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Gua sha & Jade Roller face massager set | Face roller for acne
Gua sha & Jade Roller face massager set | Face roller for acne
Gua sha & Jade Roller face massager set | Face roller for acne
Gua sha & Jade Roller face massager set | Face roller for acne

Gua sha & Jade Roller face massager set | Face roller for acne

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Just as our body requires workouts and exercise to stay fit and healthy, in the same way, our facial muscles need to be in motion for a few minutes in order to get a glowing and stress-free skin. We may not have enough time to participate in facial exercises every day, so the best and most effective alternative is to use a jade roller. The jade roller and gua sha scraper are anti-ageing and time-saving tools that can help you with your skincare goals by giving you a brighter and dull-free skin. 


  • STIMULATES BLOOD FLOW IN THE SKIN: The face rollers helps in increasing collagen production, lymphatic system stimulation and blood circulation in the skin to provide sufficient oxygen, giving you a dull-free skin and youthful glow. Gua sha scraper helps in preventing the signs of ageing such as sagging, wrinkles and dullness by improving the skin elasticity and removing inflammatory skin issues.

  • PAIN MANAGEMENT:  Gua sha scraper is an effective treatment for facial muscle pain. The rollers for skin can help alleviate headaches, facial pain, and even the discomfort of migraine symptoms. Jade roller is one of the best face roller that also helps in cleaning the bacteria in the hair follicles and oil-gland openings of the skin. This helps in getting rid of acne and pimples.

  • IMPROVES COMPLEXION: Jade rolling and gua sha scraping are ancient practices of removing dead skin for the purpose of making the complexion beautiful. Stone face massager and gua sha scraper are safe to use on the forehead, cheeks, nose, jaw, chin, neck and around the eyes and mouth.

  • BEST ANTI-AGEING TOOLS: Jaderoller and gua sha scraper are the best facial tools to get rid of bags under the eye, dermatitis, acne scars, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and other skin problems. The jade roller for acne-prone skin helps in improving the general health of the skin by increasing blood circulation.

  • MINIMIZES THE GROWTH OF PIMPLES: The gua sha tool and jade roller can also be used to enhance the skin’s overall health as it helps in preventing acne, pimples and other related issues. Face stone roller is a great alternative to expensive acne treatments. Face massage roller helps in controlling sebum production, thereby reducing the chances of developing acne and pimples on the skin.

  • MOST EFFECTIVE SKINCARE TOOLS: Both the jade roller and gua sha scraper are two of the most incredible, effective and natural facial tools that can elevate your mood and confidence by giving you a stress-free skin. The jade roller stone provides a cooling effect on the skin that helps in stimulating lymphatic drainage.

  • Directions to use:

    1. Wash your face with lukewarm water and pat dry your face using a cotton towel.
    2. Apply your regular serum or oil on your face and start by moving the jade roller in the upward direction, across the cheeks.
    3. Use the smaller end of the jade roller to target delicate areas of your face. The same technique goes for gua sha scraper as well.
    4. Wash both the tools after every use.

    Side effects

    The jade roller and gua sha scraper are absolutely safe to use. However, you should avoid rubbing the tools vigorously on your skin to prevent redness or irritation.

    Customer Reviews

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    Monu Patel

    Gua sha & Jade Roller face massager set | Face roller for acne

    Sanjivanee Kotibhaskar
    Gua sha

    I am using it.lovely to handle Iam still learning.Thanks.

    Varsha Chandel
    Good one

    If you use it regularly definitely you will find improvement in skin.Helps to get jawline.

    Nikita Verma
    It's an average product

    The gua sha is small and the roller was broken and it's other end is squeaky

    Rusha Bhattacharjee

    Gua sha & Jade Roller face massager set | Face roller for acne