt is only an accumulation of an uncoordinated or non-understood nervous system of one's own self. There are various factors that can demotivate a person right after masturbation right from calories to thoughts. 


Masturbation means self-manipulation to sexual activity. In general, manipulation means convincing something or someone with a true or false observation. However, a man when masturbates himself with hands put over the genitals, there is a guilty conscience consisted of the same heart or mind where the thought of masturbating is prevailing that somehow the person realizes how to manipulate the nature exists in two ways, to masturbate and not to masturbate. The generally addicted to pleasure behavior most probably put into self sexual stimulations. Once the orgasm is reached, a subtle mind would enjoy the pleasure of peace whereas a disturbed mind or programmed mind would simply compel to struggle itself to be manipulated to the sexual nature already presiding in the body.

Non-penetrative sex

Masturbation could be simply considered as non-penetrative sex for neither vagina nor anus on masturbation see penis inserted into their cavities nor penis on masturbation would feel the tightened insertion into the vaginal or anal cavity walls. This difference may entertain the mind but the genitals would still feel the lack of accompanying genitals. Thus, the post masturbation guilt could be run over by the pity on genitals.

Religious morals

Whichever religious temple you go to or whatever religious book you study, it generally speaks out sex as sin and masturbation as utmost worse for the sexually pleasured person would already see the goodness in own self rather than going to temple and look at the idol. Of course, pregnancy is the result of sex that brings enormous pain during delivery to the woman that bears. From in pregnancy perspective, sex is called sin and masturbation is a nervous wreck for an instinct capable of reproduction is stimulated in one own self.

However, to bear the pain and pleasure of masturbation is one's own interest and understanding. The problem comes only when the religious morals interfere in the mind right after orgasm stimulated through masturbation. As the matter of fact, sex is a wild activity, and never feel it as human.

Spiritual solidarity

A man or a woman who walks alone seems a little spiritual. As usual, a man or a woman who engages in self-activity all alone with an intense check of self behavior during the course does make them go into their spiritualities. Sex is an intense activity and masturbation is simply self-sex which activates self-check. This self-check on giving up becomes an irrespective dilemma in the body motion and mind thoughts that wrecks one's own spirituality to self solidarity, too. This self solidarity is the worst post masturbation guilt.

Heinous and Hideous

We don't know about ancient times but the civilization had named masturbation as a sin or a heinous crime. The name given to self-pleasure has brought a guilty conscience in the societal perspective that every human being consists of both individual perspective and societal look over. Post masturbation guilt occurs when the societal perspective ruins the individual perspective. This guilt or guilty conscience or the fear of guilt or the fear to feel guilty in society make masturbation an extremely hideous act that one feels during and right after self-activity. 

Mental disturbance

The self-satisfaction or pleasure engaged in the orgasm expelled out of self-sexual stimulation is extremely addictive gameplay. Thus, one would look after frequent masturbation which would take over time. The feeling of wasting time and energy over self-satisfaction and still acting in nature due to addiction makes the person feel mentally disturbed. This mental disturbance or the feeling of the presence of mental disturbance would commonly lead to post masturbation guilt.

Self-abuse and Self-pollution

Masturbation involves imagination. One imagines some other deep down into the mind that the one's own character could be diluted to the impulsive imaginary mind contrast that leads to self-pollution. Thriving for someone else, that too one self-satisfaction, would generally lead to the feeling of self-abuse. 

Take Away 

Energy loss in the stimulation of self sexual pleasure is the only real-time effect after masturbation. Every other thought and mind prevalence or the guilty conscience post masturbation is just imagination or illusion. The guilt evolved over the loss of energy through the nervous system, muscular body and genital organs due to masturbation is the only considerable post masturbation guilt.