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minoxidil for beard care
beard growth serum for beard patches
derma roller for beard growth stimulator
Beard Growth Combo | Beard Minoxidil & Beard Derma Roller - mars by GHC
Beard Growth Combo | Beard Minoxidil & Beard Derma Roller - mars by GHC

Beard Growth Combo | Beard Minoxidil & Beard Derma Roller

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BEARD GROWTH SERUM: Beard growth serum seals the moisture and smooths the hair cuticles down. It makes your beard moisturized, shiny, and smooth. 

 HIGHEST QUALITY 540 NEEDLES: We at Mars By GHC use only the highest quality needles to produce our highly effective, gentle derma tool which is the perfect solution for maximizing results. 

COLLAGEN PRODUCTION: Derma roller will also stimulate natural collagen production, keratin production, and activates stem-cell growth factors.

ADD STYLE TO YOUR BEARD: Beard growth serum adds style to your beard care routine.  Beard growth serums are a non-sticky alternative to beard growth oil. It adds shine and smoothen your beard. 

HOW TO USE: Dermarolling for beard growth is very simple, you just take the roller and go through your facial hair skin twice a week. For best results, follow a pattern that either leverages a side to side, up and down or diagonal. Be more gentle and uniform while using, as these are needles. You should avoid making any twisting movements, as this may cause unwanted damage to your skin. 

HOW TO CLEAN: Always clean your derma roller before and after using it. 

Step 1: Clean dermaroller using some washing up liquid. Fill the container with warm water and add a few drops of washing up liquid and put the derma roller in the solution  for about 10-15 minutes. 

Step 2 is to disinfect the derma roller

Use alcohol, spirit (mix of ethanol and methanol) and put this in a container and soak your derma roller in it for about 15-20 minutes.

MICRONEEDLES: Microneedling may help improve beard hair growth by boosting nutrient-rich blood flow to the area. 

SOLUTION FOR PATCHY BEARD: If your beard is giving you the blues when it comes to dealing with hair loss, then derma rollers are excellent for helping you to solve for patchy beard. 

  • Promotes Beard Growth
  • Nourishes The Beard From The Roots
  • Improves Beard Strength
  • Painless process
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Produces collagen
  • Regrowth dark and thick hair

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it grows beard very fast


works well


my beard looks good now



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nice one