Egg for hair

What Are the Side Effects of Applying Egg on Hair?


Egg whites are a good source of protein and the Egg yolk is a source of fat. Eggs, in general, have been used for years to treat Hair fall. People have seen a huge difference in their Hair fall pattern, Hair growth, and the overall texture of their Hair. 

Well, Eggs are a good source of fats and protein for our body. Egg whites also contain a rich amount of Amino acids which are great to put a pause to our Hair fall. While many people like to consume eggs in their diet to maintain a healthy balance of protein in the body, some people also like to use Eggs as a mask.

Anything used in excess will have side effects while eggs are a good source of protein and can be beneficial for our hair, there are some side effects that come along with them that we will be talking about today. 

Before getting into the side effects of Egg on hair let us talk about some of the benefits. 

Benefits of Using Egg On Hair 

Here are some of the common benefits of using Eggs.

Reduces Hair fall 

Eggs contain a rich amount of protein, our Hair is 80% made up of protein which is also known as keratin, Eggs help in restoring the protein balance in our scalp, and a regular intake or use on the scalp can reduce hair fall.

Promotes Hair growth and Elasticity 

Protein-rich eggs are also enriched with essential nutrients and minerals which boost hair growth, they make Hair follicles stronger and nourished. Eggs also contain a rich amount of Biotin which helps in the Elasticity of the Hair. Continuous use of Eggs in your lifestyle can show great wonders.

Helps in adding Shine

If you have damaged hair that has lost its shine then Eggs can be your holy grail product. Eggs help in building the Keratin in our scalp which helps in easing out the damaged hair follicles. If Eggs are used regularly they can also restore the natural shine of your hair.

Side Effects of Using Egg On Hair 

After talking about some of the wonderful benefits of egg on hair now let us get into their side effects.

  • They, in general, may get untidy, and you can notice the egg-wash dribbling and tumbling down all over you and different spots. 
  • The smell of eggs may be sickening for a lot of people who do not consume eggs. 
  • Whenever left in the hair for quite a while, the egg will not come out effectively and it could likewise solidify your hair. 
  • Crude eggs can furnish you with salmonella contamination, which is extremely hurtful. 
  • In the event that warm water gets poured on your hair, the eggs would cook off which can keep it from coming out. 
  • A few people may be over sensitive to eggs and can show effects of hypersensitivity in the wake of using them. They may likewise foster a bothersome scalp due to the drying of egg whites. 
  • Be additional mindful while applying eggs to your hair for molding. In the event that it interacts with any of the touchy body parts like the mouth, nose, or eyes, it can cause a hypersensitive response. Egg hair veils can likewise leave a bothersome smell that might be hard to persevere. 
  • Your hair can likewise turn very oily which will not be reasonable for your hair in the long haul. 
  • Ingesting egg yolks in high amounts can include your conceivable outcomes of creating heart afflictions as it is high in cholesterol extents.

Rather than applying eggs on your scalp as it can not only get messy but can also irritate your scalp if left in for a longer period of time. We would suggest you consume eggs on a regular basis so that your body gets the vital amount of protein and you can get healthy and shiny-looking hair. 

If eating eggs is not a solution then you can also resort to supplements that are available in the market, they contain a refined version of egg yolk protein which can do the exact work. We would suggest you consult your doctor before consuming any supplement. 

Take Away 

Eggs are rich in protein and amino acids that are essential for your hair, however, they do come with a fair share of side effects that we can not sideline. We hope you liked the information we shared above. You can always consume eggs in your diet to get all the vital nutrients.