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Advanced Beard Growth Kit - Beard Growth Oil | Beard Shampoo | Biotin for Beard

Advanced Beard Growth Kit - Beard Growth Oil | Beard Shampoo | Biotin for Beard

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The beard growth kit consists of the best beard products which is perfect for beard styling like beard oil, beard shampoo and biotin tablets. 

Beard oil

Beard oil helps promote beard growth, helps get rid of patchy beard and also helps you to grow a full beard. 

Beard oil is blended with Onion oil, bhringraj oil, tea tree oil, and jojoba oil which helps in growing viking beard which is the perfect blend of style and class. 

Beard shampoo

Beard Shampoo strengthens beard hair and assists in its growth. It is free from harmful chemicals (Parabens, Sulphates and SLS free).

 Beard shampoo is made of natural ingredients Aloe vera, argan oil, caffeine which promotes gentle cleansing and promotes beard growth. 

 The shampoo helps to maintain a smooth and frizz-free beard. Formulated with natural ingredients that make your beard feel soft and non-greasy. 

 Beard shampoo cleanses your beard, provides a refreshing look, and protects from dirt and sun. 

Biotin Tablets

The Biotin tablets are enriched with multivitamins which help in beard growth and are a mixture of 10 vitamins. Biotin tablets for beard growth nourishes beard,  promotes beard growth, and makes your beard stronger & healthier than before.

Biotin helps in the production of Keratin which is a source of protein for the hair, it works equally well on beard and scalp hair. 

Biotin tablets for beard increases thickness of beard and improves beard growth. 

Biotin tablets improve your beard health, make your beard hair stronger & thicker, and help in regrowth.

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vinay soni



5 stars


shiny and smooth beard it makes


beard dandruff gone

mahant yadav

kit is just awesome