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Beard Growth Serum (60 mL) | beard growth solution | Grow Beard | 5% Topical Solution for beard

Beard Growth Serum (60 mL) | beard growth solution | Grow Beard | 5% Topical Solution for beard

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Beard growth serum, an additional quality beard serum or Minoxidil solution for beard, helps grow beard hair and improves beard care. It reactivates beard hair follicles to invigorate growth and is clinically proven for beard regrowth, for no beard, or for patchy beard.

Beard Oil vs Beard Growth Serum

1) Beard oil is expensive than beard growth serum.

2) Beard oil may sometimes smell really bad, so you can use beard growth serum.

Product description:-

1 x Beard Growth serum (60 ml) bottle + Spray nozzle + Dropper

Product details:-

The product helps treat hair loss and regrow fuller hair.

Beard growth serum or Minoxidil Topical Solution helps in quick beard growth, beard grooming, beard care, and is clinically proven to regrow up to 25% more hair in 10-12 weeks.
This Beard Growth Serum attempts to help hair follicle action and hair protein creation, for beard growth.
It is very easy to use and fits easily into your routine.
The solution is alcohol-free and trusted by dermatologists all across the world.
Contains 5% w/v Serum and Excipients
Visible effects of this product:-

After 2 months beard growth starts

Directions to use:-

You need to apply the solution twice a day to see get the proper results. If you apply it consistently, it takes around 4-6 months to see the difference.

Step 1 Make sure your beard is dry before applying the Serum.
Step 2 You may apply this item to clammy hair.
Step 3 To utilize the solution, fill the dropper with 1ml of prescription, or utilize 20 drops or spray 5 times for 1 ml solution.
Step 4 Part your beard hair in the territory of thinning and apply the arrangement uniformly to the affected region of the beard.
Step 5 Wait for the solution to dry totally prior to utilizing other styling items (e.g., gels, mousse) or prior to hitting the bed.
Step 6 Wash hands completely after applying.

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