8 Ways to Improve Sleep Hygiene

Ways to Improve Sleep

Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is nothing more than a healthy sleeping schedule that you must adapt to for a healthy lifestyle. Sleep is one of the most important things for our well-being, we humans need enough rest so that our body is ready for more tasks. 

We need at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep to wake up fresh the next day and conduct all important tasks, our body needs sleep for digestion, if you are hurt then your body needs sleep to work on the wounds, if you are going through a stressful time in your life then you need sleep to keep your body and mind calm. 

A lot of people do not give their body and mind enough rest, this could lead to vague memory, reduce concentration, and can add more to your stress. Today we will be sharing some of the ways in which you can improve your sleep hygiene. 

8 Ways To Improve Sleep Hygiene

A full night’s rest can make or break the next morning, if you are well rested you wake up fresh and can take up any forthcoming task, however, if you wake up with a half complete sleep then you might feel lethargic and lack energy all throughout the day. Here are 8 ways in which you can improve your sleep hygiene and wake up cheerful each morning. 

Buy a comfortable Mattress 

This is an investment you will certainly not regret, Mattresses can be a bit overpriced but this is one step forward towards healthy sleep. You need a soft yet comfortable mattress of your choice, we would suggest you try different brands before settling for one. While you are at it, also invest in comfortable pillows as they will keep your neck and shoulder at ease all night.

Work on your Sleep schedule 

We understand that young entrepreneurs do not have much time to spare to sleep as they believe, ‘sleep is for the weak’, but trust us when we say it's better to be weak and sleep right on time than being weak for all your old age. Sleeping calms your body and mind which is a must after a whole day back and forth with work and deadlines.

Set an ideal time to sleep according to your working hours so you do get 6-8 hours of healthy sleep without any disturbance, you can also take power naps in between as they help retain memory. 

Exercise Everyday 

If you have problems sleeping or you wake up a lot of times between your sleep then you need to exercise every day, this will make your body work, burn some calories, and will tire your body. A tired body sleeps well and for longer, your sleep will not break in the middle of the night and you will wake up bright and early after a Good Night's sleep.

Avoid consuming Caffeine late at night  

Say no to Coffee after 6 pm, Caffeine tends to keep you up late at night. Many of us have tried coffee therapy when we have an important exam or presentation the next day and we want to work late at night. This should, however, not become a daily routine as it does make you sluggish and tired the next day, so avoid having coffee late at night.

Don't use your phone before sleeping 

Another big mistake almost all of us out there might be making. Keep your phones down one hour before you go to sleep, try building better bedtime habits, your eyes are sensitive and the Blue light from the screen can be most effective before you hit the bed.

Eat a light Dinner 

It is important to eat light at night so your body can easily digest the food while you are sleeping. Eating heavily at night tends to make your body work extra, and sometimes you might wake up tired instead of feeling energized and relaxed. This happens because your body was putting in extra effort in digesting the food which was supposed to be the source of energy for you.

Avoid Taking Naps 

A lot of people are in the habit of taking afternoon naps which is natural but it can highly disturb your night-time sleeping schedule. If you feel lethargic after eating food then you must set your alarm and sleep only for half an hour. Anything more than that will keep you up at night. 

Manage Your Stress

People often are unable to sleep because they are stressed. To avoid this you can keep a journal beside your bed, write down your feelings in it before going to bed. This will help you sleep with a calm mind. You can also listen to meditation music to de-stress. 

Take Away 

Sleep is an important aspect to keep your body and mind healthy, make sure you are getting enough sleep every day. We hope you liked the 8 ways in which you can improve your sleep hygiene, do follow them and we assure you that you will see a huge difference in your life. 

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