8 Tips for great honeymoon sex

Honeymoon sex

Honeymoon sex

Honeymoon sex is the sex that is so special and occupied in the participating couple's minds. The difference between normal sex and honeymoon sex can be explained in three-four points.

A honeymoon is an intimacy that has a feeling or atmosphere of closeness and openness towards the partner, not necessarily involving sexuality. The sexuality can also be shared but on longer days of staying together if the persons engaging in the marital affair are introverted. Most extroverts indulge in sexual activity right off the first day. Few couples shy off to nudity for the greater Intimacy. Others damage themselves, right on the day.

You know what honey tastes like. You also know how the moon looks and feels. The moon is the coolest and lovely sunlight found on the Earth. This moonlight generates love and comfort on the reflection over the skin. The generated love when shared with one another, creates honey-like tasted moments. The one who shares the reflection of the moon is definitely sustained to possess another person's reflection, too.

Honeymoon is automatically generated by the way one wants during the coupling time. They were freshly married and sent onto the world only to experience the new phase in life with extraordinary ease and attention followed by a strange passion for somebody closely attached.

Tips for great honeymoon sex

Give the maximum possible time which is called the honeymoon phase

As a honeymoon is a one-time opportunity in a lifetime, that too, with the newly joined life partner that the intimacy is still struggling with is the sexiest lifetime that one can go completely mad about life's goodness. Therefore, it is better to spend a maximum number of days on it.

The days spent for honeymoon sex as a whole is called the honeymoon phase. 

The honeymoon phase all depends on the couple and their bonding. Few couples feel it to the time they went out on a trip right after marriage for a namesake. It can last barely a week or two. Whereas, there are couples found on the Earth who are so immense to each other that they feel the honeymoon phase forever. In general, the average couple enjoys it for two years. Most couples lose interest in their own good when they have children. Most couples get pregnant during the honeymoon phase.

Look at the world map

Honeymoon is a lifetime experience and it feels great how it is treated by the partner from either side of the couple. A couple is suggested to look out for a worldwide map and figure out at least three to four different country locations if the couple has a good amount to spend.

Learn about the destination spots way earlier only

Don't get confused in front of your partner without proper knowledge of the location you're going to. Also, if you don't know, don't become foolish acting as if you know. It becomes even worse.

Be apt and appropriate

Discuss all expectations with your spouse before you leave for a destination vacation that composes budget, intimacy, activities, etc. This totally prevents miscommunication & hurt feelings.

Do not compromise on food

As you go out of your town, there are two major things that concern you in regards to food.

The first thing is if the food available there is going to satisfy your food habitat. The second thing is if you're in a proper understanding of the newly arrived partner's diet.

Create a meal plan and buy your own groceries (right when you arrive)! This prevents unnecessary trips to fast food and gives you an activity to do with your spouse! Of course, you can go out to eat some of the days, but be sure to plan those into your budget!

Plan photo sessions

A honeymoon is a lifetime memory. One must save it in photo captures. Plan a better-decorated photoshoot one or two at least in the whole time period of the honeymoon phase.

Be generous in the daylight and become wild in the moonlight

You're all alone enjoying a place far from your city or town. You have your full privacy. You have your own individual privacy. You can show your true feelings. In such a way, both be romantic and wild in sex during the time.

Your generosity satisfies her heart whereas your wilderness satisfies her body.

Expect pregnancy as the sweet gift from honeymoon sex

Be sure of working out for pregnancy as a sweet memory of honeymoon sex. It would also seem good news to the family members waiting at home.

Take Away 

Honeymoon sex is the ultimate time course. Maintain your anxieties and curiosities to her margin. If the partners find themselves on the same wavelength, there is no stopping only.

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