Flavoured Condoms

What are Flavoured Condoms?

Flavoured Condoms

Why should you use oral sex protection? 

What is the best way to use a flavoured condom? 

What are the benefits of flavoured condoms? 

Take Away

You might assume that flavoured condoms are just a marketing ploy, but there's a good reason for them to exist, and you should consider using them. 

Condoms with flavours are intended to be used during oral sex. The flavoured coating masks the taste of latex and improves the pleasure of oral sex.

More significantly, the only approach to avoid sexually transmitted infections is to use condoms during oral sex (STIs). As a result, flavoured condoms are a terrific way to enjoy oral sex while being safe.  

Sex is, after all, a great thing. It may even assist you in living a longer life. However, it's critical to ensure that you're having safe sex. This means that you should wear protection whenever you have sexual activity, including oral sex

Why should you use oral sex protection? 

Condoms are useful for more than just preventing pregnancy. They also stop sexually transmitted illnesses from spreading.  STIs are spread through all types of sexual activity, including vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, and oral sex without protection, contrary to popular belief. 

Many STIs, including chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, HPV, and even HIV, can be shared through oral intercourse, which is why using protection is so vital. Even if your partner is symptom-free, STIs can be transmitted. 

Infection rates are actually increasing. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 20 million new cases of STIs are reported each year. 

While utilising protection during oral sex may not completely remove the chance of developing or spreading a STI, it does lessen it, which is still significant. 

What is the best way to use a flavoured condom? 

If you want to buy flavoured condoms, the first thing you should do is make sure they fit properly. 

It's possible that the condom will slip or break if it's too big or too little. The best approach to ensure that both you and your partner enjoy oral sex is to use a condom that fits comfortably. 

Latex is also used in several flavoured condoms. This means that if you have a latex allergy, you should inspect the package before making a purchase. 

It's also worth noting that flavoured condoms are primarily intended for use during oral sex. You shouldn't use them for vaginal or anal intercourse unless the label specifically says so, especially since the flavoured coating's added sugars could contribute to a vaginal yeast infection. 

Before using condoms, always read the instructions to make sure you're using them correctly. 

For oral sex, here are some tips on how to use a flavoured condom. 

  • Make certain you understand how to use a contraceptive. Always use a condom that is the correct size. 
  • Check the condom's expiration date. If the condom's wrapper is damaged or torn, don't use it. Always inspect the condom for obvious flaws such as small holes or stiffness. 
  • When you have sex, always use a new condom. You need to reapply a condom even if you're only going from oral sex to another sort of penetration before reaching completion. 
  • Use condom-safe lubricants only. Even natural lubricants, such as olive oil, can cause latex condoms to break down, increasing the chance of pregnancy or STI infection. 

Remember that every time you engage in sex without using protection, you increase your chances of developing a STI. 

What are the benefits of flavoured condoms? 

We've all seen commercials for flavoured condoms, since condom makers have grown quite inventive with their flavours. There are a variety of new flavours on the market, in addition to the traditional chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Adrak (in case you're hooked to adrak wali chai), achaari, chicken tikka masala, and even eggplant (baingan) flavour is among the most bizarre flavours. The most common and popular being chocolate flavour.  

So, if you're wondering why we need flavoured condoms in the first place, we're here to help. 

To make oral sex safer and more enjoyable 

That's right, you read that correctly. While many of us are aware of the importance of using protection during penetrative sex to avoid undesired pregnancies and STDs, few are aware that it is also necessary during oral sex. You are at a high risk of developing STDs and STIs during cunnilingus or anilingus, despite the fact that you cannot become pregnant. 

Flavoured condoms come in handy in this situation. Flavored condoms are designed to increase the quality of oral sex by masking the taste and smell of latex, which can be a turnoff for your partner. The flavour of these condoms can help you have a more enjoyable love making experience. 

Take Away

If you don't want to use flavoured condoms or have a latex allergy, there are other options for staying safe during oral sex.

Dental dams are one option for preventing STIs from spreading during oral intercourse. Alternatively, normal condoms with a flavoured condom-safe lubricant can be used. 

Condoms are best used with water or silicone-based lubricants, and many water-based lubricants are safe to use during oral sex. Before using any contraceptives or lubricants, make sure you read the guidelines to ensure you're using them correctly. 

While flavoured lubricants can be used in conjunction with conventional condoms, they should not be used in or near the vaginal area. Any additional sugars in flavoured lubricants, such flavoured condoms, may increase your risk of a vaginal yeast infection.

Remember that STI prevention typically begins before sexual activity. When you're considering sex with a new partner, get tested for STIs, and encourage your partner to do the same. 

If you or your partner have had several partners, you should get tested before having intercourse without protection. Don't be frightened to take responsibility for your sexual well-being. After all, safe sex is the foundation of good sex