8 Health Benefits of Guava

Guava for weight loss

Guava Fruit Health Benefits 

Guava trees are native to The Americas and are tropical plants. 

Their fruits are elliptical in shape and have a bright green or yellow exterior with edible seeds inside. Guava leaves are also used as a herbal tea, and the extract of leaves is taken as a supplement. 

Antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, plus fibre are abundant in guava fruits. Because of their high vitamin content, they give numerous health benefits. 

Here are eight medical benefits of guava fresh leaves that have been scientifically proven.  

  1. It has the potential to help reduce blood sugar levels

Guava has been demonstrated in several trials to assist with blood sugar control. 

Guava leaf extract improved blood glucose levels, long-term control of diabetes, and insulin resistance in several test-tube and animal experiments. 

This is fantastic news for anyone living with or at risk of acquiring diabetes. A few studies in humans have shown promising results. 

In one study, 19 people who drank guava leaf tea after a meal saw their blood sugar levels drop. It was said that the effects could last longer than one hour. 

Another study indicated that drinking guava leaf tea decreased blood sugar levels after just a meal by more than 10% in 20 patients with type 2 diabetes. 

  1. It has the potential to be beneficial to one's heart health

Guavas can be beneficial to your heart in a variety of ways. 

Many experts claim that the strong antioxidant and nutrient content of guava leaves can help keep your heart healthy from damage caused by free radicals. 

Guavas' greater potassium and soluble fiber content are thought to contribute to better heart health. 

Guava leaf extract has been linked to lower blood pressure, lower levels of "poor" LDL cholesterol, and higher levels of "good" HDL cholesterol. 

Guava leaf extract could give significant benefits because excessive blood hypertension and high LDL cholesterol levels are linked to an elevated risk and stroke. 

In addition, the fruit may be good for your heart. 

In a 12-week trial of 120 adults, consuming ripe guava prior to mealtime resulted in an overall drop in blood pressure of 8–9 points, a decrease in cholesterol level of 9.9%, and an increase in "good" HDL cholesterol of 8%. 

This impact has been shown in a number of additional investigations. 

  1. May Assist in the Relief of Menstrual Pain

Many women suffer from dysmenorrhea, which is characterised by severe menstrual symptoms such as stomach pains. 

On the other side, guava leaf extract has been demonstrated to reduce the severity of menstrual cramps. Intestinal health may also benefit from leaf extract. 

In research of 197 women with painful symptoms, it was discovered that ingesting 6 mg of guava leaf extract daily lowered pain severity. It seems to be more potent than certain pain relievers. 

Guava leaf extract may also help with uterine pain alleviation. 

  1. It Has the Potential to Benefit Your Digestive System

Guavas are a good source of fibre in the diet because they are high in it. 

As a result, eating additional guavas may help keep your bowel movements regular and prevent constipation. 

One guava can supply up to 12% of your necessary daily fibre intake. Intestinal health may also benefit from leaf extract. It has been shown in studies to lower the severity and length of diarrhoea. 

Several studies have discovered that guava leaf extract is antimicrobial. This implies it can prevent diarrhoea by neutralising dangerous microorganisms in your intestines. 

  1. It's possible that it'll help you lose weight

Guavas are a healthy weight-loss food. They are a delicious, low-calorie snack with only 37 calories per fruit and 12 percent of your necessary daily fibre intake. 

They're rich with vitamins and minerals, unlike certain low-calorie snacks, so you're not missing out on essential nutrients. 

  1. Has the potential to be anti-cancer

Anticancer properties have been discovered in guava leaf extract. Guava extract has been shown in test tubes and animals to slow or stop the growth of cancerous cells. 

This is most likely due to the high quantities of strong antioxidants that protect free radicals, one of the main causal factors, from destroying cells. 

In a test tube study, guava leaf oil is known for being four times significantly more efficient than certain cancer treatments at stopping cancer cell development. 

Although test-tube results are promising, this does not imply that guava leaf extract can benefit people with cancer. More research is needed before any judgments can be formed. 

  1. It might be able to help you boost your immunity

A lack of vitamin C has been linked to a higher risk of viruses and bacteria. 

Guavas are one of the richest food sources of vitamin C, so they're a great way to acquire it. In fact, one guava has roughly twice as much vitamin C as the daily recommended amount (RDI). This is nearly double the amount you'd get from one orange. 

Vitamin C is essential for keeping a healthy immune response. Although vitamin C has not been proven to cure the common cold, it has been demonstrated to shorten the duration of a cold. 

It also has antibacterial properties. This implies it aids in the elimination of harmful bacteria that might cause infections. Because vitamin C is rapidly flushed from your body, it's critical to receive enough during your diet on a regular basis. 

Take Away 

Guavas are a fruit that is both delicious and nutritious. This low-calorie, high-fibre tropical fruit is a terrific way to add diversity to your diet. Guava leaf extracts, which are sold as dietary supplements, were also demonstrated in several studies to provide a variety of health benefits. Guava fruit and leaf extracts, taken together, may improve your cardiovascular health, digestion, and immune response, among other things. 

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