6 Health Benefits Of Shower Sex

Benefits Of Shower Sex

Health Benefits Of Shower Sex 

How many times have you watched on-screen actors making out in the shower and wondered to yourself, “Why on earth are they doing it?” Well, all that can be explained by the fact that shower sex is the perfect storm of sexual arousal for two people.

However, on-screen scenes just give us unrealistic expectations which can make you toxic towards your partner. So, take up doable ideas from movies and try out some effective shower sex positions with your partner.

The combination of the warm water, steam, and natural lighting make a hot and steamy environment that is not just a turn-on but arousing for both men and women.

Here Are 4 Hacks to Have More Fun During Shower Sex

Shower sex is on the rise and it is one of the most satisfying sexual experiences. While shower sex can be exciting, it is also associated with its fair share of risks. From slipping to getting electrocuted to hurting yourself or your partner, you must follow certain safety precautions before engaging in any type of shower fun.

Take a look at the different risks associated with shower sex and how to make your shower experience an exciting one.

  • Shower floors are slippery and this can lead to serious injuries if you are not careful. While standing on wet surfaces, you may end up losing your balance, which can result in head injuries, broken bones, or sprains. To avoid this, you should make use of the safety ropes that are available online or buy rubber mats that are specifically designed for showering. These mats will ensure that you get a good grip and do not slip from under your feet.
  • Buy a grab bar and attach it to your shower wall using the suction cups. Let’s be honest, your normal shower curtains are not going to help you when you need something to grab onto. Make an affordable choice and enhance your shower sex activity.
  • Lubricants are one of the most essential items for successful shower sex but one should always avoid using warm water because warm water can damage lubricants and condoms.
  • Shower sex can get boring if you have a confined space, so to spice things up, use water-proof sex toys. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that if you want to enjoy this kinky activity with your special someone, remember to be careful of where you place your toys and don’t let these toys become the reason for any injury.

Benefits of Shower Sex

Sex is not only beneficial for physical but also for mental well-being. It has many health benefits and can reduce your stress levels as well. You can get more acquainted with your partner and be able to talk about sex openly. Sex also keeps one active and enhances circulation.

      1.  Shower Sex Can Reduce Stress

To get rid of stress, sex is the best medicine. Just ask the couples who are already enjoying their married life. Having sex is not only a way to express your love to your partner but also a good way to reduce stress and tension.

  1. Shower Sex Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Research suggests there is a strong link between sex and blood pressure. Sexual intercourse can stabilize blood pressure levels and make you free from blood pressure blues.

  1. Shower Sex Can be Counted as an Exercise

Shower sex is one of the most effective kinds of exercise. Sex can burn five calories per minute. It pumps your heart rate and many of your muscles are at work during sexual activity which enhances the performance and health of your body.

  1. Shower Sex Can Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack

Good sex life is good for your heart and mental well-being. Sex helps to boost your heart rate, estrogen, and testosterone. A study reveals, having shower sex twice a week can reduce the risk of heart diseases by 50%.

  1. Shower Sex Can Reduce Pain

The best substitute for aspirin? Orgasm! I bet you had no idea but take a leap of faith and try shower sex or masturbation to achieve orgasm. The next thing you know is that you are free from pain.

  1. Shower Sex can Improve Sleep

Have you ever felt drowsy and sleepy after having sex? Well, this is because prolactin, the hormone responsible for the feelings of relaxation and sleepiness, is released after orgasm.

Oral Sex and Masturbation Under the Shower

Life is all about having fun and enjoyment, so why stop with just sex under the shower? 

How do you feel about achieving a wild orgasm by masturbating along with your partner before you set off to work? Sounds great! Isn't it?

Just reach down and kickstart your self-love journey while your partner does the same as you kiss and make out. 

Oral sex in the shower can be another fun and exciting activity as you do not have to worry about hygiene and cleanliness. It does not matter whether you are giving or receiving, it is important to utilize the grab bar while your partner squats down to do the deeds.

Take Away 

Many a time, men experience a decline in their sexual drive during some point in their life. Low libido or low sex drive is often a result of hormone problems, but can also be caused by psychological issues, stress, or medical reasons.

We at Mars By GHC provide a sexual health and wellness performance kit that can help you improve your physical performance by increasing libido and treating male sexual problems.

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