8 Healthy snacks for holi

Holi snacks


Holi is a colorful event! Noone will stop you from painting the town red, yellow, pink, or even blue. This is the only day of the year when you may irritate folks with colors, water balloons, and delicious Holi delicacies. It's a well-known fact that Holi festival celebrations are never complete before indulging in some delectable healthy snacks. It doesn't matter if it's the celebratory Gujiyas, the soul-warming Thandais, or typical Indian snacks like samosas, dahi vadas, and so on. Everything contributes to the celebratory atmosphere. These Holi foods, on the other hand, might put a major hole in your fitness routine. Prepare this snack if you are on a weight loss regime but still want to enjoy the snacks, They may taste exquisite, but the final verdict could cost us love handles we can't bear!

  1. Baked gujiya 

This Holi, opting for the baked variant of the fried delicacy known as Gujiya is a better option. It won't change the flavor of the food, but it will make it healthier. You can even fill it with caramelized apples and other fruit-based choices to make it even more enjoyable. This or that, you won't need to spend any additional time in the gym after obtaining this. You can also unwind when it comes to this recipe. It's not only softer and more delicious, but it's also devoid of Khoya and sugar. This avatar can also be kept for a longer amount of time.

2. Moong dal dahi vada

Moong Dal Dahi Vadas are a non-fried version of the most famous street snack. It's simple to prepare and much simpler to digest than a meal that's ideal for a post-holi snack. It may take an overnight prep, but the end result will be delicious and tangy. Not only did the usage of moong dal rescue us from a whole day of regret, but the addition of low-fat curd made the delicacy even more difficult to resist without adding to our guilt.

3. Almond milk thandai

If you know what I mean, no Holi party is complete without some unique Holi Thandai. However, getting high on this delicious treat isn't exactly healthy. It's fine to have some fun, but not at the expense of your hard-won fitness routine. Instead, focus on the enjoyable aspects of it and eliminate the fat and fab. Use sugar substitutes like honey, jaggery, or maple syrup in place of the sugar in the recipe, almond milk providing protein and vitamin E, and poppy seeds as the main ingredient.

4. Healthy malpuas

A popular Indian delicacy has been transformed into a gluten-free, fiber-rich oat flour. This recipe will save your life if the notion of Malpuas is causing you worry about that fitness resolution. It's fairly easy to make and tastes just like the original. Use soy or almond milk instead of conventional milk, and serve the delectable Malpuas over Halwa or Rabri to keep the Holi holiday healthy and enjoyable.

5. Healthy pan shot

A stunning climax is required for a Holi feast. And that's it for Pan Shot. Pan is already well-known for its anti-aging and digestive properties. Furthermore, it is high in antioxidants. It's the ideal way to round off an ideal festival. Despite the fact that restaurants sell pan shots with ice cream, which adds more calories than fun, we prefer this easy recipe because it is healthier and tastes the very same. Secret? Coconut milk, of course! You can thank us later if you try this recipe.

6. Baked namak para

Namak Para is a perennial favorite among Holi enthusiasts around the country. Many would agree with me that, if nothing else, a beautiful cup of tea and some Namak Paare after already being completely immersed in the atmosphere of this festival of colors is a soulful joy. However, this seasonal treat comes at a cost. A few of them can do a lot of damage to your body sculpting regimen. So, if you really must have these, the baked form is ideal. These Namak Paras are healthier, tastier, and last longer than their deep-fried cousins.

7. Oats idli

Throughout the year, many look forward to Holi breakfast. And it's so lovely to start the day with deep-fried goodness. No? Instead, let's start the day with Oats, a high-fiber substitute to rice and lentils that provides a tasty and nutritious breakfast for such an event. Follow Shilpa Shetty's recipe, add some nuts and veggies to the mix, and enjoy the tasty change!

8. Unfried samosa

What's more delicious than samosas? Made with whole wheat flour with the deliciousness of potato salad and peas masala, this version is healthier. This chai-time snack is a favorite dish offered in every household on festival days, whether guests are present or not. Especially the bright one! It's the only desi food that will give you the joy and strength to enjoy the entire day after you've spent all your energy shooting water canons at strangers.

Take Away

Holi is a festival of colors, there are various foods and drinks associated with this festival as well. This season, let us take a conscious step and move towards a healthy lifestyle. Let’s Indulge in healthy Indian snacks and celebrate the culture of the festival.

Happy Holi 2022!.

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