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hair loss and hair thinning

What is the difference between hair loss and hair thinning?

Hair loss can be described as when hair becomes weak and starts falling from the follicle. Hair loss is due to the trauma to the hair follicle and after several months your hair will grow back. Hair loss is about the reduction of hair on your head and you can also see baldness with hair loss. 

Hair fall occurs as a result of some factors which have affected the hair’s life cycle and considerably shortening hair growth. There are different types of hair loss like male pattern baldness and Alopecia Areata. If you are losing 100 strands daily then that’s a major hair fall.

Causes of hair fall

  • The main cause of hair loss in men is genetics. The hereditary condition accelerates (accelerate) with aging. This condition is called alopecia androgenic or male pattern baldness.
  •  Stress also is a major reason for hair fall. If you are stressing a lot then your head takes up all the tension and it leads to hair fall. (explanation is wrong...when you take too much stress then your body releases This type of hair loss temporarily.
  • Unbalanced diet is also a reason for hair loss. If your body is missing some nutrients or vitamins then you will experience hair loss.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol daily also cause hair loss in some men.
  • Medical treatments can also cause hair to fall in some cases. Some drugs which you might be taking for some other problems may cause hair loss.

Prevention for Hair Fall

1) You can start having a healthy diet. Add some vitamins to your daily diet like biotin. Biotin is proven to work for a lot of people suffering from hair loss.

2) Try to shake off some stress and tension by meditating and exercising. Keep yourself light-headed if you want to prevent hair loss.

3) Stop using heat in your hair and only use it when it’s an emergency.

4) Massaging your scalp will make blood flow into your vessels and which will promote hair growth. Scalp massage works as an exfoliant for your roots. It removes excess dirt from your scalp.

5) Switch to anti-DHT shampoos. DHT is the main culprit in hair loss and some shampoos can help to combat this.

6) Use onion juice to nourish your scalp. Onion juice has sulfur in them which nourishes your roots and prevents hair loss.

7) If none of these works then you can go to a specialist for some medication or laser therapy.

Hair thinning happens because of blockage in blood vessels due to cortisol and DHT which restrict the flow of nutrients to hair roots thus causing hair to lose its shine and texture. 

It becomes weak and dry. During hair thinning you lose volume and thickness. During hair thinning you will not feel bald like during hair loss and your hair does not fall off so easily. Your hair becomes weak and fragile so they are prone to breakage. At this stage of hair thinning you should take care of your hair as it may break very easily.

Causes of hair thinning

1) After some particular age your hair follicles stop producing hair and the hair shafts become finer.

2) Stress may be a reason for your hair thinning. If you are under a lot of pressure then your hair may tend to show that. 

3) When cortisol level is high the adrenal glands began to produce fewer hormones that promote hair growth and hair thinning.

4) Using harsh products on your hair may cause it to lose its volume.

5) Not getting enough iron or other minerals in your diet may cause hair thinning. Vitamins and minerals help your hair follicle to grow hair.

6) Losing weight in a short amount of time also causes your hair to lose its volume. Many people who lose weight do it with a strict diet. They don’t eat enough so that there are no calories for hair to intake.

7) Some people when they suffer from anxiety start pulling their hair. This may cause some bald patches and hair thinning all over the scalp. This is a condition called trichotillomania. 

Prevention for hair thinning

1) Eat healthy food-  Add biotin or other macronutrients to your diet to complete a balanced diet. 

2) Try essential oils- Your scalp needs outer nourishment too and essential oils are a great way to do so.

3) Minoxidil- It can be used to treat hair thinning. It is a safe medication that is prescribed by a doctor.

4) Herbal Shampoo- Change your hair care routine. Use soft shampoos and conditioners for your hair. 

5) Massage- Massage your scalp before taking a hair wash. You can also consider hair spas and other natural treatments to get rid of the extra gunk.

Hair loss and hair thinning are two different types of problems but with the same causes and preventions. In both cases, your scalp is affected by something or another. Hair thinning if not treated on time results in hair fall.

If you are facing issues related to hair thinning or hair loss then we would recommend you to have a talk with a dermatologist. They may advise you to have some treatment. If you want to care for your hair on your own you can check out our products at Mars by GHC website.