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Does smoking cause hair loss

Why does smoking cause hair loss?

Smoking is injurious to health, but does smoking cause hair loss? this isn't just something you read on the packets of cigarettes but this is very much true, Smoking has a huge effect on your body, hair, and skin.  

Smoking is a bad habit that you must give up at any cost, it makes your organs weak internally and can be the cause of lung or mouth cancer.

Just like genetics, DTH, stress and other factors that affect hair fall Nicotine consumption daily are no less. Nicotine is a harmful substance, blood flow is essential in the hair follicles to promote better hair growth and to stop them from breaking. Nicotine reduces the blood flow-restricting the blood vessels to work.

A person who is smoking has a higher chance of getting hair fall than a person who is not, you can not maintain a balanced diet and smoke thinking that it would suffice your bad habit. 

Effects of smoking on your hair 

Here are some effects smoking has on your hair!

  • Smoking dehydrates our scalp, it creates an unbalance of our natural oil and depletes the collagen in our hair which is essential for hair regrowth.
  • It causes dandruff in many people which also makes our hair follicles weak.
  • It leads to premature greying of hair
  • Smoking changes the endocrine system which hampers the production of healthy hormones in our body
  • An avid smoker has a deficiency of Vitamin C and A.
  • Weakens our immunity and leads to Alopecia

Ways in which tobacco causes hair fall 

1) Poor blood circulation 

Our Hair follicles require a proper amount of Vitamins and Minerals to produce new follicles and help them grow, the toxins present in nicotine shrink the blood vessels which lead to bad blood flow. The nutrition that you consume to help your body does not reach its end places and hence you face Hair fall. You can eat nutrition rich food for better blood circulation.

2) A Weak Immune System 

Smoking can weaken your immune system making you prone to various diseases and infections, sometimes your body is not healthy enough to fight these infections and you end up consuming a lot of medication for them. 

The medicines you have due to a poor immune system to fight off various infections can also have a huge impact on your hair fall. A poor immune system also makes it tough for new Hair follicles to grow and can lead to permanent balding.

3) Smoking impact the Endocrine system

Smoking takes a personal attack on our body’s Endocrine system which affects the production of healthy hormones in our body. The Endocrine system can produce a higher level of DTH which is the hormone that causes Male Pattern Baldness. DTH makes the Hair follicles shrink and eventually stop Hair from growing. 

4) Increased DHT

DHT is an androgen that helps to give men male traits. It is believed that DHT will shrink hair follicles, leading to hair loss in men. Cigarettes increase the production of DHT in the body, leading to an increased chance of hair loss and a receding hairline.

You can take matters into your own hands and quit Smoking today for a better tomorrow. If you are an avid smoker and are facing Hair fall then this is your wake up call. Quit Smoking Today and see a difference in your Hair fall and Hair growth pattern in a month or two and we are sure you will be happy with your decision. 

Hair products which helps to control hair loss

Smoking causes hair loss and taking care of your health and hair is in your hands. There are many products available online and offline which can help you in taking care of your hair. You can also check out our amazing products at Mars by GHC website.