7 Exercises To Get A Sexy Back

Exercises To Get A Sexy Back

Get A Sexy Back

It doesn’t matter what you are wearing, whether it is a backless dress or a tankini at the beach, you can easily maintain a sexy structure without screaming for attention. All you need to do is to follow or include these excellent exercises in your routine that give you flaunt-worthy back. Because toning and sexy back always compliment such revealing and modern dresses.

Check out some best exercises that help you to give such a sexy back.

7 Exercises To Get A Sexy Back

  • Push- Up:

  • Push ups are one of the best and ideal exercises to tone up the arms, but the unknown fact is it also works great for reducing back fat easily. It also gives you an overall lean look as well as works on the abdominals and gives you a sexy flat stomach. 

    How To Do It:

    • Get into the plank position by placing your hands on the floor, your feet together by making a straight line from head to heel. 
    • Now, push yourself up till your hands are straight at 90 degrees and return to the starting position immediately. 
    • Do as many repetitions as you can, make sure to maintain the right posture. Always start little then slowly increase the repetitions on a regular basis.
  • Straight Leg DeadLift:

  • The dumbbell routine works on the spine, abs, glutes, and hamstring muscles that support it. 

    How To Do It:

    • Stand straight by placing feet underneath the hips and knees slightly bent. 
    • Now, slowly bend from your hips by keeping the spine aligned and hold the dumbbells close to your at arm’s length in front of your thighs.
    • Just pause when the torso is completely parallel to the floor and raise the torso again to repeat.
    • Make sure to do 15 repetitions per day.
  • Super Man:

  • This superman workout definitely makes you feel like a superman, all you need to do is just follow these simple steps to do this fun workout.

    How To Do It:

    • Lie down on the floor with face down posture and spread your arms as well as legs.
    • Now, slowly raise your head, right arm, left leg about three inches from the floor.
    • Try to hold this position for a few seconds before getting back to the starting position. Repeat the posture with the left arm and right leg.
    • Once you’re comfortable doing it, do this exercise by lifting both hands and legs at the same time. Do 8-10 repetitions of this exercise for best results on a regular basis.
  • Opposite Arm And Leg Balance:

  • Opposite arm and leg balance workout is also known as a broken table or bird dog which often uses the body’s resistance to strengthen the back and core.

    How To Do It:

    • Get down on your knees with palms and feet flat on the floor. Make sure the arms are under the shoulders and knees under the hip in absolute 90 degrees.
    • Tighten the core and raise the right arm and left leg in a straight line to activate core and back muscles.
    • Hold this position for 10 seconds and come back slowly. Now, perform the same routine with the opposite arm and leg. 
    • Do 10-15 repetitions in the beginning, then increase the repetitions once you are comfortable doing it.
  • Spine Extension:

  • This workout strengthens the back muscles and avoids back pain by counteracting the spine’s natural working position. 

    How To Do It:

    • Lie down on the floor by keeping your legs straight, toes pointed, and arms next to your sides with palms facing down.
    • Start by raising your chest, shoulders, and arms with the help of glutes and lower back muscles.
    • Make sure to keep the chin tucked in slightly towards the chest and rotate the arms as thumbs point towards the sky which adds some strength to your shoulder blades.
    • Try to hold this position for about 3 counts and get back to the starting position. Do it for 15 repetitions on a regular basis to see good results.
  • Full Body Bridge:

  • A full body bridge engages the entire body and works effectively on exercising the back.

    How To Do It:

    • Lie down on the floor or on a mat by keeping your feet flat and your legs hip-distance apart. 
    • Place your arms on the side with elbows flat on the floor. Slowly, squeeze your shoulder blades by engaging the abs and use your glutes and arms to lift your hip off the floor as high as possible.
    • Hold this position for 5-10 seconds and come back to the starting position and repeat.
  • Kneeling Rear Fly:

  • This is one of the simplest exercises to get toned and sexy back. Follow the steps shown below:

    How To Do It:

    • Take a pair of dumbbells or even a single dumbbell and sit down on the floor with bending knees.
    • Be sure to keep an alignment for your knees as well as your shoulders and the entire body in a right-angled position to the floor.
    • By taking the support of one hand, stretch out the other hand and hold it for a few seconds and make it count as 1.
    • Do it for about 15 counts and then switch your hands.

    So, incorporate all these simple workouts into your routine to get toned, beautiful and sexy back within no time.

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