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Stubble beard

What is a stubble beard, and how to style it?

All About Stubble Beard

Stubble lies somewhere between a clean shave and a short beard. It takes somewhere around three days to two weeks to grow, depending on how fast your beard grows back after shaving. Although stubble falls under the short beard category, it is lesser in length and does not extend much away from the skin. It gives you a distinguished look without much effort.

This effortless beard style is also called a 5 o’clock shadow and is supported by many celebrities, from Adam Levine to Ranbir Kapoor. The popular beard style is suitable for anyone and any occasion, be it an office look or a casual look.

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How to grow stubble?

When growing a stubble beard, make sure to keep in mind your overall appearance. If there are any patchy beard spots or any bare spots, keeping a clean shave is advised. Initial stubble may be itchy as the beard grows back or due to an ingrown beard. Using beard oils and maintaining a proper beard routine will help in getting rid of beard itch.

Every person’s beard growth is different, and so is the thickness of his beard. Many factors determine your beard growth and thickness, like genetics, age, hormones, nutrition, stress levels, lifestyle, physical activity, etc. 

Supplements like vitamin B, zinc, biotin, magnesium will boost your beard growth progress and help you achieve your desired thick stubble. Foods like avocados, nuts, shelled seafood, fishes, spinach boost testosterone levels in your body. 10% of the testosterone levels are converted to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is the primary reason for beard growth.

How to trim and maintain stubble?

As effortless as it looks, but it still needs to be maintained and taken care of. A little effort on your stubble beard will help you achieve the right and desired look. You need to regularly groom, trim and shape it to maintain a stubble beard. You can avoid all these steps if you want a natural, rugged appearance. But a well-maintained stubble is suitable for office looks and even a casual look.

You need to groom every two to four days to keep your beard shiny, manageable, and stylish. Stubble is neither a clean shave nor a short beard; it is somewhere in between. We can even call it a partial beard.

Before trimming, it is necessary to exfoliate your skin before washing your face with a face scrub. Then apply shaving oil and leave it for a minute and then trim it. Ensure to keep your hand light and not cut straight or sharp edges, or else it will not give a natural organic look. Trim your whiskers to a uniform length and later set your trimmer a little shorter to make sure the edges blend well. This will create a natural-looking beard, especially for stubble. 

Ensure to cleanly shave the regions outside the stubble, such as cheeks, lower neck, etc.; it will give a cleaner and stylish look to you. Do apply an aftershave after trimming to calm and soothe the irritated skin.

How to style stubble?

Contrary to most beard styles, stubble does not require much styling—the elegant yet classy and casual needs low maintenance. Keep your beard trimmed, clean up all the stray beard strands, clean up the region outside stubble. 

Stubble does not need much maintenance and doesn’t require much beard care routines like shampoo and conditioners. You can just wash your regular face cleanser or face and beard face wash. A typical application of beard oil on stubble will soften the skin beneath the beard. It also helps in getting rid of beard dandruff and keeps itchiness at bay.

Avoid using products that contain alcohol, paraben, sulfates, etc.

How to grow a perfect stubble?

  • Start growing a short beard.
  • And then shorten the length of the beard till you have reached the look you wanted.
  • Use a good-quality electric trimmer that has adjustable comb lengths to get stubble with a perfect length.
  • Trim your stubble regularly to maintain its shape and prevent it from becoming short beard style.
  • Trim the edges of your stubble shorter than the stubble length to make sure the edges blend well and give a natural, effortless look
  • Use a face wash and beard oil daily to cleanse and moisturize the skin and the beard. It helps in getting rid of itch and also beard dandruff.

Take Away 

A stubble or 5 o’clock shadow beard is a beard style between a clean shave and a short beard. While it is a versatile beard style and suits almost every face shape, it is suitable for nearly all occasions, be it a date or an office look; stubble is a style anyone can pull off. It takes around three days to a couple of weeks to grow, depending on how fast your beard grows. This article will guide you through details about stubble and also how to style and maintain it.