PRP vs Minoxidil which one to choose ?

PRP vs Minoxidil which one to choose ?

PRP is another way in which you can control your Hair fall, the full form of PRP is Platelet-rich plasma therapy. This is a physical therapy which means that blood will be drawn out of your body and then will be injected into your scalp, it is relatively easier than hair transplant. 

Hair fall can be an embarrassment for anyone, treating it is vital and with medical science advancing we have many options to look into before we make up our mind. We will take you through two of these treatments that can be beneficial for your hair growth. 

Let us start by explaining our first contender PRP. PRP treatment has been in the market for a long time now, however, it has only been through a limited set of research as it has not been proven the best treatment for hair fall. 

Many people believe that PRP injections can help in promoting Hair growth but they take several weeks in some cases months for a person to see the effects of PRP. This means that PRP may not be able to show your quick results in hair fall or hair growth for that matter. 


PRP treatment

PRP therapy requires a three step process, let us now read about them. 

PRP treatment may take time to show you results but the process of getting a PRP is also lengthy, it may take you somewhere between 4-6 weeks to get through the entire PRP treatment. 

Step 1

The first step will involve exerting blood from your body, it is usually taken from the arm and placed into a centrifuge. Most of you might not know what a Centrifuge is, it is a machine which separates fluids of different densities. PRP injections are a mix of water and protein, the machine separates platelet rich plasma from the blood which is later used for the injections. 

Step 2

Being in the centrifuge machine for about 10 minutes your blood will separate into platelet rich, platelet poor and red blood cells. We do need only platelet rich plasma for the treatment so the rest is not used. 

Step 3

Now the platelet rich plasma is taken into the syringe and injected into the area which needs hair growth. Most people face hair fall in patches which makes it easier to find the right area that needs a boost. PRP has not been proven 100% effective till now and there are no guidelines as to who should go for this treatment and who should avoid. 

We would suggest you do a thorough research about PRP and other effective options for hair fall and hair loss which can give you a clear idea as to which direction you need to go in. You can also consult your doctor for the same. 


PRP treatment typically takes about 4-6 weeks to be complete and on top of that it requires maintenance every 5-6 months which can cut a hole in your pocket. 

It may cost you somewhere around 20,00- 25,00 for each 2-3 sittings, but the more severe your hair fall the more injections you might need. PRP is definitely an expensive treatment that not everyone will be able to afford or sustain as it requires maintenance and constant follow ups. 

You also need a good doctor to perform the PRP treatment, any high end doctor may have different charges depending on their experience and knowledge. 


Let us now talk about the risks and side effects that people might face after a PRP treatment. 

Risks of PRP treatment 

  • You must not be a chain smoker
  • You must not be on blood thinners
  • You must not have a history of drug abuse
  • You must not have cancer
  • You must not have low platelets
  • You must not have thyroid

Side Effects of PRP treatment

  • Can cause an injury to the blood vessels or nerves
  • Can cause infection in the scalp
  • Can cause scar on the scalp
  • Can cause a negative reaction to the Hair follicles

Now let us talk about our next treatment, one that is widely used for hair loss and hair growth all around the world, it may be produced by different companies but it does the same work. Minoxidil is one the best pharmaceutical solutions for hair loss and hair growth. Let us know why.


Let us find out how Minoxidil works for hair regrowth.

Minoxidil is a vasodilator which means that it widens and relaxes the scalp, widens the blood vessels, and provides a better blood flow into the scalp.

Minoxidil makes it easy for blood to reach and spread all over the scalp, with better blood flow in the hair follicles it helps them to rejuvenate and grow at a faster pace. Minoxidil does not stop Hair fall but it helps in hair regrowth. 

Minoxidil may increase your hair fall as the hair follicles Telogen phase will fall which will be the beginning of the Anagen phase where Minoxidil will produce thicker and healthier hair follicles. 

In simple words Minoxidil is a solution and it can give similar performance like PRP treatment, just the PRP treatment Minoxidil helps to provide better blood flow in the scalp but without the use of injections. 

Minoxidil topical solution works wonders for people, our customers have seen great benefits and a huge difference in their hair fall pattern. 

GROWW Minoxidil Topical Solution 

Minoxidil Topical Solution


Minoxidil Topical Solution is one of the best to treat Male Pattern Baldness, it reactivates the clogged hair follicles and promotes regrowth. People who have used this solution swear by it but the effects of the product will differ from person to person, we recommend a minimum of 2 months of usage. However, hair regrowth is a time consuming process. It can not show results overnight so you need to be patient and have trust in the product. 

GROWW Minoxidil Topical Solution has proven clinically to regrow hair upto 25% in 10-12 weeks, so you need to trust the product and the process to see a better result.

Minoxidil solution is very inexpensive when compared to the PRP treatment, so choose wisely, take care of your Hair. 

We would highly recommend you to consult your doctor as they will be able to guide you better, in our case we would love for you to give Minoxidil a try before going in for treatments like PRP as there is no coming back from them. You can start small but noticing your hair fall pattern and understanding its requirement and need and then choosing the right treatment for you. 

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Image Courtesy: Northwest Hair Restoration