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Beard Care Kit (Beard Growth Oil, Beard Shampoo)
Beard Care Kit (Beard Growth Oil, Beard Shampoo)
Beard Care Kit (Beard Growth Oil, Beard Shampoo)
Beard Care Kit (Beard Growth Oil, Beard Shampoo)
Beard Care Kit (Beard Growth Oil, Beard Shampoo)

Beard Care Kit (Beard Growth Oil, Beard Shampoo)

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The beard grooming kit consists of the best beard products which are perfect for beard stylings like beard oil, beard shampoo, and derma roller. 

Beard oil

  1.  Beard oil helps promote beard growth, helps get rid of the patchy beard, and also helps in growing a short beard. 
  2. Beard oil helps to grow a thicker and healthier beard. The beard growth oil is a combination of Onion oil, Bhringraj oil, tea tree oil, and jojoba oil which makes sure that your beard stays healthy, nourished, and grows fuller & stronger.
  3. Tea tree oil increases blood flow and promotes beard growth.
  4. Jojoba oil helps in moisturizing the dry skin underneath the beard. 
  5. Bhringraj oil helps in improving blood circulation and makes it easier for the beard to grow. 

Beard shampoo

Beard Shampoo strengthens beard hair and assists in its growth. It is free from harmful chemicals (Parabens, Sulphates, and SLS free).

  1. Beard shampoo is made of natural ingredients Aloe vera, argan oil, caffeine which promote gentle cleansing and promotes beard growth.
  2. The shampoo cleanses the beard well and softens at the same time. The shampoo is SLS and Paraben-free.
  3.  The DHT blocker shampoo is best for beard wash and ensures all-around beard care.  

Derma roller

  1. The derma roller for beard comes with 540 titanium alloy needles of diameter 0.5 mm which is the perfect solution for maximizing results. 
  2. Derma roller 0.5 mm stimulates natural collagen production, keratin production and activates stem-cell growth factors.
  3. Micro needling helps improve beard growth by boosting nutrient-rich blood flow to the area and allows for ease and comfort while rolling across the skin.
  4. Our beard roller is perfect for your regular beard care routine.


Customer Reviews

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This is a really good kit for beard hair growth. I have bought this kit and using it continuously from past 3 weeks and I can clearly see some visible results. My beard is now thick and growing steadily. It also has a nice smell to it. Totally worth Ordering


It had grown my beard very well and also my beard became shinier , smoother and darker. The best thing is this oil is non sticky on the beard and smells very good . In short VALUE FOR MONEY.


I have been using the beard oil for the past two weeks now, everyday. The difference can be seen quite clearly, I never got this much growth before. Both oil shampoo works well


It is almost a natural product and contains many Oils which are beneficial for both skin and hair. Makes hair stronger than before. The derma roller you can use once in a week it is good


This has really worked up wonders and I definitely recommend it to anyone with a patchy beard.