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How to Use Coconut Oil on Your Face Overnight? | coconut oil for face

How to Use Coconut Oil on Your Face Overnight?

Benefits of Applying Coconut Oil on Face Overnight

Coconut oil can be used in a versatile way in beauty care. It is one of the ideal natural care for the skin and hair. However, it is a virgin organic coconut oil and not industrial coconut oil.

Why Use Coconut Oil On Face Overnight

The emollient properties of coconut oil make it an exceptional product for some skin types. In particular, leaving it on overnight provides numerous benefits to dry or normal skin with a tendency to dry out.

Coconut oil contains linoleic acid, which helps to strengthen the protective layer of the skin and allows it to retain its moisture inside, and lauric acid, which has good antibacterial properties.

So using coconut oil instead of traditional moisturizers can help soften the skin, making it fresh and extremely hydrated. Coconut oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that help the skin to stabilize any kind of irritation and inflammation.

Use of Coconut Oil On Face Overnight Vs Day Time

You should use virgin coconut oil at night as the skin cells repair themselves at that time as opposed to in the daytime. We sweat more as the glands and pores are more active during the daytime.

Coconut oil is 100% natural and does not contain any kind of chemicals. It can be used as a cleanser, make-up remover, as well as a moisturizer.

Coconut oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin to provide it with a healthy glow. It is packed with vitamin E and antio-xidants, which help to rejuvenate skin and minimise the signs of ageing.

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil On Face Overnight

A wonder for Dry Skin

Pure coconut oil works wonders for dry skin as it has amazing hydrating properties that will repair damaged skin and provide you with a healthy glow.

It is packed with antio-xidants and rich in vitamin E, which are all easily soaked into the skin due to the medium-chain fatty acids that give coconut oil such incredible properties. When you use coconut oil repeatedly, your skin will become smooth, soft, and gorgeous. For problematic areas, apply directly onto the skin and leave it to absorb completely. 

Anti-ageing Properties

Organic coconut oil protects the skin, creating a barrier to prevent further damage from day-to-day lifestyle.

Coconut oil has properties similar to your skin's own natural defence, which means it can help restore the skin's natural protection, letting it heal from the damage caused by pollution or cosmetics. Oxidation can lead to damaged skin leaving it appears old; therefore, antio-xidants, like those in coconut oil, can help counter this process leaving you with healthy, youthful and glowing skin. 

Best Natural Acne Treatment

Research shows that the natural properties present in coconut oil make it one of the top natural acne treatments that really work.

Coconut oil is antibacterial, antio-xidant, and antifungal and works great for treating dry skin and conditions like acne. It is packed with antio-xidants and vitamin E to boost healing and repair damaged skin.

Also, it will soothe and minimise the redness while fighting off the bacterial infection that causes acne. Coconut oil increases cellular activity meaning the skin will heal more quickly, minimising the appearance of acne scars. It also helps restore the skin's natural barrier keeping it free from any infections.

Fabulous Moisturizer

Coconut oil is easily soaked by the skin, giving you moisturized skin the whole day. Being natural, it can be used on anyone, from newborns to adults.

It works by enhancing the skin's natural plumpness, reducing the appearance of aged skin. It keeps wrinkles and sagging away, and due to its hydrating and antioxidant properties, it provides you with a youthful look.

It works extremely great on normal, oily, dry, sensitive and flaky skin to provide you with a clear, smooth, nourished feel.

Hydrates Your Skin

Coconut oil suits all skin types, i.e., normal, dry, or oily skin. The main component of coconut oil is lauric acid which helps to counteract the proliferation of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

For this very reason, it is even used for skin affected by dermatitis, eczema, herpes, acne rosacea, and candida. The quantity of vitamin E present in it, which is known for its potent antio-xidant power, makes it good for preventing the signs of ageing and wrinkles.

Who Should Use Coconut Oil On Face Overnight?

The use of coconut oil at night may not be suitable for all types of skin. In fact, it can be comedogenic and, therefore, can lead to the blockage of the pores.

This characteristic can even contribute to the formation of pimples or blackheads.

Also, coconut oil kept overnight is not a recommended method for people with oily or acne-prone skin.

If you have dry skin, massaging with coconut oil is definitely a good option for you. Your skin will be softer, elastic, and youthful instantly.

Best Way To Use Coconut Oil On Face Overnight

Coconut oil is really an ideal product for all types of skin. Saturated fatty acids and vitamins A and E endow coconut oil with several properties, i.e., nourishing, moisturizing, antibacterial, soothing, regenerating, and healing.

By applying coconut oil on the face at night, you will:

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles by promoting cell renewal.
  • Deeply nourish your dehydrated skin.
  • Purify your acne-prone or oily skin.
  • Soothe your sensitive skin.

Once your skin is properly cleansed, take a little amount of coconut oil.

Warm it in your hands to liquefy it. This is done specifically in winter. Then apply the oil all over your face in gentle, broad movements.

Massage your face thoroughly, to activate blood circulation, and allow the oil to penetrate deeper into your skin.


Coconut oil is extremely good for hydrating, soothing, purifying, and firming the skin due to its composition. Coconut oil contains vitamins A and E and fatty acids, like lauric acid and linoleic acid. These components make coconut oil ideal for moisturising and anti-ageing therapies. People with very dry, flaky or chafed skin may benefit from using coconut oil as  their nighttime moisturiser. However, excessive use of it may block pores; hence, one must be conscious of the quantity of oil they are using.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does coconut oil clog your pores?

Coconut oil can really clog pores being comedogenic in nature. Consequently, it can actually make acne worse for certain people. When applied to the skin, coconut oil may clog your pores and in turn, make acne worse. It is not at all recommended for people with very oily skin.

2. Is coconut oil good for under the eyes?

It also has antio-xidant and skin-strengthening properties which have made some people suggest using coconut oil as a treatment for their dark circles under the eyes.

3. Does coconut oil Clear pimples?

Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid helps kill the bacteria that cause acne. Applying coconut oil to your skin can kill acne-causing bacteria and increase the moisture in your skin, which may also reduce acne scarring. However, coconut oil may not be of help to people with very oily skin.


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