5 Fitness Tips for a Healthier You in 2022

There are many forms of exercise that you can embrace in this new year to keep yourself trim and healthy.

Become A Better Version of Yourself in 2022

Yeah! The new year is here, with many resolutions and thoughts about positivity, health and fitness. The combination of psychological and physiological well being is the intention, which is the main motto in 2022. We know how the pandemic has affected us adversely from the past two years, covid-19 has brought many changes in our lives. 

Shifting things, being more conscious regarding health, preparing different recipes of medicines to combat the virus, being locked at home, social distancing, no handshaking, sanitizing and wearing a mask, while getting out of the house, are things which we initiated since 2020. Ironically, covid19 reciprocated us in being conscious about health and spending time with family. 

In 2021 vaccines came up and saved us all from falling prey to this deathly virus, bestowing our immunity to fight against the lethal virus. Not only this, many of the nutritionists and doctors are intriguing us with tips and guidelines to be encouraged to lead a healthy life in 2022. 

The survey has been conducted on people regarding the resolutions in 2022. From all of the resolutions, health stands in the first place. Many people are aspiring to be healthy in 2022.

5 Fitness Tips 

The following are the few steps to be entertained in our daily routine to lead a prosperous healthy life in 2022:

  1. Mental Health: Psychological health plays a prominent role in maintaining overall health. If we feel agitated and stressed, our body releases “cortisol”, “insulin” which will trigger our body and disturb our thyroid, ovarian and sleep hormones. 

Stress will secrete more stomach acid which can affect digestion and lead to different health issues. Over-thinking is the root cause of misery, which may drive us in unhealthy physiological patterns like losing interest in the daily route, loss of concentration, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. 

To abandon the above feelings, use and believe in the concept of “forgetting”. The thing, person or incident which is bothering you, just wave goodbye, forgive and make peace with your entire past. Start new in this new year, do the thing which allures you the most, it can be any hobby or work. Keep yourself engaged in positivity always.

Rules for maintaining mental health:

  • Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.
  • Follow your passion.
  • Don't over-think
  • Forget and forgive
  • Listen to music
  • Meditate
  • Eat right
  • Exercise and yoga
  • Good sleep
  1. Eat Right: Don’t jeopardise your health by eating unhealthy, junky, sugared and processed. Resolve this year to ingest healthy and tasty food which is power-packed with fit nutrition. Start your day with a rich amount of protein in the breakfast, including nuts, eggs-omelette, greek yogurt, protein shakes. Cut down the sugar, because it may increase the blood sugar level and cause diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. Replace red meat with plant-based nutrients, which can improve your health, skin and hair condition. If you’re the one who doesn't know the benefits of drinking water in the morning, just kick start it in this new year, because it flushes harmful toxins from the body and cleanses the impure blood regularly.
  1. Exercise: There are many forms of exercise that you can embrace in this new year to keep yourself trim and healthy. Exercise has adverse benefits, which will ‘’WOW” your mind.
  • Balances the blood sugar level
  • Helps in working on sluggish liver
  • Increases the efficiency of digestion
  • Boosts immunity
  • No risks of cardiovascular diseases
  • Aids weight loss
  • Increases metabolic activity
  • Fights against cold, cough and flu
  • Clears out pimples, acne and dark spots

Various forms of exercises like Zumba, pilates, cycling, running, jogging, swimming, yoga, gym and aerobics. which will have a positive impact on the body.

COVID-19 protection: Don’t ignore to follow covid-19 norms in 2022. Even if you’re jabbed a couple of times, don’t forget to get a booster dose to combat the current variant of covid-19 (omicron) and make sure to follow these rules:

  • Frequent sanitising
  • Wear a mask
  • Social distancing
  • Avoid public gatherings
  • Vaccinating
  • Eating healthy
  • Regular exercise
  • Good sleep
  1. Good Seep: Having regular wake up and sleep patterns are significant to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Minimum eight hours of sleep should be incorporated. It releases “feel-good hormones” which boosts immunity. When we sleep the body undergoes the repairing and healing process. After a good sleep, we wake up with refreshed energy to lead the day with lively enthusiasm.
  1. Stick to the Plan: The first step- think, second- put it in action, third- stick on and follow the plan consistently without any excuses. Then see the positive results.

Take Away

Flush away your past and start this new year with the above rules to lead a prosperous and healthy life ahead. Stick on to the organic diet, meditate, exercise and have a good sleep and repeat.

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