10 Side effects of using cosmetics

Side effects of using cosmetics


Have you ever given any thought to what you put on your face? We sure hope so! Your face is so sensitive and we are sure you don’t want to be one of the many victims who are experiencing the harmful side effects of using cosmetics.

Cosmetics are substances used on the human body to improve its appearance. Cosmetics are typically mixtures of chemical compounds. Chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of cosmetics are also used in many personal care products. These may be inhaled, ingested or absorbed by the skin. Some of these chemicals can cause damage to vital organs including the kidneys, liver, lungs, stomach and intestines. 

Harmful effects of too much exposure to these chemicals include headaches, vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness, lack of appetite, general weakness, depression, anxiety and rashes.

Some studies have shown that excessive use of cosmetics results in cancerous tumours anywhere in the body where it is applied more often. Skin diseases like eczema, dermatitis and itchy rashes are caused by some cosmetics. Hormones present in some cosmetics can cause some serious problems with fertility in both men and women.

When we think of cosmetics, we think of foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, but most people don’t know the number of chemicals used in these cosmetics.

Side Effects of Using Cosmetics

Cosmetics are a broad set of products that are designed to improve the appearance or odour of the human body. They are commonly used by women and men to enhance their appearance and smell. There are many types of cosmetics including, creams, perfumes, powders, and skincare. 

Your cosmetic products are supposed to make you look better. But are there any side effects of using these products?

Yes, there are! If you are not careful, these products can end up doing more harm to you than good. Most of the time, people are not aware of this fact. People usually use cosmetics thinking that it is entirely safe. 

Nowadays, there are a lot of women who are opting for these mass-produced cosmetics to feel good about their looks. But what they do not realize is that all these products have side effects.

The first step to avoid the ill effects of the product is to know what those side effects actually are. Only after knowing all the side effects, one can decide whether to use them or not.

 Here are 10 harmful side effects of using cosmetics

  1. Premature Ageing

Many people, especially youngsters, are facing premature ageing. It's due to the wrong food habits, smoking and drinking, taking the wrong cosmetics and medicines or using polluted water at home.

The general characteristics of a man may include a deep voice, facial hair, a strong jawline and a muscular body. Over a period of time, men lose their ability to retain muscle mass and may also grow breasts. The correct food habits, exercise and consuming good quality supplements can help them to prevent these issues from happening.

In addition to this, men may suffer from hair loss, dandruff and other skin problems due to excessive use of cosmetics. They should keep a watch on their diet too as deficiency of essential nutrients can lead to these conditions.

  1. Skin Allergies

Cosmetics are made up of fats, alcohol, acids, alkalis and oils, which are applied to the skin for cleaning, beautifying and preserving. Although they are safe to use, some people get an allergic reaction after using these. The commonest type of allergy due to cosmetics is skin allergy or dermatitis.

Skin allergy or dermatitis may occur after using cosmetics made up of fats. There is an increased risk of allergy when a person uses a cosmetic that contains ingredients that he/she has been sensitized to before.

It is not difficult for sensitive or acne-prone skins to experience an allergic reaction on the skin, especially after the scalp becomes all sticky, swollen and red.

The substance that causes allergies is known as an allergen (the substance that causes allergies). Allergens can be found in plants, animals, or occasionally minerals. 

Skin allergies due to cosmetics may be caused by different artificial substances contained in cosmetics. Many people will encounter some allergic reactions after they start using cosmetics. The main reason for this is because the human body is fragile and can be easily affected by chemicals contained in cosmetics. The skin on our bodies has a protective function to prevent the invasion of external harmful substances.

  1. Headaches

Headache is another common issue that is associated with excessive use of cosmetics. Usually, prolonged exposure to extensive makeup leads to dizziness and nausea. Therefore, it is extremely important to remove makeup before going to bed. These cosmetics are filled with fragrances and chemicals that can induce unconsciousness and might lead to chronic headaches and migraines. 

  1. Dark Circles

The skin around the eyes is more sensitive as compared to the rest of your skin. Many experts believe that people should use fewer cosmetics near their eyes as it can lead to bags under the eyes and dark circles. Then, people tend to use even more cosmetics to get rid of dark circles. This creates an endless cycle. If you are suffering from dark circles and under-eye bags, you can use jade rollers as they are extremely effective in treating these issues. 

  1. Large Pores and Acne

Extensive use of cosmetics that are far from natural ingredients can smoothen your skin to even out the complexion but this restricts your skin to breathe properly and you end up causing more harm to your skin than any good. Foundations and powders can clog your pores and aggravate acne issues. It can also flare up blemishes, so avoid using oil-based cosmetics and look out for anti-acne natural products that won’t block your pores. 

  1. Hair Damage

Haircare products like shampoos, conditioners, gels and serums may make your hair look perfect for a few days but in the long run, they are a total waste of money and time. There are many harmful ingredients that you should avoid while choosing your hair care products because they damage your hair in a way that it cannot be reversed and the effects are usually hair fall, excessive dandruff, thinning of hair and scalp issues. 

Many people use hair sprays and dry shampoo to get quick results but they are unaware of the fact that these cosmetics can result in scalp damage and permanent discolouration of hair. Synthetic hair colours and hair dyes are next to toxic as allergic reactions can lead to redness, itching and burning.

  1. Lung Diseases

The beauty industry produces cosmetics that are often satisfying and savoury to breathe but they could potentially damage our lung tissues as these makeup products often trigger conditions of the lungs if inhaled for an extended period. The chemical ingredients in powder such as silicates talc can lead to allergies and lung infections. Powder-based cosmetics that we breathe in can get settled inside our lung tissues and then they travel through our reproductive system, causing some serious and non-reversible damage.

  1. Reproductive Issues

As already stated earlier, some cosmetics like bubble baths or oils can affect your reproductive organs and can even lead to infertility. When the talcum powder is inhaled, they travel to the reproductive system of the body and affect the menstrual cycles. This can lead to hormonal imbalances. Chemicals such as parabens are widely used in the beauty and cosmetic industry and they increase the potential risks to reproductive and thyroid systems. Some cosmetics like shower gels can even lead to vaginal infections, ovarian cancer, etc.

  1. Lead Poisoning

Some lip care products like lipstick can dry out the moisture from your lips and the chemicals present in them are full of harmful ingredients like lead and mineral oil. Lead ingestion can lead to brain damage and behaviour abnormalities. Extensive use of lipstick can have long term side effects like poor muscle coordination, increased blood pressure, vision impairment, hearing issues and neural damage. The mineral oil forms a nonporous layer on your lips that can block skin cell development and proper functioning of the skin in your lips.

  1. Damage to Nails

People tend to believe in the notion that they cannot look beautiful or handsome without using cosmetics. The unwanted dependency on these skin and hair care products can lead to an addiction. In the long run, these cosmetics can damage your nails and fingers as these areas are equally exposed to the harmful ingredients in the cosmetics as that of your skin. The nails start to become thin and lose their natural colour. The fingers also start to look pale and when you notice these changes, you might want to get manicures and pedicures but they will add more poison to your current issue rather than reducing them.

Take Away

The team at Mars by GHC has been working diligently to raise awareness about people’s health in India. In the process, we have been working hard to spread awareness among people about grooming, clean eating and healthy living. We have been increasingly receiving messages from our customers about the use of various cosmetics that have been causing them to age prematurely. This has been a growing concern for us, especially since we want you to live long and healthy lives.

So, we came up with some cool yet natural anti-ageing and skincare products that can be used by both men and women to enhance their appearance in a more natural way.

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