7 Methods to keep hair moisturised and hydrated
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7 Methods to keep hair moisturised and hydrated

Ways to keep hair moisturised & hydrated

Why is Hair Nourishment Important? 

There are different ways to keep your hair moisturised and hydrated at all times. Eating right is the first way to keep your hair strong.

Proteins that directly enter the bloodstream play a vital role in good hair. It helps strengthen and support the roots of the hair.  Eat foods such as lentils, which contain protein to keep your hair nourished.

The antioxidants contained in magnesium-rich foods will help provide your scalp with nourishment. Magnesium for healthy hair can be found in avocados, fish and beans among others.

Zinc, an important mineral for healthy skin, can be found in meat and eggs.

Talking about hair nourishment, you should also consider taking a supplement that will improve hair growth and metabolism. Proper blood circulation is necessary for every organ in your body.

As essential as it is to keep your skin moisturised, don’t you think it is equally important to keep your hair well hydrated? It is because hair from the inside out is made up of 92% water. And when it comes to drinking sufficient water, we need to hydrate both our skin and hair. So, how can you keep your hair moisturised at all times? The first step in doing that is by checking whether your hair is even lacking moisture.

The answer can be found in your hair ends that tend to get dry and frizzy especially during the winter season. You may apply products like conditioners or oil-based moisturizers and still not find the right solution. The reason being that these products are only meant for the surface of the hair and will not help much in getting the moisture deep inside.

What you need is something that can go through the hair shaft from the roots till the end and that too without leaving any residue behind.

The winter season is around the corner and with it comes dryness and breakage. By drinking enough water and taking care of your hair on a daily basis you can keep your hair looking healthy and strong all year round.

7 Effective Methods to Keep Hair Moisturised and Hydrated

You can enhance the natural oils in your hair and scalp by doing the following:

  1. Oil your hair once a week

Boil the water. Make sure it is not too hot or else it will not be beneficial for your hair. Wet your hair thoroughly. Pour a little bit of boiled water on your scalp and gently massage it using circular movements. Brush your scalp to remove the dead skin cells, dandruff and other pollutants that get trapped in your hair. After massaging your scalp with the boiled water, let it sit for a few minutes. Then rinse it off with some cool water.

  1. Do not forget to apply conditioner

Conditioning your hair can instantly help you get rid of dry hair strands. So, next time you think about washing off all the hair products that you’ve just put in, make sure you leave the conditioner on for long enough. If you’re not sure how long is needed, refer to the label instructions and keep it on for at least 5 minutes – yes 5 minutes! Put your phone on silent, stop checking social media and just let your hair sit there enjoying all that moisture.

  1. Regular trimming

Regular trimming can help in getting rid of split ends that are the result of dry and damaged hair. Frequent trims will keep your hair looking fresh and healthy at all times.

  1. Avoid brushing wet hair

Wet hair is vulnerable to breakage and therefore you should avoid brushing your hair just after shampooing. Always let your wet hair dry naturally and use a wide-tooth comb to gently brush and detangle your hair. 

  1. Take a break from the heat

Avoid using heating and styling hair tools frequently as too much exposure to heat can dry out your hair strands completely. 

  1. Choose an SLS-free shampoo

Avoid using shampoos that contain harsh chemicals like parabens and sulphates. These shampoos create a lot of lather but will eventually throw out the natural oil of your scalp.

  1. Eat hair-friendly foods

Foods like eggs, berries, spinach, nuts, fatty fish, avocados, sweet potatoes, etc are vital for healthy hair. They help in maintaining the pH of your scalp and provides enough water to keep your hair strands hydrated.

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Take Away

Because men have always wanted a healthy body, mind, soul & spirit, they have always taken great care of their bodies and that also includes taking proper care of their hair.

The answer to this question is simple, it is because your hair is made up of a protein that is called Keratin. Naturally found in the skin and nails, it also forms about 80% of our hair structure. It’s what gives it its strength and makes it glow… so keeping it hydrated and moisturised is key to helping it grow, stay strong and look good.