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Beard Growth Kit | Beard Shampoo, Beard Serum, Beard Biotin | Beard Care & beard grooming products
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Beard Growth Kit | Beard Shampoo, Beard Serum, Beard Biotin | Beard Care & beard grooming products

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Beard Growth kit includes Beard growth serum, Biotin Tablets, and beard growth Shampoo, which helps in controlling the beard fall, helps in beard hair growth, provides proper nutrition to your skin, and makes your beard hair smoother & healthy.

Product description:- 

  • 1 x Beard Growth Serum 60 ml (Minoxidil) + Spray nozzle + Dropper
  • 1 x Biotin tablets ( 1 mg ) 60 tablets bottle
  • 1 x Beard Growth shampoo (200 ml) bottle. 

Product details:-

Beard Growth Serum (Minoxidil):   Beard growth serum, is an additional quality treatment used to help grow beard hair and care for it. It reactivates beard hair follicles to invigorate growth and is clinically proven for hair regrowth.

Biotin tablets: They are enriched with multivitamins which help in beard growth and improves metabolism. Biotin tablets include a total of 10 vitamins in it. The pills reduce beard fall, improves beard health, promote beard growth, and makes your beard stronger & healthier than before. 

      • Biotin        5000mcg
      • Vitamin C     30mg
      • Vitamin A    180mg
      • Vitamin E      10 I.U.
      • Zinc.            1.25mg 
      • Excipients.         q.s.

Beard Growth Shampoo: Mars by GHC Beard Growth Shampoo strengthens beard hair and assists in its growth.It is free from harmful chemicals (Parabens, Sulphates and SLS free).

Daily nourishment and protection from breakage is the key to healthy beard.

Visible results:-

  • Reduced beard Fall
  • Cleanses beard skin
  • Nourished beard
  • Beard Regrowth

Directions to use:-

Minoxidil Finasteride Topical Solution (Spray Bottle):

  • Step 1 Make sure your beard is dry before applying the Serum.
  • Step 2 You may apply this item to clammy hair.
  • Step 3 To utilise the solution, fill the dropper with 1ml of prescription, or utilise 20 drops or spray 5 times for 1 ml solution.
  • Step 4 Part your beard hair in the territory of thinning and apply the arrangement uniformly to the affected region of the beard.
  • Step 5 Wait for the solution to dry totally prior to utilising other styling items (e.g., gels, mousse) or prior to hitting the bed.
  • Step 6 Wash hands completely after applying. Try not to get it in contact with your eyes.

DHT blocker shampoo:

  • Step 1 Take a small amount of shampoo(2ml-3ml) ion your palm.
  • Step 2 Apply it to your beard and massage until it lathers.
  • Step 3 Work the shampoo through your beard hair, but pay the most attention to the skin.
  • Step 4 Rinse your beard and skin completely.

Biotin Tablets:

Take one tablet per day at fix time to see fantastic results.

100% safe. No harmful chemicals. Parabens, Sulphates and SLS free. FDA approved

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I love my beard now

nirmal bhuj

makes perfect beard

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this is good

sunil panta

kit is just awesome

simon S

really nice for men grooming