Daily release of sperms

What Happens If We Release Sperm Daily?

Facts About Releasing Sperms Daily

Today we are here to spread awareness on a very important topic which many of our fellow men might not be aware of. Masturbating is a party of growing up for both the gender but men somewhere take the batton on this one. 

Many men aren’t aware about the consequences of masturbating everyday, so let us walk you through the benefits as well as disadvantages of releasing sperm on a daily basis. 

What happens if we release sperms daily?

Masturbating on a regular basis can be habitual to many men, let us find out the consequences of releasing sperm on a daily basis. 

Well, masturbating every day is not that bad as many sites might tell you these days. In fact, releasing sperm on a regular basis is good to maintain a healthy body. 

However, you must stop if you feel that you are becoming addicted to the activity. Many people aren't aware but when you masturbate eight body parts come into play, namely testes, penis, vas deferens, prostate gland, epididymis, seminal vesicle, and urethra. 

Benefits of Ejaculating everyday:

  • Helps in controlling stress and anxiety
  • Studies have mentioned that releasing sperm on a regular basis can reduce the chances of Prostate cancer. 
  • Can uplift your mood and make you feel happy
  • Helps in improving sleep cycle 

Many people think that releasing sperm on a regular basis can reduce the mortality rate in men, however, this is false. A study was conducted on men who released sperm regularly for 14 days, they did see a slight decline in their sperm rate but it was not a major difference. 

A man’s body is very different from a woman's. Women are born with a certain amount of eggs, each egg gets released once a month which opens the chances of a woman to get pregnant, but in case of men they produce millions of sperms everyday so masturbating everyday is not going to hurt a man's mortality. 

How many times can a person release sperms on daily basis?

This is another of the most asked questions, so let us find out the answer to it. 

Well, there is no hard fast rule for how many times a man should masturbate, it totally depends on person to person while some men may want to masturbate once in a week others may do it once a month. Both of them have their own preferences.

However, when we asked men about the same a lot of men had a similar time frame of 2-4 times a week. It is not a competition so please don't take it as one and do what you feel most comfortable in.

How can releasing sperms daily make you feel?

Releasing sperm on a regular basis can make you feel happy as it releases hormones that uplift your mood and make you feel better. Masturbating helps in releasing unwanted tension, work stress which can be helpful in the longer run. 

Releasing sperm on a daily basis releases these two hormones. 

  • Oxytocin helps in reducing stress, it also benefits you if you deal with a high blood pressure as it keeps your blood sugar levels in control. 
  • Dopamine is a pleasure hormone, you can feel a satisfaction and enjoyment with the release of this hormone. 

Many men also face nightfall which is also known as nocturnal emissions, unused sperm cells can be emitted out of your body as nightfall. It is an absolutely natural procedure so do not feel embarrassed about it. 

Many men have a common question in their mind, which is what happens if they don’t release sperms on a regular basis. We have not been able to find any issues in men who do not masturbate on a regular basis, their fertility is as good as a man who does it on a regular basis. 

Sperm retention is a myth you will not face any issues in performance or masturbating if you do not release sperm daily. It is an option and not a compulsion of any kind. Sperm retention can benefit you if you are an athlete or are in gymnastics this can make you more productive. 

Can a man's body run out of sperms?

Oh, well another question that is very frequently asked. The answer to this question is very simple: No, a man’s body can not run out of sperms because it creates millions of sperms everyday. 

Men produce 1500 sperm cells every second, which means that in 10 seconds, they will have 15,000 sperm cells floating inside, shocking isn't it? It is true. 

Many men believe that masturbation can be a way to waste their sperms but they are wrong as it is completely wrong, masturbating makes you satisfied and happy so releasing them on a regular basis is important and necessary or else you may have to face nightfall as that is the only option for your body to release the unused sperms. 

Disadvantages Of Releasing Sperms Daily

Well, anything too much is bad for your body and it surely applies to releasing sperm on a daily basis. So, let us find out what are the disadvantages of masturbating every day.

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  • Excessive masturbation can make you addictive and make you bound to it, this can be harmful when you get busy as your mind may not be able to adjust to the side effects of not being able to release sperm on a daily basis.
  • Masturbating everyday can be harmful to your relationship as it may lower your performance desire, this can severely damage your bond with your partner. 

Take Away

Masturbation is a very normal attribute and you should be proud of your body and appreciate it but don't exploit it, anything excess is harmful so be mindful of your choices. 

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