6 Types of Obesity

If your weight is more than your calculated BMI aka body mass index then you are likely to be overweight.

Causes of Obesity

Obesity is the modern sickness that is deeply enrooted in our teenagers and adults, obesity invites unwanted medical issues that can cause severe harm to your body. 

Obesity is an unhealthy mindset that allows you to torment your body into extreme disastrous circumstances. If your weight is more than your calculated BMI aka body mass index then you are likely to be overweight. Obesity gradually builds up in your body. It makes you lethargic, lazy and will slowly start affecting your overall health. 

A lot of people are obese genetically but that certainly does not mean that they can not do anything to reduce their weight, sitting all day watching Tv or eating unhealthy, junk food can make you overweight. 

Causes of obesity:

  • Way of life: Undesirable eating routine. An eating regimen that is high in calories, ailing in products of sugar, oil, and refined fats, loaded with inexpensive food, and loaded down with unhealthy refreshments and larger than average proportions of food can make you overweight.

  • Liquid calories: Individuals can drink numerous calories without feeling full, particularly calories from liquor. Other fatty refreshments, like sugary soda pops, can add to huge weight gain.

  • Idleness: On the off chance that you have an inactive way of life, you can without much of a stretch take in a bigger number of calories consistently than you consume exercise and routine everyday exercises. Checking out PC, tablet, and telephone screens is an inactive movement. The number of hours spent before a screen is exceptionally connected with weight acquired.

6 Different Types of Obesity 

Obesity is a lifestyle disease and it will kill you before you know it, while obese people find it extremely hard to carry out functions that a healthy person can easily do. Constantly being tired and agitated is also a huge issue when it comes to obesity, here are the 6 types of obesity. 

  1. Food obesity

This sort of obesity is because of unfortunate hunger with maltreatment of sugar and junk food. For taking care of this issue, you simply need to change your food diet and reduce your everyday food calories. Erase the sugar of your eating routine and try to add exercise to your everyday schedule.

  1. Obesity because of stress

This kind of obesity is brought about by pressure, despondency and different issues. For the most part, people who eat inordinate desserts are impacted by this kind of fat. How do we defy this sort of obesity? The best strategy to beat this sort of obesity is controlling stress and anxiety. It is better you track down active work to eliminate your stress and anxiety. With this strategy, you can get great outcomes in your body.

  1. Gluten obesity

This sort of weight for the most part occurs for ladies who go through menopause and men who have hormonal irregularities. The best strategy to beat this sort of obesity is staying away from idleness, sitting for quite a while, smoking and drinking. 

  1. Metabolic obesity

People who are putting on weight simply or only their stomach region is gaining fat are in this classification. This is a sort of hazardous obesity in light of the fact that can influence different organs and causes breathing issues. Over weighted individuals ought to stay away from alcohol.

  1. Venous obesity

This kind of obesity is normally hereditary acquired heftiness and for the most part, occur during pregnancy and in individuals who have enlarged legs. The treatment is doing activities like strolling, climbing steps and drinking a lot of water.

  1. Obesity because of lack of movement

This obesity generally influences portions of the body that have a lot of action before. The best strategy to eliminate these fat stores is to forestall your body stay hungry for quite a while on the grounds that however much your body digestion increment, your fat will eliminate quicker.

How to Reduce Obesity?

We have mentioned above the 6 types of obesity, if you are struggling with even one of them then this section is rather essential for you. 

  1. Have an early dinner 

It is always recommended that you have an early dinner if you are planning to lose weight. Have your dinner by 7 pm. This will help your body work on those calories much faster. If you are habitual of eating late then make this conscious change. You can also have your green tea or a cup of hot water before sleeping. This will help in keeping your metabolism high. 

  1. Exercise is essential 

This goes without saying, you can not lose weight without following a proper workout routine. Exercising is essential to keep your body in motion. There are a lot of different forms of exercise available and you can choose different types of sports to keep yourself healthy and active.

You can begin by walking and gradually when you have built up your stamina you can try different types of exercises to keep yourself active and healthy. 

Take Away

Obesity is the new normal for teenagers but it is our responsibility to take care of our young ones, if your child is also facing obesity then help them. This is a serious lifestyle disease that can cause extreme complications, practice the steps we have mentioned above and get rid of obesity.

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