8 Things you should never apply on your face

Things not to apply on face

Things you should never apply on face

As much as the internet helps us to reach out to our loved ones and gives us information about anything and everything within seconds there are some things that you might need to refrain from. 

The internet is a free space where people can share their suggestions about products that they liked or disliked, things that worked for them, however, do not blindly try out anything on your skin. Our skin is very sensitive and can have a bad reaction to such internet suggestions. 

Today we will be sharing some of the things that you should never apply to your face, we hope that you will take this with utmost seriousness.

8 Things You Should Not Apply To Your Face 

As we mentioned that our skin is very sensitive and you should only apply products or ingredients that you know are safe to use. Here are some of the things that you should not apply to your face. 

1) Paraben 

A lot of the products that we use like foundation, bb creams, shampoo, lotions, and other skincare items often contain paraben as an ingredient. This is a very harmful chemical that can cause hormonal imbalance by influencing the estrogen levels in our bodies. A lot of people have had a serious allergic reaction due to the paraben content in their skincare, this can cause itchiness and red rashes. It is advised to always look for products that are paraben-free.

2) Lemon 

We all know lemon is enriched with Vitamin C and is good for our health. But if you have ever thought of applying raw lemon slices or lemon juice on your face then hold that thought right there as you may cause more harm to your skin than any good. Psoralen is a chemical that is commonly found in lemon, this makes your skin sensitive to light, so, going out after using lemon, may irritate your skin. So, we advise you not to use lemon slices or lemon juice directly to your skin, you can always use it diluted or mixed with other ingredients.

3) Toothpaste 

Okay, we know this might come as a shocker for a lot of people as toothpaste has been used as a popular DIY for blackheads and zits. But recent research has proven that using toothpaste on your pimples can lead to burns and can also lead to infections. You are mostly unaware of the ingredients in your toothpaste so this already sounds like a huge risk, we would advise our users to refrain from using toothpaste on their zits and pimples.

4) Glue 

A few years back a new trend started where people used glue to remove blackheads, while it was a huge hoax the trend caught some serious attention. Using glue to remove blackheads is one of the worst DIY you can do to your skin. We do not recommend putting your face through the glue that might be made with toxins, even a non-toxic glue can clog your skin pores and damage the skin tissue. 

5) Bar-soap 

Using a bar-soap that has already been used to take a bath is not recommended to be anywhere near your skin. We advise that you use a face wash to cleanse your face to remove the dirt and excessive oil. Bar soaps remove the natural oils from your skin and make it dry, rough, and even itchy, most of the bar soaps are kept out in the open which means they may already be infected with bacteria and germs. 

6) Expired sunscreen 

Every product has an expiry date and you should not use any product once they have expired. Many people keep their sunscreen packed for the next year but they do not realize that it might expire by that time. Many people use expired products without checking their dates. This will neither protect nor benefit your skin, in fact, an expired product can cause allergic reactions. So be aware and always check your products before using them. 

7) Wax 

Using your ordinary body wax on the face can be very harmful, if you prefer waxing your face then you can use a facial wax that is much more gentle on your skin and will not irritate it. 

8) Body lotion 

We have to admit we all have done this at least once, if we ever run out of our face cream then we do end up using our body lotion on our face which is not a great option. A body lotion is thicker in density and greasier, its oily texture can clog facial skin pores and cause an acne breakout, this can also have an allergic reaction to our face. 

Take Away

Using the internet to find helpful information is great but stay away from any erratic suggestion that it might like to make. Our skin is very sensitive and we need to take proper care of it, we hope you liked the information we shared above. Do not use these products on your skin. 

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