5 Ways to Make Sex More Satisfying

Ways to Make Sex More Satisfying

Tips Every Couple Should Try on How to Have better sex 

  1. Be specific about what you desire

Communication is crucial when it comes to boosting the quality and quantity of your sexual satisfaction. It's critical to communicate your relationship's demands in a broad sense, because strong communication fosters trust and keeps your connection alive. However, it is critical to explain your sexual wants to your spouse. Direct your spouse on how to please you if they aren't doing it correctly. It may appear awkward, or even as if you're hurting their feelings, but they're just trying to please you, so help them! If your partner offers you instructions, be grateful for the open, straightforward communication and follow through.  

  1. Set up check-ins

Let's face it: if your relationship is suffering/on the rocks/in a tough patch/whatever you want to call it, your sex life will suffer. Check-ins with your partner are necessary so that you can assess how your relationship is progressing. Checking in will foster open communication (like we stated) and will aid in the resolution of any issues you may be experiencing as a couple. 

You can identify solutions to difficulties that are holding your relationship back during your check-ins. If you address these issues and go forward, your emotional and sexual relationship will improve! You can schedule time to talk about your sex life during your check-ins. 

  1. Take part in the game

It's crucial to let your spouse know what you want in the bedroom (and outside of it, as well; see below...), but you can't put all the responsibility on them to make things happen! It's critical to be aware of your own sexuality in order to convey your sexual requirements to your spouse. Along those lines, when the moment comes, it's also critical to get yourself excited. Even if you think your partner is the sexiest person on the planet, they won't always be able to arouse or satisfy you on their own. Recognize what you enjoy and lend a hand every now and again. Knowing what you want is sexy, and your partner will appreciate any advice that makes sex more enjoyable for you.  

  1. Kegel exercises!

So, like everyone, you may have assumed that kegels are only for women. But you'd be mistaken! Kegel exercises can be done by both men and women because both have pelvic floor muscles, and kegels are simply exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor.

Kegels should be done on a daily basis (or at least whenever you remember) to strengthen your pelvic floor, which can lead to better sex. Kegels are convenient because they may be done anywhere and at any time! No one will notice you doing your kegels as long as you don't make any strange looks. However, you will most likely experience a boost in sexual pleasure

  1. Schedule some quality time with your partner

When life becomes too much to bear, intimacy is typically the first thing to suffer. When you have a million things on your mind and are extremely stressed out, it might be difficult to think about sex or feel desireable. When it comes to intimacy and sex, though, avoiding them during stressful times can be extremely destructive to your relationship. Even if you feel like you can't possibly fit anything else into your day, it's critical to maintain a close relationship with your partner. When you schedule intimate time with your partner, you may guarantee that your sex life isn't neglected during times of stress. 

When you're at your wit's end, having a sex schedule can offer you something to look forward to! Play into the anticipation of sex, as well as the thoughts about it afterward, by scheduling things far in advance. In this vein, planning a small stay-cation somewhere where you can entirely focus on getting intimate with your partner might be exciting. Rent a hotel room, or even go camping with the sole purpose of spending quality time together. 

  1. Remove it from the bedroom

While blocking off time in your calendar to ensure that you have some quality time together might be beneficial, don't forget how enticing spontaneity can be!! You can't always control when sexual urge comes over you, no matter how much you try to manage your emotions and everything. Sex does not have to be restricted inside the confines of a romantic bedroom set-up like we see in movies. Taking advantage of your sex desire when and where it strikes you can lead to some quite amazing sex. Outside of the bedroom, having sex may be a fun and spontaneous way to spice up your sex life. You name it: countertops, couches, and the shower. There's no need to take sex outside the house (unless that's your thing, in which case, go for it! ), but being discreet and inventive can add a fun dimension to your sex life! 

  1. Put closeness ahead of sex.

Even if your goal is to have more sex (and why wouldn't it be...), you shouldn't devote all of your energy to it. If you or your partner suffers from performance anxiety or is nervous about sex, focusing on sex can be overwhelming and even terrifying. Instead, concentrate on developing intimacy. You can achieve this by taking a sex break and focusing on activities like hugging and kissing, which will establish physical connection without going to sex. Non-sexual contact activities, such as sending messages, can also serve to improve intimacy. When the gap is ended, doing so can assist increase your emotional connection and make your sex better and more initiate! 

Take Away

Finally, talk it out with your partner to make it even more pleasant, but many couples find that opening up their relationships leads to more rewarding sex lives. By no means does this have to be a permanent opening; feel free to set limits such as a duration, a maximum number of people, or anything else that makes you feel comfortable and confident with the arrangement. Having sex with people who aren't in your relationships might occasionally help to improve your bond. It might also provide you with new ideas for when you have sex with your partner. 

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