Vitamins for erectile dysfunction

Top Vitamins For Erectile Dysfunction

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most common condition where the penis cannot stand erect during sexual activities. Erectile dysfunction might be due to various reasons and can lead to severe psychological tensions, damaged relationships, etc. 

This article will focus on the vitamins which would help to improve Erectile dysfunction condition.

Let us first look at the factors, symptoms, and treatments associated with erectile dysfunction.

Contributing Factors of ED include:

  • Diabetes
  • Sleep disorders
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Hormonal conditions
  • Stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Obesity
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol, drug, and tobacco 

Signs and Symptoms of Erectile dysfunction (ED) include:

  • Unable to get an erection
  • Unable to maintain an erection 
  • Decreased sexual desire

Other associated disorders include

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Anorgasmia( inability to achieve orgasm)
  • Delayed ejaculation

Possible Treatment for Erectile dysfunction (ED) include:

  • Testosterone Therapy:

Low levels of testosterone can also cause ED. Also called Androgen replacement therapy, administered through oral medication, injections, transdermal patches, and also topical cream. Consult your doctor in case of any side effects caused after administration.
    • Medical Treatment:

    Your doctor will consult medications on a trial basis to see which medication works best for you. Medications such as viagra, sildenafil, vardenafil, etc., can be used as medical alternatives.
      • Relationship Counselling or Talk Therapy:

      Erectile dysfunction is caused due to psychological factors such as performance stress, anxiety, depression, etc. In such scenarios talking with your partner, spending quality time with your partner, understanding your partner will help in reducing stress. You can also opt for relationship counseling to reconnect emotional bonds with your partner. This will lower your stress and anxiety.
        • Vacuum Pumps:

        Erectile dysfunction can also be treated using a vacuum to stimulate erection. A tube is placed over the penis, a pump that creates a vacuum by drawing air out of the tube. A plastic ring placed at the base of the penis helps in maintaining an erection which is left for 30 mins.
          • Penile Prosthesis Implant:

          Penile implants are implants placed inside the penis to start an erection and also to maintain an erection.

            Vitamins for Erectile Dysfunction:

            The link between vitamin deficiency and ED is not yet proven clinically yet there are vitamins that can improve sexual health. 

            If you have any vitamin deficiency, it is advised to take supplements only if it is necessary and after consulting your physician.

            1. Vitamin D

            Research shows that most ED patients have vitamin D deficiency. It helps in reducing inflammation and improve blood circulation. It also induces nitric oxide synthesis, which is crucial for erection. Symptoms of severe vitamin D  deficiency include weak muscles, bone pains. Sunlight is a significant source of vitamin D and regular exposure to sunlight. Mushrooms and fishes are also good sources of vitamin D. Taking proper vitamin D3 supplements can also help solve this issue.

            2. Vitamin C

            Vitamin C enhances blood flow and increases testosterone levels which could also help erectile dysfunction. Since our body cannot store vitamin C, you need to make sure to include sources of vitamin C in your regular diet and can also take supplements on a daily basis.

            3. Vitamin B9

             Also known as folic acid, its deficiency is found in many ED and premature ejaculation patients, as per a study conducted in 2014. In such cases taking supplements and vitamin B9, rich food can help to cure this problem.

            4. Vitamin B3

             Also known as Niacin, a study suggests that Niacin can help in improving moderate to severe erectile dysfunction.

            5. L arginine

             Research conducted on the effects of l-arginine on ED suggests that L-arginine supplements can effectively treat low to moderate erectile dysfunction.

            Foods that have vitamins to Improve ED:

            1. Sources of Vitamin D

            • Sunlight
            • Red meat
            • Oily fishes such as salmon, sardines, etc
            • Liver
            • Egg yolk

            2. Vitamin C sources

            • Citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, etc
            • Pepper
            • Strawberries
            • Broccoli
            • Brussel sprouts

            3. Vitamin B9 sources

            • Peas
            • Kidney beans
            • Liver
            • Brussels sprout
            • Green leafy vegetables such as spinach 

            4. Vitamin B3 sources

            • Meat
            • Fish
            • Eggs
            • Wheat

            5. L-arginine sources

            • Pork
            • Chicken
            • Pumpkin seeds
            • Soybeans
            • Lentils
            • Peanuts

            Other remedies

            Herbal remedies

            These are found to be very helpful in improving erectile dysfunction.

            • Gingko Biloba
            • Ginseng
            • Yohimbine
            • Tribulus Terrestris 
            • Horny goat weed


            It can also aid in improving ED, but no significant research is done to prove it yet.

            Ayurvedic Treatments

            These treatments such as Vajikarana (also known as Vrishya chikitsa) are also found to be effective for ED along with premature ejaculation, increasing stamina, curing infertility, etc. however significant researches are yet to be done.

            Some exercises are also beneficial for improving ED. A study conducted in 2005 found that out of the two control groups, the one group which performed pelvic floor exercises along with lifestyle changes when compared to the group who only had lifestyle changes have observed significant improvement in erectile dysfunction.

            Exercise regimes such as aerobics and yoga can also help in reducing erectile dysfunction.

            Take Away 

            Erectile dysfunction is often associated with psychological or cardiovascular diseases. ED can impact your relationship. While there are plethora of treatments and remedies available, you need to choose it according to the reason. Consulting your doctor will help you determine reasons and also to find a right solution.