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Beard Straightener Comb
Beard Straightener Comb

Beard Straightener Comb

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highest-quality wood for proper beard grooming. Wooden comb for beard growth is made from real wood and so is not only more eco-friendly but kinder to your beard as well. 


  1. Reduces Beard Damage: Beard straightener combs help to minimize the damage to your beard. When using a wood comb for men, you can reduce the risk of tugging on the hair and avoid the breakage of any hairs, especially in the hairline area of your beard. 

  1. Chemical-Free: The benefit of using a wooden comb for beard trimming is that you won’t have to worry about any chemical exposure to your skin or face as it’s not made from any type of chemical-based product.

  1. Eases Knots: Wooden comb for beard men are also perfect for detangling knots in your beard as they have natural teeth that will allow for combing through tangles and knots with ease.

  1. Reduces Ingrown Hair: Comb brush for men helps in eliminating ingrown hair and blemishes by removing dead skin cells from the pores, which naturally supports beard growth as there will be no blockage.

  1. Better Product Distribution: Beard comb for men hair styling helps in distributing beard oils, serums and other beard products properly throughout the beard. Beard comb shaper helps each strand of your hair to absorb moisture. 

Customer Reviews

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pocket friendly

love this product!!! I am using this comb from past 3 weeks and it detangles my small beard knots easily

good wooden comb

what I love the most about this comb is the material. I have used other beard combs but they were made of plastic. I used to have itching after using them. Mars beard comb is wooden and is extremely gentle on my beard. highly recommended

easy to use

this beard comb is easy to carry and use. I take it everywhere in my carry bag


This pocket beard comb with its cover is very easy to carry and the wood is of a good quality,


Awesome product for long beard guys like me, especially while traveling.