10 Protein Shakes To Help In Weight Loss

Protein Shakes

Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

Do you think protein shakes help you lose weight? Of course yes, including them in your healthy diet is the best way to provide enough protein to your body. Consuming protein shakes will not only boost your metabolism but also improves muscle strength and keeps away hunger pangs. 

But, remember, protein shakes are recommended only when you are not getting enough protein from whole foods. So, here is everything you need to know about protein shakes and also check out the 10 best protein shakes that help you to maintain a healthy weight.

What Are Protein Shakes?

Often people need 0.8 protein per kilogram of their weight in a day. But, according to many researchers and studies, it has been found that most people lack an adequate amount of protein which means protein intake is not satisfactory. Moreover, most of us don't get enough time to cook rich protein food due to the fast-paced lifestyle.

This is the reason where protein shakes come into the picture. A protein shake is a dietary supplement that consists of protein powder mixed with milk or water. Well, depending on the manufacturer it may also contain other ingredients such as vitamins, branched-chain amino acids, and flavorings.

How do Protein Shakes Help In Weight Loss?

Consuming protein shakes helps your body to build muscles, enzymes, hormones to maintain proper cellular and biochemical functions, to produce immune system components, heal wounds, for muscle contraction, and to improve cardiovascular functions. 

Well, all these functions in our body are indirectly proportional to weight loss. Where proteins need more energy to metabolize and increase satiety, keep your hunger pangs at bay. Protein also aids weight loss by synthesizing molecules that take part in various functions of the body. 

What Is The Best Time To Drink Protein Shakes To Aid Weight Loss?

Snaking time is the best time to consume protein shakes to reap their benefits. However, some people love to have it post-workout to help rebuild the muscles. So, if your work routine is rigorous and looking at replenishing protein in the muscles, have it after a workout. 

10 Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

Gold Standard 100% Casein:

Calcium is quite important for our body, especially in our weight loss journey. Casein provides 60% of the daily value of calcium and provides 24 grams of slow-digesting micellar casein protein, 5 grams of glutamate and glutamic acid. Drink this protein shake in between meals if you have a tendency to snack at odd times.

Labrada Lean Body Shake:

Labrada lean body shake is another perfect protein shake that is suitable as a snack or a meal. This 40 grams of protein makes an ideal shake for people looking to lose weight or gain muscle. The high content of protein will make the person feel fuller for a longer time and less likely to indulge in extra snacks.

Orgain Vegan Nutritional Shake:

Orgain vegan nutritional shake is a completely dairy-free and gluten-free protein shake that provides 16 grams of protein per serving. It is made from flax, chia, hemp, organic fruit, vegetables, and brown rice. This is a great one and can also be used as a meal replacement.

Iconic Lean Protein Shake:

This protein shake contains 20 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber per serving. This is also a gluten-free, soy-free, artificial-ingredient-free and sweetened with fair-trade organic blue algae and the perfect drink for snacking time.

Odwalla Strawberry Protein Shake:

Odwalla Strawberry protein shake provides 25 grams of protein, 5 milligrams of fat, 20% of iron, 50% of zinc, and 80 % of calcium per serving. It means drinking helps in increasing bone strength and blood count.

Skinny Girl Protein Shake:

Skinny girl protein shake contains 12 grams of protein per serving and it is completely gluten-free and low fat. In addition, it has no artificial flavor or sweetener and is a good option that you can carry anywhere.


Nitro-tech is enriched with essential amino acids and works perfectly for a speedy recovery and prevents fatigue and muscle soreness after a workout. It is best to drink post-workout.

Muscle Milk Organic Non-Dairy Protein Shake:

Muscle milk organic non-dairy protein shake provides 20 grams of protein which is completely free of gluten and soy. Drinking it post-workout will help in strengthening muscle mass. This is also low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

Oats And Berry Protein Shake:

Mix 2 tablespoons of oats, 4 blueberries, 4 blackberries, 5 strawberries, 1 cup of warm milk, and 2 tablespoons of maple syrup well. Blend all the ingredients to make a protein-rich smoothie that gives you strength all day long.

Raw Egg, Honey, And Milk Protein Shake:

Mix Egg white in one cup of raw milk with 2 tablespoons of honey. Drink this protein-rich shake before and after working out to provide the required protein to your body.

Benefits Of Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

  • Protein shakes are wonderful replacements for bad carbs which are the reason for sugar spikes in the blood.
  • Protein shakes make you feel full for a longer time and keep you away from junk food.
  • Protein shakes also help in burning belly fat.
  • Protein shakes also help in burning calories by building muscles and by boosting metabolism.

Side Effects Of Protein Shakes

  • Consuming high amounts of protein shakes might result in causing digestive problems.
  • Without an exercise routine, it is impossible to get in shape with protein shakes.
  • Drinking too much protein shake may damage your liver.
  • You may experience a lot of hair loss especially if your diet becomes dependent only on protein shakes.

Take Away

Protein shakes are great when it comes to weight loss, but you cannot see any results without following a perfect exercise routine. You must eat healthy with the right proportions to help protein shake do its work.

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